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                                                                                                 Virtual Office
                               BUSINESS                                                          Committee

 Bringing You “The Word on the Street.”
                                                                  Volume 6       Number 3
                                                                                                 by Wendy DeMore, Chairman

                                                                                                     In the last several years,
                                                                                                 technology has had a major
                                                                                                 impact on the ways in
                                                                                                 which we do business. It is
                                                                                                 hard to believe that we
                                                                                                 haven't always had web-
                                                                                                 sites, that it was not always
                                                                                                 possible to communicate
                                                                                                 via e-mail, or that there
                                                                                                 was a time not so long ago
                                                                                                 that business people who
                                                                                                 worked from the road
                                                                                                 pulled over to pay phones
                                                                                                 at gas stations to report
                                                                                                                                     that business people do not
                                                                                                                                     need a physical workspace
                                                                                                                                     with a desk, phone and
                                                                                                                                     computer in order to func-
                                                                                                                                     tion. Through use of any
                                                                                                                                     combination of technology
                                                                                                                                     tools, sales people can
                                                                                                                                     spend more time on the
                                                                                                                                     road face to face with
                                                                                                                                     clients, employers can be
                                                                                                                                     flexible in offering work
                                                                                                                                     from home arrangements,
                                                                                                                                     and small businesses and
                                                                                                                                     sole proprietors can create

Political Candidate Profiles                                                                     back in to the office. My
                                                                                                 mother advised me NOT
                                                                                                 to take typing in high
                                                                                                                                     a first class professional
                                                                                                                                     image without making
                                                                                                                                     major infrastructure invest-
                                  Committee, the General
                                                                                                 school, as she felt that            ments on office space and
                                  Assembly’s Energy and
                                                                                                 unless I was going to work          support staff.
                                  Technology Committee
                                                                                                 in an administrative field,             The board was excited
                                  and the General
                                                                                                 the skill was unnecessary.          at the possibilities of this
                                  Assembly’s Select
                                                                                                 Times have certainly                new concept, and recom-
                                  Committee on Children.
                                                                                                 changed. Almost everyone            mended the formation of a
                                  Senator Herlihy also serves
                                                                                                 uses e-mail and cell                Virtual Office Committee
                                  as a member of the
                                                                                                 phones, and the majority of         charged with the following
                                  General Assembly’s
                                                                                                 businesses have websites.           plan of action:
                                  Finance Committee.
                                                                                                 Many business people are
Thomas J. Herlihy,                    In 1997 Senator             Steve Berry,                   taking advantage of wire-           1. Assess the needs of
Republican Candidate              Herlihy, while serving as a     Democratic Candidate           less networks, blackberries,        Simsbury businesses that
for State Senator                 State Representative was        for State Senate               and global positioning sys-         rely on virtual offices, and
                                  nominated by Speaker of                                        tems. What does all this            recommend initiatives the
    State Senator Thomas                                              Steve Berry has lived in                                       Chamber can undertake to
                                  the House Tom Ritter and                                       mean for you and your
J. Herlihy was elected to                                         the 8th Senate District for                                        support this segment.
                                  was chosen by Darden                                           business?
represent the Eighth                                              more than ten years, in
                                  Graduate School at the                                                                             a.   Implement at least one
District in November 1998                                         Canton, Barkhamsted and            At January's board
                                  University of Virginia to                                                                               initiative.
and is serving his fourth                                         now New Hartford and is        planning session, the direc-
                                  participate in a program for
term. He formerly served as                                       married to Lauren Berry a      tors explored this shift in         b.   Develop a technology
                                  Emerging Political Leaders.
a State Representative to                                         working mother and an          the ways in which technol-               training program to
                                  Senator Herlihy was also
Simsbury's 16th District                                          insurance executive. They      ogy assists us in doing busi-            educate Chamber
                                  honored by the
after being elected to the                                        have a little boy. Steve       ness, and particularly ways              members on latest
                                  Connecticut State
post in November 1996.                                            also has two daughters, one    in which the chamber can                 technologies and how
                                  Firefighters Association
    The Eighth Senatorial                                         is 18 and the older daugh-     support its membership's                 they can be leveraged
                                  with an Award of
District is one of the                                            ter, Stephanie, would be       technology needs. Some                   to support their busi-
                                  Appreciation for his efforts
largest Senate districts in                                       20. She was killed by a        felt they were fluent with               ness.
                                  to purchase thermal imag-
the state, covering parts of                                      drunk driver in January,       current technology, and
                                  ing equipment for fire                                                                             c.   Develop a Chamber
Litchfield and Hartford                                           2002.                          others expressed a feeling
                                  departments throughout                                                                                  position on advocacy
counties. It includes the                                             To honor Stephanie's       that technology had made                 for implementation of
                                  Connecticut during the
communities of Avon,                                              memory, Steve worked to        advances they could use,                 wireless zones in town.
                                  2000 Session.
Barkhamsted, Canton,                                              close the loopholes in         but they weren't educated
                                      Prior to his election to                                   enough to take advantage            2. Make recommendations
Colebrook, Granby,                                                Connecticut's laws that
                                  the General Assembly,                                          of the new tools. In addi-          to the board on how tech-
Hartland, Harwinton, New                                          allowed drunk drivers to
                                  Senator Herlihy was active                                     tion, the concept of using a        nology can be used to
Hartford, Norfolk,                                                walk away from their
                                  in local government in                                         "virtual office", either full       optimize the Simsbury
Simsbury and Torrington.                                          responsibilities and not be
                                  Simsbury. He was elected                                       time or as needed was               Chamber office.
   Senator Herlihy has                                            held accountable. In 2003,
                                  to the Board of Finance in                                     explored. It was a lively               In May an organiza-
been appointed Deputy                                             the General Assembly
                                  1991 and served as its                                         and enlightening discus-            tional meeting was held to
Minority Leader and is the                                        passed "Stephanie's Law"
                                  chairman in 1996. Senator                                      sion, and consensus was             identify specific areas of
ranking Republican                                                with the support of many
                                  Herlihy also served on the                                     quickly gained that this            focus for the newly formed
Senator for the General                                           citizens and law enforce-
                                          continued on page 4
                                                                  ment and elected officials.    was a topic we should               "virtual office committee".
Assembly's Education                                                                             explore further.
                                                                  It mandates testing a driver                                       Over the summer we sur-
                                                                  for alcohol or drugs in a         What is a virtual office,        veyed our membership to
Past Presidents honored at Simsbury
                                                                  collision where another        anyway? The basic idea is                   continued on page 5
Chamber Annual Meeting in May                                     party is injured or killed.
                                                                  Steve has been president of    A quarterly publication of the
                                                                  the Greater Hartford and
                                                                  Litchfield County chapter
                                                                  of Mothers Against Drunk
                                                                  Driving for the past four
                                                                                                                                          The Simsbury
                                                                  years and has been vice-
                                                                                                                                          Chamber of
                                                                  chairman of the statewide                                               Commerce is dedicat-
                                                                  board of MADD.                                                          ed to serving its mem-
                                                                      Steve says, "These                                                  bership through the
                                                                  experiences taught me that
                                                                                                                                          tion and communica-
▼                                                                 hard work, clear focus,        tion of the economic, civic, cultural and social interests of our
   (l to r) First row: Connie Mason, current president, Jewel     cooperation and respect for    community.
Gutman, Mike Girard, Terry Boulton, Wayne Bursey, Gloria
Rossetti. Second row: Chip Knierim, Peter Pabich, Ferg            community values can lead
Jansen, Charity Folk, Executive Director Third row: Dick          to better laws and safer
Wagner, Mark Mitchell, George Odlum, Richard Smith and
Ed Steponaitis
                                                                  communities. If I am cho-
                                                                         continued on page 4
SCOC Business Beat                      Sep ’06      |   Page 1
  A Message From
                                                                   Philip Janes, Membership Chairman
                                                                                                                                             Hours 8:30 am-4:30 pm
  Chamber                                                              Since June of this year, the SCOC membership received
                                                                                                                                             Monday through Friday
  President                                                        their dues invoices for the 2006/2007 membership year. With               749 Hopmeadow Street
                                                                                                                                             Simsbury, CT 06070
                                                                   terrific response from you, our members, and due diligence on
    Connie Mason
                                                                   the part of the SCOC Membership Committee with the                        Phone          860-651-7307
                                                                   necessary follow-up, we are pleased to report that this                   Fax            860-651-1933
                                                                   Chamber has maintained its status as one of the largest
                                                                   chambers in the Hartford region. As a matter of fact, we are
                                                                   far ahead of last this time.
Dear Fellow Chamber Members,                                           There is good reason for this which gives all of us an                Website
   I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are now ready         understanding as to why we continue to be strong in the
to welcome fall. Our 18th Septemberfest has come and gone          region. The SCOC mantra is one of “getting
                                                                   involved"...forming partnerships in symbiotic and positive                OFFICERS 2006-07
and I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank
                                                                                                                                                 Connie G. Mason
our sponsors and volunteers – without your help and support,       relationships that result in productive ventures. The various
                                                                                                                                                 ASAP, Inc.
there wouldn’t be a Septemberfest. I also include in my            SCOC committees, networking sessions and general activities
                                                                                                                                                   Dennis E. Jacobs
thanks those of you who rented booth space, the Town of            and events are fun, informative and worthwhile.                                 Vice President
Simsbury and everyone who just came to enjoy this mar-                 Because the SCOC invoices did NOT go to the bottom                          D.E. Jacobs Associates
velous three-day family/community event. Kudos to Leigh            of the "bill" pile, this year's retention factor has been great.                Pamela M. Bowman
                                                                                                                                                   Vice President
King and his Septemberfest Committee for all their hard            The Simsbury Chamber will continue to work for its mem-                         Prime Touch Services
work.                                                              bers...and I thank you for your continued support.                              William R. Scoville
    Your Chamber has been busy during the summer months.                                                                                           Treasurer
                                                                                                                                                   William R. Scoville, CPA, LLC
Many committees meet year-round as they continue to look
                                                                                                                                                   Andrew J. Waggoner
at ways to help you, our member businesses. We are always
looking for new ideas, and perhaps now is the right time for       Simsbury Chamber of                                                             Secretary
                                                                                                                                                   The Hartford
you to join one of our committees. Your input is always            Commerce Committees and                                                         Peter C. Pabich
appreciated.                                                                                                                                       Immediate Past-President

