Benefits of Using CAD Software for Building Construction – A Review by iupon13


									?Historically, every large engineering and construction company relied on a drafting
table used by a professional drafter. It was necessary for producing needed blueprints,
elevation drawings and high quality visual renderings for prospect customers.
Drafting requires trained professionals with somewhat artistic skills. Drafting is time
consuming process and requires apt engineering skills, infrastructure and dedication.

Computer Aided Design or CAD has changed the way we do drafting. Years ago only
the most elite engineering companies could use this technique. Licensed CAD
software could cost you thousands of dollars and the computers required to perform
could cost well over a hundred thousand dollars.

Ever since computers become widely available and at cheap rates, CAD started
gaining popularity and became more widespread. Latest CAD software available
today makes it possible for just about any organization to afford critical construction
documentation software.

Use of latest CAD techniques significantly boosts productivity by allowing builders to
perform drafting and modeling on the computer while reducing possible errors before
construction phase starts.

High end CAD software is characterized by its powerful analytic tools that facilitate
advanced structural analysis. These features help structural engineer to calculate exact
structural fatigue. Additionally, 3D structural models can often be combined with
even more advanced data analysis modules to create dynamic structural analysis! This
sort of analysis is very crucial when building sky-scrappers or bridges, or a complex
structure. Without this latest software, it might take months to perform the same

Low end CAD software offers simplicity and is commonly needed by most
engineering companies. Many times these software packages are more user-friendly
versions of high-end CAD software. Low-end CAD software generally contains
integrated help features to help a beginner get started.

Today CAD software has become integral part of any engineering process and is most
commonly used by local authorities to accept and review building permits online.
This necessitates generation of CAD blue prints in digital format and to be uploaded
electronically in order to secure approvals.

Using CAD software for building construction process offers many advantages over
conventional drafting methods. The most useful feature is its portability. Not only can
computers be brought from project to project, or to a project site for easy project
reviewing, but files can be easily transferred digitally. It is very convenient and
hassle-free to be able to email the latest rendition straight to a client or to the build
CAD software is not only a profitable option for today's builder; it is an essential tool
that few companies can do without.

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