    Now that fall is here, please take advantage of our various
                                                                   Contact Information                                                             APW Wealth Advisors

networking events – “Good Morning, Simsbury” and the               Septemberfest Committee                                                   DIRECTORS
always popular “After Hours”. Watch your mail for informa-             Leigh King (chair 2005) – 651-5969                                        Terry L. Boulton
                                                                                                                                                 The Simsbury Bank
tion concerning these monthly happenings. We’ll be looking         Education Committee                                                             Wayne H. Bursey
for you.                                                              Dennis Jacobs (chair) – 651-4390                                             Nova Benefit Plans, LLC
Important state elections are coming in November – don’t           Member Visitation Committee                                                     James S. Coen
forget to vote!                                                                                                                                    Valley Auto Body King
                                                                      Pam Bowman (chair) – 982-8641
                                                                                                                                                   Wendy W. DeMore
                                                                   Government Affairs Committee                                                    COCC
                                                                      Peter Pabich (chair) – 866-568-8270                                          Kay E. Green
                                                                                                                                                   Green Graphic Design
Sincerely,                                                         Membership/Retention Committee                                                  Charles “Chip” D. Houlihan
                                                                      Philip Janes (chair) – 651-5824                                              Attorney
Connie Mason, President
                                                                   Marketing Committee                                                             Philip M. Janes
                                                                                                                                                   Arts Exclusive Gallery
                                                                      Kay Green (chair) – 673-7525
                                                                                                                                                   Jennifer Keohane
                                                                   Program Committee                                                               Simsbury Public Library
                                                                       Connie Mason (chair) – 658-9824                                             Leigh E. King
                                                                                                                                                   Ameriprise Financial Services
                                                                   Directory                                                                       Paul H. Mikkelson
                                                                       Jennifer Keohane (chair) – 658-7663                                         Dill, Joyce & Thresher
                                                                   Newsletter Committee
                                                                                                                                                   Ray Padron, Jr.
                                                                      Charity Folk (editor) – 651-7307                                             Prudential CT Realty
                                                                   Virtual Office Committee                                                        David Richman
                                                                       Wendy DeMore (chair) – 674-7245                                             HUB International

                                                                      If you are interested in a particular committee and                          Directors Emeriti
                                                                   would like additional information regarding meeting dates                       Jewel A. Gutman
                                                                   and times, please call the chairman listed above or the                         Michael A. Girard
                                                                                                                                                   Simscroft Echo Farms
                                                                   chamber office (651-7307). The Simsbury Chamber of
                                                                                                                                                   Ferg Jansen, Jr.
                                                                   Commerce encourages its member to get involved with the                         Tyee Management Associates
                                                                   organization and welcomes their participation, comments                         Glenn Knierim, Jr.
                                                                   and suggestions.                                                                Moran Shuster Carignan &
                                                                                                                                                   Michael R. Paine
                                                                                                                                                   Richard D. Wagner
                                                                                                                                                   Wagner Ford Nissan

                                                                                                                                                   Charity P. Folk
                                                                                                                                                   Executive Director
                                                                                                                                                   Al Mauro
                                                                                                                                                   Administrative Assistant

                                                                                                                                             “The Beat” is published
                                                                                                                                             quarterly by the SCOC
                                                                                                                                             newsletter committee:
                                                                                                                                                   Susan Bullock
                                                                                                                                                   Simsbury Public Library
                                                                                                                                                   Charity Folk, editor
                                                                                                                                                   Janet Gregorian-Michaelsen
                                                                                                                                                   Astor & Jules Design

“The Beat”
Designed by
Janet Gregorian-Michaelsen
Astor & Jules Design
82 Wildwood Rd., W. Simsbury
                                   Printing by Goulet Printery
                                   in Barkhamsted
                                                                   Bringing You “The Word on the Street.”
                                                                                                               Include “The Beat” in
                                                                                                            your 2006 Advertising plan!
                                                                                                            Reserve ad space now for the
                                                                                                            December issue. Call for rates
                                                                                                                                                   Jewel A. Gutman
                                                                                                                                                   Philip M. Janes
                                                                                                                                                   Arts Exclusive Gallery
                                                                                                                                                   Al Mauro
(860) 651-3674                     (860) 379-0793                                                           and ad sizes: 651-7307
SCOC Business Beat                      Sep ’06       |   Page 2
member news                                                        an eclectic and imagina-       The Joint Opens Store in Simsbury

                                           The Simsbury
                                         Bank is proud to          tive menu that accentu-
                                         be a supporter of         ates many flavors. Dandy
                                         Squadron Line’s                                          The Retail Facility Offers Convenient, Easy and
                                                                   Lions Restaurant is locat-
                                         new playground.                                          Affordable Chiropractic Care
                                         Terry Boulton,            ed at Fiddler’s Green, 8
                                         (center left) Sr. VP      Wilcox Street in Simsbury          Dr. Rick Connolly-Walker announces the opening of his
                                         Retail Banking            Center, and serves Dinner      first Connecticut location of The Joint…a Chiropractic
                                         Officer of The
                                                                   daily, Lunch Monday            Place in Simsbury Commons. The Joint differentiates
                                         Simsbury Bank col-
lects pennies from Squadron Line students, Principal, Kevin        through Saturday and           itself in the way of cost and accessibility. There are no
Case and Vice Principal Matt Curtis.                               Brunch on Sunday.              appointments and no x-rays. Unlike most out-of-the-way
The Simsbury Bank &                  Last April was a very spe-                                   chiropractors, The Joint is a storefront retail concept con-
Trust Company is very                cial day for The              The Pomeroy & Petron           veniently located in highly trafficked, mostly big box retail
pleased to announce that             Cambridge House               team at William Pitt           centers. The cost never exceeds $20 per adjustment, with
it will once again be a              because we won several        Sotheby’s International        monthly and family plans available, and appointments are
Gold Sponsor for                     awards in the Hartford        Realty provides unparal-       not needed.
“Simsbury Celebrates                 Advocate’s Reader’s Poll.     leled marketing                    The Joint is the brainchild of Dr. Fred Gerretzen. A chi-
2006” to be held this win-           The Cambridge House           resources, attention to        ropractor trained in Atlanta, he opened a practice in
ter at various venues                won Best Brewpub,             detail and around the          Arizona before moving back here. With The Joint, Dr. Fred
along Hopmeadow Street.              Second Best Bar Overall,      clock accessibility            has created a revolutionary new concept providing afford-
“Simsbury Celebrates” is             Third Best New Bar, and       whether buying or selling      able, convenient and accessible chiropractic care.
a free community event               Third Best Pub Food.          a home. We welcome the             The Joint is not only a departure in the way of its cost
that ushers in the holiday           This Reader’s Poll is con-    opportunity to earn your       and location; it is also completely different in the way it
season with fun and holi-            ducted throughout the         business.                      looks. All of The Joints feature rotating art exhibits and
day cheer for Simsbury               entire Hartford region,                                      upbeat jazz music in a loft-like environment. The Joint
residents, their families            including all the bars and    Guy Gilchrist’s                will offer massages by appointment. On average nation-
and friends. It attracted            pubs in Hartford.             Cartoonist’s Academy           wide, The Joint sees between 100 – 150 patients a day.
more than 7,000 people in                                          offers a year round car-       Their openings include a free week of chiropractic care
2004, approximately 8,000            Brent Stanford has joined     toon art school for all        and outreach to the area.
in 2005 and is expected to           the team at Dandy Lions       ages and a summer car-

continue to grow.                    as Executive Chef, and        toon art camp for ages 7-                                                    Federal Credit
                                     things were really cookin’    15 years old. The founder                                                    Union raised $300
                                     for spring. Raised in         and creator of the curricu-                                                  to benefit the
                                                                   lum is internationally syn-                                                  Alex's Lemonade
                                     Southern California, Brent                                                                                 Stand Foundation
                                     has cooked locally at         dicated cartoonist Guy                                                       and the fight
                                     Bricco’s, Rain at Mohegan     Gilchrist who draws                                                          against pediatric
                                     Sun, and most recently as     Nancy, Your Angels                                                           cancer. The
                                                                   Speak, Mudpie and Night                                                      lemonade stand
                                     the Executive Sous Chef                                                                                    was held at all
                                     at Grants. In addition,       Lights & Pillow Fights.                                                      four HFCU loca-
                                     Brent has staged in New       The academy provides                                                         tions the week of
▼                                    York at Daniel’s,             year round professional                                                      May 22-27.
   Donald H. Shaw, Jr.,                                                                           Pictured from left to right is Farmington Valley Office Branch
President, Hartford Area             Gramercy Tavern and           staff adept in all area of
                                                                                                  Manager Erin Shea and Teller, Anna Gabrielle.
Habitat for Humanity and             March. His past experi-       art.
Mike Girard, President,              ences and the influences
                                                                                                                                             ▼    Unveiling of
Simscroft-Echo Farms pic-                                          Kathy McAfee is market-                                                    Powder Forest
tured at the “kick-off blitz”        of such renowned chefs
                                                                   ing motivator and presi-                                                   sign – April, 2006
in June to build 6 habitat for       as Tom Colicchio of                                                                                      (l to r) First
humanity homes in New                Gramercy Tavern, Daniel       dent of KMC Brand                                                          Selectman
Britain. Simscroft-Echo              Boulud of Daniel’s and        Innovation, LLC, a high                                                    Thomas Vincent,
Farms was in charge of the                                         energy marketing, coach-                                                   Michael Long,
site work for the 6 new              Charlie Trotter have
                                                                   ing and consulting com-                                                    Executive VP,
homes built in June.                 resulted in his creation of                                                                              Ensign-Bickford
                                                                   pany. Kathy works with                                                     Industries and
Member Updates                                                     entrepreneurs and small
                                                                   businesses to help them
                                                                                                                                              Robert J.
THANK YOU                                                                                                                                     President & CEO
                                                                   MOTIVATE and INNOVATE
Many thanks to the following Simsbury Chamber Golf                                                                                            Ensign-Bickford
                                                                   their way to greater suc-                                                  Industries
Outing “Tee Sponsors”. Tee sponsors support our
                                                                   cess. KMC Brand
School-to-Career initiatives that mentor students for future
                                                                   Innovation has workshops
business careers.
                                                                   scheduled in September         Part IV of a Four Part Series
Simscroft-Echo Farms, Powder Forest Homes, McLean
                                                                   (Stand and Deliver) and
Outpatient Rehabilitation, International Skating Center of
                                                                   October (Grass Roots
                                                                                                  Employee or Independent
CT, NPD Payroll, Inc, Nathan Powers & Co., LLP, Nova
Benefit Plans, Fitzgerald’s Foods, Prime Touch Services,
                                                                   Innovation) to be held at      Contractor?
The Simsbury Bank and First National Bank of Litchfield
                                                                   the Holiday Inn Express in     If the answer is “contractor”, you
                                                                                                  must file form 1099-MISC
SGO Designer Glass is now located at 1280 Hopmeadow                Anthony Healy of Event         By Jill C. Vancour, CPA, CFOToday
Street, Unit F, Simsbury, CT. New phone number is 860-             Photos, LLC provides               If you make payments to independent contractors, there
651-9508, new fax number is 651-9614.                              professional photography       are certain reporting requirements you must follow at year-
                                                                   services for corporate,        end. If you answer “yes” to the four questions below, you must
NEW BUSINESS NAME                                                  charity and specialty          generally report payments as non-employee compensation on
FranChoice is now RyCon Partners.                                  events. On site printing       Form 1099-MISC:
                                                                   means you get your
    “MEMBER NEWS”                                                  photo within minutes.
                                                                                                  1. Did you make the payment to a non-employee?
    is dedicated to our members!                                                                  2. Did you make the payment for services rendered in your
                                                                   On-line viewing and
    Please submit your press releases, news, achieve-              ordering means you have        trade or business?
    ments, photos and ideas via mail, email or fax.                the option of getting your     3. Did you make the payment to a payee who is not a corpo-
    Contact:                                  photos within days and         ration? (Treat a payee as a corporation if the payee’s name
                                                                   gives you (and your            ends with the corporate status, such as Incorporated, Inc.,
    phone: 651-7307              fax: 651-1933
                                                                   friends) the ability to view   Corporation, or Corp. Do not treat a payee as a corporation
    We welcome new committee members                               the entire event and order     if the payee’s name ends with Company or Co. or without
    and contributing writers. The deadline                         on-line from anywhere in       any business status.)
    for articles for the December newsletter                       the world.                                                    continued on page 5
    is October 11, 2006.                                 
SCOC Business Beat                        Sep ’06     |   Page 3
Candidate Profiles
continued from page 1

Thomas J. Herlihy               for State Senator from the      (1994-2003) and past Vice      beneficial to the benefici-     President, to head up the
Insurance and Pensions          8th district.                   President and Treasurer of     aries as well as the states.    public policy unit, focusing
Advisory Committee from             Says Steve to the vot-      Simsbury’s A Better            She recently published a        especially on the Clinton
1990 to 1996 and was a          ers, business owners and        Chance, or ABC, program,       paper describing the            health reform debate. She
member of the Board of          public officials of the 8th     for which the Heagney          impact of the new Medi-         then became executive
Selectmen from 1987 to          Senate District, "I strongly    family served as a host fam-   care drug program on state      director of Aetna's health
1990.                           believe we can do better.       ily. Rob has also hosted       programs that already pro-      plan for Connecticut, and
    Senator Herlihy has         In my campaign for sena-        and helped produce several     vided prescription drug         subsequently became exec-
been a member of the            tor, I will work hard every     Simsbury Community             assistance.                     utive director of Kaiser
Simsbury Republican Town        day to earn your trust. If      Television programs.               Linda began her career      Permanente in Massa-
Committee since 1984. He        you choose me as your               Besides representing       in health care as a regis-      chusetts.
has also served on the          State Senator, I will hold      Simsbury in the legislature,   tered nurse, working in set-        After years of private
Board of Directors for the      myself accountable directly     Rob serves as the General      tings ranging from a com-       sector and government
Farmington Valley YMCA          to you."                        Counsel for Wellington         munity health program for       work, Linda parlayed her
since 1995 and is a mem-                                        Underwriting, Inc. He is a     migrant workers, to an          in-depth health care policy
ber of the Simsbury Rotary                                      graduate of Simsbury High      Indian Health Service hos-      and operations manage-
Club and Simsbury                                               School, St. Anselm’s           pital on the Navajo reser-      ment experience to estab-
Chamber of Commerce.                                            College, and the Univer-       vation in Arizona, to a         lish Schofield & Associates
    Born November 29,                                           sity of Bridgeport School of   county correctional facility    Consulting, and now works
1956, in Queens, New                                            Law. He and his wife           in Oregon. She returned to      from her home in
York, Senator Herlihy has                                       Barbara have four children:    graduate school to earn a       Simsbury.
a Bachelor of Science                                           Walker; Kathleen;              Master’s in Public Health,          Linda volunteers as
degree in Education.                                            Addison; and Emmet.            with an emphasis on Public      President of Simsbury ABC
Senator Herlihy taught                                                                         Policy & Administration,        (A Better Chance)
third-grade at Squadron                                                                        from University of Hawaii.      Program, a not-for-profit
Line School in Simsbury                                                                        Schofield subsequently          organization with the mis-
                                Rob Heagney,                                                   worked in the pubic policy
from 1978-80 and was            Republican Candidate                                                                           sion to substantially
employed at The Travelers                                                                      units of two Connecticut        increase the number of
                                for State Representative                                       insurers, Aetna and
Insurance Company from                                                                                                         well-educated minority
1980-83. He is now owner            Representative Rob                                         Travelers.                      youth capable of assuming
of T.J. Herlihy Insurance, a    Heagney (R-16th District)                                          In 1988 she was hired       positions of responsibility
business that he founded in     has been Simsbury’s voice                                      to serve the State of           and leadership in
1983. Senator Herlihy           in the General Assembly                                        Connecticut as Director of      American society. She is
resides in Simsbury and is      since 1998. He is now                                          Medicaid, at that time, a       an active volunteer else-
the father of three chil-       seeking his fifth term.                                        $2 billion program of           where as well, with hours
                                                                Linda Schofield,
dren.                               Like Simsbury’s resi-                                      health care benefits for the    of service for the Simsbury
                                                                Democratic Candidate
                                dents, Rob has made edu-        for State Representative       state's poorest and most        Rotary, Friends of the
Steve Berry                     cation a priority at the                                       disabled citizens. During       Simsbury Library, and the
sen by the voters, I will       capitol. He serves on the       Linda Schofield,               her tenure, she worked          Talcott Mountain Music
apply these lessons to my       legislature’s Education         Democratic candidate for       with federal and state legis-   Festival. She recently com-
work as a State Senator         Committee and was the           Connecticut’s 16th State       lators to secure legislation    pleted a term on the
from the 8th Senate                                             House District
                                ranking Republican mem-                                        resulting in approximately      Simsbury Charter Review
                                                                Representative, is a long-
District."                      ber of that body for two                                       $200 million in new feder-      Commission.
                                                                time Simsbury resident and
    He has broad experi-        terms. Rob has fought to                                       al revenue for CT annually.         Linda has lived in
                                                                past public servant, with
ence at every level of the      increase State education                                       This was a key in solving       Simsbury, with her hus-
                                                                decades of public policy
insurance industry. He          funding to Simsbury,            and government relations       the state’s budget crisis at    band Mark Deming, for 12
began in local sales as an      which has roughly doubled       experience.                    the time. In addition, she      years. Though Linda and
award winning market            since he was first elected to                                  identified and implement-       Mark have no children of
                                the legislature. He also            Linda is president of      ed several cost contain-
manager, then became a                                          Schofield Consulting, an                                       their own, they have had
territory-wide training         serves on the Banking and                                      ment strategies and             three exchange students
                                Higher Education                independent firm specializ-    expanded outreach and
manager for Allstate in                                         ing in health care policy                                      live with them for a year
Connecticut, Rhode Island       Employment                                                     health promotion services       each, and all are still in fre-
                                Advancement                     and management. She            to children in the
and New York, where he                                          works with state agencies,                                     quent contact.
was twice recognized as a       Committees.                                                    Medicaid program.
                                                                insurance carriers, physi-
"Top Trainer." He was pro-          In 2005, Rob joined         cian organizations, pharma-       Linda returned to
moted to head of sales          the House’s Republican          ceutical companies, con-       Aetna in 1993 as a Vice
operations for New              leadership team as a            sumer groups and other
England and eastern New         Minority Whip. This             health related entities.
York, producing over $650       honor followed Rob’s prior      Most recently, Linda has
million in annual premium       leadership experience as a      worked extensively with
and responsible for a staff     member of the Simsbury          numerous clients dealing
of sales executives and         Board of Selectmen and          with the new Medicare
over 400 agents. In sales       the Chairman of the             drug benefit. Linda was
contests, he was the top        Town’s Board of Finance.        appointed by Tommy
territory manager twice         He has also served              Thompson, U.S. Secretary
nationwide. Steve is a          Simsbury as a regular mem-      of Health and Human
1983 graduate of Michigan       ber of the Board of             Services, to a federal com-
State University with a BA      Finance, the Planning           mission on Medicare’s drug
in Telecommunications.          Commission, Simsbury’s          program, comprised of 24
     In 2000, Steve moved       Affordable Housing              state officials and business
to The Hartford as assis-       Partnership, and as a           stakeholders. The commis-
tant vice president for sales   Hearing Officer for the         sion was charged with
and market planning,            State’s Commission on           making recommendations
responsible for creating        Human Rights and                to Congress and the
and putting into action         Opportunities.                  President regarding how to
company-wide sales and             Rob and his family           best transition Medicare
management plans. In            have also invested in           beneficiaries, who were
2006, Steve decided that        Simsbury’s community            already in programs like
his interest and experience     organizations. He is the        ConnPACE, into the new
in business and community       past President of the           Medicare drug benefit in a
life led naturally to a run     Simsbury Little League          manner that would be most
SCOC Business Beat                    Sep ’06     |   Page 4
Where are Trust                                                      Employee or
                                                                                                    Virtual Office
                                                                                                    continued from page 1

and Credibility                                                      Contractor
                                                                     continued from page 3
                                                                                                    set a baseline regarding
                                                                                                    their needs. We received
                                                                                                    great information from the
                                                                                                                                   ing its members' technology
                                                                                                                                       The Virtual Office
by Lewis Green, L&G Business Solutions
                                                                         4. Did the payments
                                                                     total $600 (including parts
                                                                                                    survey. The comments
                                                                                                    respondents made high-
                                                                                                                                   Committee is meeting on a
                                                                                                                                   monthly basis starting in
                                                                                                    lighted the large spectrum     August. We are just getting
                                                                     and materials) or more dur-    of business needs that they
    Have business values and ethics succumbed to greed and                                                                         started so if you are looking
                                                                     ing the year?                  feel technology can help
immorality? More than a few of us business consultants think                                                                       for a way to get involved,
so. For instance, “Seth Godin’s Blog” (http://sethgodin.type-             You generally do not      with. Those ranged from        this is an ideal time to join includes the article Black, white and           have to withhold or pay        website design, marketing      a brand new committee on
grey. In the post, marketing guru Godin reminisces about the         any taxes on payments to       and customer communica-        the ground floor. We invite
white hat marketers of his youth, when they told the truth and       independent contractors. If    tion, to employee recruit-     you to join us. Also we are
kept their word. He wonders aloud if they are being replaced         an independent contractor      ment, time management,         interested in hearing about
by "a bunch of black hat marketers," whose words and actions         does not give you an iden-     and scalability of their       what your business needs
are built on a sandy foundation made up of greed (my word)           tification number (social      businesses. The survey sup-    are in order to succeed and
rather than honor.                                                   security number or employ-     ported the board's view        how technology can help.
                                                                     er identification number),     that while some members        For more information please
    I, too, fear that is the case. I look around at my peers, many
                                                                     or the IRS notifies you that   used a wide variety of tech-   call me at 674-7245, or
of whom oversell, over-promise and under-deliver; or do not
                                                                     the independent contractor     nology, others would like      email me:
bother to offer guarantees on their work, which I believe is
                                                                     gave you an incorrect iden-    to learn more about how
indicative of customer/client disrespect; or who make false
                                                                     tification number, you must    they can benefit from it.
claims about their size or their office locations, simply to
                                                                     withhold, as income tax,       Still others said they want-
impress; or who create ads that are out-and-out lies or at the
                                                                     31% of the amount you          ed to be part of this excit-
least filled with hyperbole.
                                                                     pay the independent con-       ing committee, to learn
    The examples of these "black hat marketers" (which               tractor and report this        more and to help shape the
include brand consultants, management coaches, marketing,            quarterly.                     Chamber's role in support-
public relations and advertising firms) go on and on. To date,
                                                                        In the end, your best
I think the black hatters remain a minority but they are catch-
                                                                     defense in this area is to
ing up to and soon will pass the consultants and in-house mar-
                                                                     properly classify workers as
keters who believe values, trust and credibility must be the
                                                                     employees or independent
foundation of everything they do. Why is this so?
    I speculate that it has more to do with today's culture,
which encourages making as much money as possible, no mat-

ter what it takes, and seems to think hyperbole and "little lies"

                                                                         uy loc
are okay. This breakdown in impeccability of word and deed
starts with our government and filters all the way down to the
entrepreneur with his or her first start-up business. And with       ...b
that attitude in return we get:
    – business scandals from Enron to Hedge Funds;
    – downsizing and outsourcing of jobs;
    – CEO pay that is outrageous, unjustified and debilitating
    to overall business success, as the scale of pay demoralizes
    corporate cultures and angers shareholders and consumers;
    – marketers and other executives who do anything to
    please Wall Street, leading to cutting corners and short-
    term thinking;
    and, most harmful, disrespect for clients, customers and
    Before "black hat marketers" become the norm, we need to
reject this way of doing business. We need to engage the
wrongs in the business world, praise and shop with those doing
good (versus doing well), and encourage values-driven corpora-
tions to continue to hold on tight to their white hats.

Education Committee
Working on Job Shadow
Day 2006
by Charity Folk, Executive Director
What is Job Shadow Day?
   The Simsbury Chamber of Commerce Job Shadow Day is
modeled after the national program that matches students
with business mentors. The students ‘shadow’ the mentor for
one day learning about their work and career path.
When is it?
   This year, Job Shadow Day will be held on Friday,
November 17th from 8 am to 2 pm (snow date: December 1,
Why participate?
    Past mentors have found this to be a rewarding experi-
ence, something they get more out of than the student. It
reaffirms why you do what you do for a living and why you
enjoy it. It also is a great way to promote Simsbury and
Simsbury businesses to the youth in our community.
How can I participate?
   To participate, call the chamber office (651-7307) to fill
out a Mentor Profile. Due by: September 15th.
SCOC Business Beat                        Sep ’06     |   Page 5
                                                                       4th Annual Tariffville
                                                                       Village Festival
                                                                            The 4th Annual Tariffville               businesses and non-profit organiza-
                                                                       Village Festival will be held on              tions; the Tariffville Citizen of the
                                                                       September 23, 2006, 10 am to 4 pm,            Year Award, and more!!
                                                                       sponsored by the Tariffville Village
                                                                                                                         The festival is unique as a town
                                                                       Association (Rain date: September
                                                                                                                     event in that it is designed to promote
                                                                                                                     the “small town” atmosphere that dif-
                                                                           Enjoy a day on the Tariffville            ferentiates Tariffville from other parts
                                                                       Village Green on Main Street in the           of the town. The Tariffville Village
                                                                       center of the village with music, food        Association is continuously working
                                                                       and family fun!                               to preserve this close-knit, village
                                                                           The day will feature Tariffville’s        environment, taking a step back in
                                                                       own Dana Pomfret and her band;                time in this busy world.
                                                                       food and drinks; bounce castle, slide,            Thanks to the many Chamber
                                                                       face painting and other activities for        members who have already donated
                                                                       the children; pony rides from 11:00           goods and services for our raffle and
                                                                       to 2:00; a huge raffle and silent auc-        silent auction. For more information
                                                                       tion, the proceeds of which are the           and a schedule, visit our website at
                                                                       primary source of the Tariffville    or call John Nagy
                                                                       Village Association’s operating funds;        at 860-658-5973.
                                                                       booths featuring arts and crafts, local

                                                                                EMPLOYEE BENEFITS &
                                                                               BUSINESS INSURANCE

Support FRWA’s                                                                            Dill, Joyce & Thresher
                                                                                                                 I N S U R A N CE
Ethel Walker
                                                                                           1. Employee Benefits
Appeal and                                                                                 2. Business Insurance
Get a Tax Credit!                                                                          3. Personal Lines
                                                                                           4. Individual Life & Disability
     The Farmington River              If a business makes a cash
Watershed Association              donation between $250 and                               5. Retirement Plans
(FRWA) has recently been           $75,000 to FRWA in its 2006
approved by the Simsbury           business year and fills out a
Board of Selectmen and the         simple Form NAA-02 (avail-
State Department of Revenue        able on the Department of
Services to receive funding        Revenue Services website,
from businesses in Simsbury between
under the State’s Connecticut      September 15th and October
Neighborhood Assistance Act
                                                                                          19 Ensign Drive
                                   2nd, the donor business is eligi-
tax credit program. All fund-      ble for a tax credit equaling                     Avon, CT 06001 - 674-9445
ing collected through this pro-    60% of the donation. Any tax             -
gram (up to the program limit      credit that is not taken this
of $150,000) will be dedicated     year may be carried back to the                   FIVE Divisions~ ONE Solution
to acquiring the development       two immediately preceding
rights on 424 acres at Ethel       income years (beginning with
Walker School to protect an        the earlier of such years).           INSURANCE PROGRAM FOR EMPLOYERS AND
area which both overlies                                                             INDIVIDUALS
                                        There was a flyer with more
Simsbury’s primary drinking
                                   information on this tax credit
water aquifer and provides
                                   opportunity in our August
tremendous recreational bene-
                                   mailer, but feel free to contact
fits for the public. Ethel
                                   Eric Hammerling at FRWA at
Walker School and the Trust
                                   658-4442, ex. 205 if you have
for Public Land agreed in June
                                   any questions about the bene-

to a price of $13.85 million, of
                                   fits of participating.
which approximately $11.1

                                         y lo
million will go to town referen-
dum this fall. The remaining

$2.75 million to be raised from
private donations would be off-
set by donations to FRWA
under this program.
SCOC Business Beat                  Sep ’06     |   Page 6
   who we are
                                 Simsbury Genealogical & Historical                  Sovereign Bank
                                 Library                                             Kerri Nicholson, Manager; Malissa Santiago;
                                 Allison Krug, Librarian                             Doreen Gassatura; Kenneth Roman
                                 749 Hopmeadow St, Simsbury                          741 Hopmeadow St, Simsbury
                                 658-5382                                            658-4492

                                 Stop by and research your family history.           Providing you with customized solutions to
                                                                                     help you reach your financial goals.

                                                                 Guy Gilchrist
                                                                 237 Hopmeadow St.

                                                                                     October Farms
                                                                                     Rich Wagner, Owner; Jill Weysenberg, Manager
                                                                                     748 Hopmeadow St, Simsbury
                                 Guy Gilchrist Cartoonist Academy                    651-5950

                                 Come learn cartooning from the professionals.       Life Is Short, Eat Dessert First.

 who we
 appears in each issue
 of The Business Beat
 and is designed to
 spotlight the people
 and companies that
 make up the
 Simsbury Chamber of

 If you would like to be
 “spotlighted,” contact
 Al Mauro at the SCOC            PC Swat                                             Kimberly Johnson, L.M.T
                                 Joe O’ Donnell                                      Kimberly Johnson, Licensed Massage Therapist
 (651-7307) or send us
                                 8 Squadron Line Rd, Simsbury                        499 Hopmeadow St, Simsbury
 a unique and                    651-7283                                            651-6335
 interesting photo of
 your staff in their             Your Technology Comfort Zone.                       Specializing in Neuromuscular and Craniosacral
 work environment,                                                                   Therapy.
 along with the name,
 address, phone, one
 sentence to describe
 what you do, the
 founder and date
 founded. And be sure
 to add     an amazing,
 interesting, ingenious
 one-liner - a little
 known fact about you!

 The most unique
 spotlights are selected
 at random from those
 received by the 15th
 of the month prior to
 publication.              Valley Auto Body King                                     Lyn Evans for Potpourri Designs
                           Jim Coen                                                  Jennifer Bucci, Manager; Rachel Bagioni, Asst. Mgr.
 Next deadline:
                           7 Deer Park Rd, Weatogue                                  The Shoppes at Farmington Valley, Canton
 10/11/06 for the next     651-3301                                                  693-3606
                           Serving The Valley Proudly For Over 50 Years.             We Have A Passion For Fashion.
SCOC Business Beat              Sep ’06    |   Page 7
                                                                                                    Simsbury Airport
                                                                                                    Planning Study
                                                                                                    by Bill Thomas, Airport Manager, Simsbury Flying Club

                                                                                                        If you fly the airlines -    that the Federal and State
                                                                                                    and most of us do - you are      governments can provide
                                                                                                    surely aware of the many         grants to cover 98 1/4 % of
                                                                                                    delays and cancellations         the purchase cost, with the
                                                                                                    that are affecting the air       Town's share being only
                                                                                                    traffic system. One of the       1 1/4%.
                                                                                                    causes is that small airports        At this point, the
                                                                                                    are closing at an alarming       Board of Selectmen are
                                                                                                    rate. In 1995, there were        reviewing the possibility of
                                                                                                    about 18,000 airports of all     conducting the planning
                                                                                                    sizes in the US. Today           study, which is itself mostly
                                                                                                    there are less than 12,000 -     covered by government
                                                                                                    a reduction of about 6,000       grants. The Simsbury
                                                                                                    in just ten years. As each       Flying Club is hopeful that
                                                                                                    airport closes, its airplanes    the study will go forward.
                                                                                                    move to another airport.         It will provide answers to
                                                                                                    More and more airplanes          questions such as the future
                                                                                                    are being squeezed into          potential of the airport, the
                                                                                                    fewer and fewer airports.        cost to the Town, environ-
                                                                                                        Airports often close         mental aspects, and the
                                                                           ally                     when the property is sold

                                                                     uy loc
                                                                                                                                     economic benefits that

Mediation as a                                                   ...b
                                                                                                    for real estate develop-
                                                                                                    ment. Simsbury Airport is
                                                                                                    privately owned, and is
                                                                                                                                     could arise through use of
                                                                                                                                     the airport to attract busi-
                                                                                                                                     ness to the northern sec-

Relational Tool
by Attorney Ruben Acosta
                                                                                                    leased to the Simsbury
                                                                                                    Flying Club, which oper-
                                                                                                                                     tion of Simsbury. On com-
                                                                                                                                     pletion of a study, the
                                                                                                    ates the airport. But the        Town would have the facts
                                                                                                    lease permits the land to be     to decide whether to go
    Mediation is an alter-       greater for the small busi-      tion at a time when infor-        sold. If sold, the airport       forward with acquisition of
native dispute resolution        ness owner who fears             mation sharing is most            would likely be closed.          the airport.
(ADR) process which              depletion of his enterprise’s    essential and takes control
                                                                                                        Simsbury Airport repre-          Simsbury prides itself
engages disputing parties in     limited budget when he is        over the dispute out of
                                                                                                    sents open space, wetlands,      on having a wide range of
the negotiation of a settle-     called to defend a claim         their hands.
                                                                                                    recreation, and business         attractions for its citizens -
ment with the assistance of      against him, even a frivo-           Mediation on the other        development potential. It        an International Skating
a trained and impartial          lous one. Why? Because           hand can foster greater           is a unique town asset.          Center, the Talcott
facilitator. The facilitator’s   the costs of trial prepara-      communication and opens           Recently, both the               Mountain summer concert
only tools are his persua-       tion and defense are stag-       the door for parties to real-     Planning Commission and          series for the Hartford
siveness and credibility         gering and the value of the      ize how their business            Economic Development             Symphony, a fine public
since he has no power to         adjudicatory system pales        interests intertwine. This        Commission voted unani-          golf course, walking and
impose an outcome. The           when compared to the             happens because the dis-          mously to urge the               bike paths...and an airport.
mediator’s role is multifac-     benefits of a mediated out       puting parties have greater       Selectmen to undertake a         Along with the Simsbury
eted as he engages the par-      of court settlement. Of          ownership and control of          planning study to deter-         Chamber, the Simsbury
ties in discussions which        course there are disputes        the process. Moreover, the        mine what would be               Flying Club urges the
enable them to understand        which legitimately require       informal and confidential         involved if the Town were        Town to go forward with
each other’s views and           litigation; however, an          atmosphere the process            to purchase the airport.         the planning study that
interests. Moreover he           overwhelming majority of         provides is a far cry from        Your Chamber of                  could be the first step in
tempers their expectations       them do not.                     that in the court room            Commerce also joined in          preserving the airport
with flexibility and draws           Given the above it is        where every word uttered          urging the Selectmen to          under very favorable finan-
them away from a position-       obvious why individuals          could have great legal and        undertake the planning           cial terms.
al mind set. He also builds      happily proclaim the trans-      economical consequences.          study.
consensus by facilitating        actional value of media-         Therefore, unlike adjudica-
the constant exchange of                                                                               A key benefit of Town
                                 tion. However, mediation         tion, mediation allows the
information and helps the                                                                           acquisition of the airport is
                                 also has other important         parties to explore the myri-
parties to assess their alter-   benefits, such as the preser-    ad of relational ties
natives for resolution more      vation of a business’ public     between them and helps
realistically. Like-wise the     image and goodwill which         them understand the long-
mediator promotes a              are relational benefits.         term value of compromise.
healthy level of emotional       The latter is possible           It also allows them to real-
expression within the            because of the private           ize that a court win can be
framework of confidentiali-      framework within which           costly if their relational ties
ty provided by the law and       mediation takes place and        are severed permanently.
continually leads parties        the confidentiality provid-      Lastly, mediation also
down the path of calculat-       ed for the conduct of set-       allows the parties an
ed risk taking and trust         tlement discussions under        opportunity to enhance
building.                        state law. Of equal value        their relationship and
    Much has been written        to disputing parties is the      develop greater efficacy in
about mediation. Most of         increased level of commu-        dispute resolution tech-
this writing, however, has       nications which mediation        niques while in the midst
focused on its transactional     fosters, again a product of      of conflict. This is the
value, albeit, the value of      the confidentiality protec-      transformative aspect of
mediation as an inexpen-         tions which the system           the process.
sive and expeditious ad hoc      enjoys. After all, how can
decision making tool. Of         disputants be served by the
course, as a part of the         adversarial system when
ADR umbrella, mediation          the same aims to air their
has immense transactional        disagreements in public,
value. This value is even        limits the flow of informa-
SCOC Business Beat                    Sep ’06       |   Page 8
Chamber Annual Golf Outing
                                                                  Simsbury Celebrates 2006!
                                                                     On the evening of Saturday, November 25th, downtown Simsbury will be transformed into
                                                                  a pedestrian center of family-focused entertainment called Simsbury Celebrates 2006! This free
                                                                  holiday celebration for “kids of all ages” is hosted by The Simsbury Parks and Recreation
                                                                  Department, along with over 19 local clubs, churches, civic and town organizations that form
                                                                  the Simsbury Celebrates committee, and with the financial support of many local businesses.
                                                                  Last year over 7,000 people welcomed in the holiday season to rave reviews.
                                                                     Once again many chamber members are actively involved in this year’s event, either
                                                                  through volunteering, financial contributions or in-kind donations. The sponsors as of July
                                                                  10th include: Chubb Specialty Insurance, Drake Hill Mall Merchants Association, Fiddlers
                                                                  Green/Madelene&Bruce Kaplan, Ski Sundown The Simsbury Bank, Moran, Shuster, Carignan
   (left to right) Dave Nagy, Doug Hauser, Brian Zef, Mike        & Knierim, LLP, Holloway’s Appliances, Kenneth Brown Design Group, LLC, Salter’s Express
Paine, Charity Folk, Bob Higley, Joyce Fuller and Russ Paine.     Co., Inc, Wagner Ford Nissan, Dr. & Mrs. Eugene A. Bolognese, Vincent’s Funeral Home, Inc,
                                                                  Apollo Pizza House, Imagine It Framed and Bank of America.
   On Wednesday, June 14, 2006, the Simsbury Chamber of
                                                                      Many town clubs and organizations are also involved. They include: The Simsbury
Commerce hosted their Annual Golf Outing at Simsbury
                                                                  Chamber of Commerce, Simsbury Volunteer Fire Department, Women’s Club, Simsbury Library
Farms Recreation Complex. This annual event provides the
                                                                  , Simsbury Granby Rotary Club, Westminster School , Junior Woman’s, Civitan Club and
opportunity for Chamber members and guests to network,
                                                                  Simsbury Lion’s Club.
play golf and enjoy both a picnic lunch and barbecue provid-
ed by Attilio’s of Simsbury Farms.                                    In addition to the indoor and out door entertainment, the traditional Fire Truck Parade on
                                                                  Hopemeadow Street will precede the community “Sing –Along” with the only fireworks display
   The winners of “Low Net” were Mike Paine, Dave Nagy,
                                                                  in the valley this time of year sponsored by Chubb Specialty Insurance.
Doug Hauser and Brian Zef. The winners of “Low Gross”
were Russ Paine, Tim Patterson, Don Paine and Bob Higley.            Carol Brown, Chairperson for Marketing and Publicity, and Christine Sovick ,from
                                                                  Simsbury Parks and Recreation, encourage merchants to decorate early. John Brett, owner of
   For “Outstanding Performance, Score and Endurance in
                                                                  Welden Hardware, will offer 20% off all holiday lighting to downtown merchants who mention
the 2006 Noreast’r Classic” recognition goes to Steve
                                                                  our event when ordering. Carol and Christine will work with downtown restaurant owners to
Couchon, John Ritson, David Busch and Kurt Hinds.
                                                                  develop “specials” for the evening. .
Winners’ names will be added to the Simsbury Chamber Golf
Trophy and will be kept on display in the Chamber office.             Mark your calendars for Saturday, November 25th for Simsbury Celebrates 2006! Remember
                                                                  this is a free community
    Prizes for the “longest drive for men/women” were award-
                                                                  event to usher in the busy
ed to Paul Fisher and Charity Folk. “Closest to the pin for
                                                                  holiday season. For more
men/women” were awarded to Tim Patterson and Joyce
                                                                  information on volunteering,
                                                                  sponsorships or in-kind
                                                                  donations call the Simsbury
                                                                  Parks and Recreation
                                                                  Department at 658-3255.
SCOC Business Beat                        Sep ’06    |   Page 9
Putting “Civil” back into “Civics” or:
Is Good Behavior Possible In Politics?
by Susan Bullock

   I examined the topic            certainly had some trepida-          Getting to consensus comes         taxes. 85-90% of the time,            campaign material. Civility
with 8th District Senate seat      tion about the potential for         naturally to me.                   the parties at the State              means people are working
candidates Thomas Herlihy,         personal attacks, given what         Schofield: I believe in pub-       Legislature work in harmo-            together and getting things
Republican (incumbent),            we have seen in other cam-           lic service. I’ve been a public    ny. Of the 300 or so bills we         done, but it usually doesn’t
Steve Berry, Democrat, and         paigns. We agreed to go for-         servant and have extensive         work on annually, only 10 to          get the same amount of
16th State House District          ward with my candidacy               experience in executive and        20 are controversial and get          attention. Scandal, budget
candidates Robert Heagney,         because we felt that I could         public policy roles, including     highly publicized. The press          impasses and controversial
Republican (incumbent),            and should try to serve my           experience as a Medicaid           focuses on these few and              legislation seem to make
Linda Schofield, Democrat.         community and make a con-            Director and a health insur-       therefore the general public          more headlines. You can still
    Did you take into consider-    tribution. Thus far there            ance executive. I feel that I      gets a distorted view. I would        be civil when pointing out
ation the toll negative politics   have been no negative poli-          can make a real contribution       say that the instances of             differences in your oppo-
would take on you and your         tics from any side in this           to my community and state          incivility are in proportion          nent’s record but you gain
family before deciding to run      race. Hopefully it will stay         by using my skills to serve as     to this. Most of the time, we         more credibility if you have
for office?                        that way! My only protec-            a state representative. I am       work cooperatively to come            a plan of your own to go
                                   tion from negative politics          the kind of person who             to agreement. We have to,             along with those criticisms.
Herlihy: Times have cer-           will be to try to reach as                                              to get the job done. I think
tainly changed since I first                                            always returns calls and fol-                                            Berry: Everyone sees it
                                   many people in Simsbury as           lows through when I prom-          the current level of civility         through their own lens. I
ran for a position on the          possible. Certainly people                                              in the legislature is fairly
Simsbury Board of Select-                                               ise to do something. People                                              would define it as no person-
                                   who know me personally               have the right to expect and       high. There are of course             al attacks on individuals, no
men in 1986. The tone is           know that I am an ethical,                                              individuals who act badly.
certainly different today                                               receive that kind of service.                                            name-calling, no taking
                                   hard-working, intelligent,                                              We go out of our way to               credit for work others have
than it was 20 years ago.          and caring person, and nega-             Do you feel that the elec-     avoid them and don’t
When I first ran for office                                             torate sees civility as weakness                                         done.
                                   tive attacks will not change                                            include them in our informal
the exposure was not the           who I really am.                     and incivility as action?          gatherings                            Heagney: There are tradi-
same as it is today – on-line                                           Herlihy: For the most part,                                              tions in place in the
papers, message boards,                 So, knowing how difficult                                          Schofield: Unfortunately,             Legislature to mitigate per-
                                   life is in the public eye, why did   I believe that the electorate      political scientists tell politi-
computer blogs, all a click                                             sees civility as action. I                                               sonal attacks during debate.
away. There was much less          you consent to run for office?                                          cians that voters say they            One is to call the
                                                                        think the electorate views         hate negative campaigning,
negative campaigning so it         Herlihy: For me, there has           compromise as a good thing.                                              Representative by his title
did not have the same effect       been no greater honor than                                              but that they never-the-less          rather than name. This pro-
                                                                        Fringe groups and extreme          respond to it. In other
on my family as it would           to have had the opportunity          partisans may see it differ-                                             vides a degree of objectivity
today. Today people can            to serve the people of the                                              words, it generally works. I          and distance
                                                                        ently because there is little      believe that Simsbury is dif-
write just about anything          8th Senatorial District for          room for compromise in                                                   Schofield: I think the ques-
they want about you in a           the past eight years. Some-                                             ferent. With our small town
                                                                        their estimation. In my ten        character and educated elec-          tion of civility in politics
chatroom or blog. So yes,          times you do need a thick            years in the Legislature serv-                                           should be divided into two
the toll that negative poli-       skin when you hold office,                                              torate, I believe Simsbury
                                                                        ing in both the House of           voters will respond more              parts: civility in campaigns
tics could have on my family       but I believe in my record           Representatives and the                                                  and civility among elected
is something I have consid-        and what I have done for                                                favorably to a fact-based,
                                                                        Senate, I have worked with         issue-oriented campaign that          officials. Civility in cam-
ered first and foremost each       the people of the eleven             members from both parties                                                paigning demands that each
and every time I decided on        towns of this district.                                                 avoids personal attacks. For
                                                                        to move forward important          elected officials I don’t             candidate be truthful in his
running for office.                Leadership is doing what             legislation. This year, I                                                or her portrayal of their own
                                   you believe is right for the                                            believe civility has anything
Berry: Oh, yes! I thought                                               worked with West Hartford          to do with weakness or                and their opponent’s record
about it for a very long time,     people you represent, and as         Senator Jonathan Harris to                                               and that they avoid personal
                                   long as you believe in that,                                            strength. It is possible, and
not because I have skeletons                                            form the Avon Mountain             indeed appropriate, to be             attacks. It is important to
in my closet but because the       you can certainly overcome           Accident Task Force. This                                                distinguish one’s positions
                                   the negative things that are                                            gracious and firm at the
potential toll falsehoods can                                           Task Force brought together        same time. I believe that             and record from one’s oppo-
take on your family. Just          thrown your way.                     experts and local officials                                              nent’s positions and record,
                                                                                                           the public realizes that bel-
recently there was some            Berry: The loss of my                with everyday knowledge of         ligerent, rude politicians are        so that voters can determine
really libelous stuff about me     daughter, who was killed by          Avon Mountain in the               not effective in the end,             which candidate best repre-
on a web site. It was              a drunken driver, reshaped           hopes of creating a safer          because they alienate the             sents their views. But there
unfounded, untrue and very         my thinking. I fought hard           roadway.                           very colleagues whose votes           is a line between pointing
hurtful. I was personally          to get a law passed that man-            Berry: The State               they need in order to get             out differences and engaging
insulted and attacked and          dates testing a driver for           Legislature is, for the most       anything done. Based upon             in negative campaigning.
insisted on a public apology.      alcohol and drugs in a colli-        part, fairly civil. There are      my 18 years of working with           Strong disagreement on
I got it. What I consider so       sion where another party is          two separate parts to the          and observing the General             issues is fine, but we should
highly divisive is this trend      injured or killed. It is called      politician’s life: the cam-        \Assembly, our Legislature            always be respectful of the
toward labeling. Labels are        Stephanie’s Law and was              paign mode and then the            seems rather civil compared           fact that all candidates are
dangerous because they             passed by the General                actual work within the leg-        to times past and compared            making a sacrifice to even
don’t allow for individuality      Assembly in 2003 with the            islative office building.          to some other states and to           run for election, let alone
and shadings of gray.              help of many, many citizens,         During the campaign, I have        Washington. When I was                serve as an elected official.
Democrats are labeled “tax         law enforcement and                  no problems in pointing out        the Medicaid Director for                 Once elected, civility in
and spend liberals”. I am fis-     elected officials. Now I want        inconsistencies in my oppo-        Connecticut years ago, the            politics requires the policy-
cally conservative. I believe      to continue to be active in          nent’s record. But there           budget crisis of the time led         maker to give an open and
it is business that brings         ways I can contribute. I’m           should be no name calling          to many heated legislative            fair hearing to all sides of an
jobs, not government.              in this for all the right rea-       and no personal attacks. I         battles over the implementa-          issue. It requires the policy-
Heagney: I’ve been in the          sons. I thought, ‘If I don’t         believe in honest, courteous       tion of the income tax and            maker to treat all of their
state legislature for 8 years      do it now, who will?’ I bring        debate.                            over many budget issues. So           constituents with equal
and in Simsbury politics           20 years experience in the                                              by comparison, things look            respect and service, regard-
                                   private sector and a real                 Heagney: No, I think
before then. I think I deal                                             the public likes to see the        generally cooperative and             less of whether or not they
well with criticism and neg-       commitment to helping the                                               genteel now!                          were supporters during the
                                   electorate.                          parties work things out. If
ativity. It has been harder                                             the issue has a strong ideo-            How are civility and inci-       campaign. And most impor-
on the family members,             Heagney: I’ve always been            logical base, then the public      vility defined in politics? Is it a   tantly, it requires the policy-
especially the children,           interested in politics and his-      likes to see its party defend      case of “We know it when we           maker to work with all of
when they were younger, to         tory. I’d look at a historical       it strongly and rationally.        see it?”                              their colleagues
see and hear negative things       happening or a political             For instance, tax policy.                                                   Carolyn Keily, Simsbury
about their father.                process and wonder ‘would I                                             Herlihy: I believe incivility
                                                                        Republicans expect that            creates news. That’s why you          Town Clerk and long-time
Schofield: My family and I         have done the same?’ Could           their representatives will                                               public official had the final
                                   it have been done better?                                               see more of it, not only on
                                                                        strongly advocate for lower        the nightly news, but in                    continued on page 11
SCOC Business Beat                       Sep ’06       |Page 10
                                                                                                                          Philip Janes, Arts Exclusive Gallery

                     P      hilip Janes came from a small town but broadened his vision
                            through extensive travel. A native of Connecticut, he stud-
                            ied first at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. There his
                     nominal major was liberal arts, but his actual major was soccer.
                                                                                                          When Philip finally returned to the States he was prepar-
                                                                                                      ing to go to Thailand but friends persuaded him that he
                                                                                                      should open an art gallery with all the native art that he had
                                                                                                      collected. Uncertain that that was a good idea, Philip visited
                     From that activity he learned the essence of teamwork, as well as its            art galleries in Boston and New York City and decided that
                     value. Philip finished his last two years of college at the University           what he wanted to do was open a gallery. In 1974 he opened
                     of Hartford and almost immediately joined the Peace Corps.                       his first Arts Exclusive gallery near what was then The Chart
                          The year was 1963 and he first went to the University of                    House. He later moved to a building on Route 44.
                     California at Davis, for training in agriculture and Hindustani. His                In 1988 he moved to his present location, near
                     first assignment in the Corps took him to India, where he spent two              Hopmeadow Street and the center of town. He went
                     years teaching others to engage students and to learn from them.                 through difficult times in the ‘90’s, but was fulfilled by the
                     During this time he took 45 days just to explore that huge country.              opportunity to reach out to others. That paid off for him and
                     He traveled to Kashmir, Madras, Mysore and to the Taj Mahal. The                 he developed a stable of fine artists and devoted clients.
                     latter still excites Philip’s breathless enthusiasm.                                Philip has counted among his supporters the Hartford
                        From India, Philip and a friend visited Africa. Their travels                 Symphony Orchestra, the Hartford Ballet and the
                     took them to Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia and Egypt. He found the                     Farmington Valley Symphony Orchestra who have been fre-
                     pyramids and the Sphinx unforgettable. From Africa he then went                  quent guests at the Arts Exclusive Gallery and for whom he
                     to Greece, Italy, France, England, Scotland and Wales. Wherever                  has held promotions at the gallery.
by Jewel A.          he went he took samples of native art.                                               Philip serves on the Chamber Board of Directors as chair-
Gutman                  Returning to the United States, Philip became acting director of              man of the Membership Committee, a task to which he
                     two Peace Corps programs in Philadelphia. He was then invited to                 brings his usual enthusiasm. Under his leadership, the mem-
                     become an administrator for CARE, the non-profit, non-sectarian                  bership has grown tremendously. For that, and for his cheer-
                     technical assistance organization. They sent him to India, Nigeria,              ful optimism, we are all grateful.
                     Pakistan and Nairobi and, briefly, to Vietnam.

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                                                               Civility      continued from page 10

                                                               word on the subject. She               member’s motives, address-        disturbing the assembly. “If
                                                               recommended Roberts                    ing all remarks through the       the general public, officials
                                                               Rules of Order for its clear           chair, avoiding the use of        and candidates would take
                                                               prescription for the behav-            members’ names, refraining        Roberts Rules to heart,
                                                               ior expected during debate.            from speaking adversely on        everyone would have more
                                                               There is a section entitled            a prior action not pending,       time and energy to tackle
                                                               “Decorum in Debate”                    reading from reports,             their work”.
                                                               which includes confining               quotes etc. only with per-
                                                               remarks to the merits of               mission, being seated dur-
                                                               the pending question,                  ing an interruption by the
                                                               refraining from attacking a            chair and refraining from
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