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					Don Jenkins Auto Group
                                                                   Request for Office Supplies
Please complete this form and submit via e-mail using the button at the bottom of the form. This form must also be printed and faxed
  with a manager's signature. Once received, orders will be processed, but the order will not be released until the faxed copy of the
                                           form with the manager's signature is received.

                       It is not necessary to specify location or quantity unless there are special considerations.

  It is important to remember to allow 3-5 days for processing of orders. Therefore, it is necessary to order before on-hand supply is
                                depleted. However, it is not necessary to keep excess stock on hand.

Requestor Name                                            Phone Number                                 Order Date

           e-mail                                                Location

                                          Manager Approval

  Desk/Drawer Organizer                        Clip Boards                                     Hanging File Folders
  Keyboard Tray                                Calculator                                      3-Tab File Folders
  Desk Calendar                                Desk Drawer Dividers Black                      Hanging Folders Legal Size
 Large Clip Dispenser                          Phone Message Book                              Hyundai File Stickers
  Staple Remover                               Sheet Protectors                                Rubber Finger Tips
  Tape                                         P-Touch Tz-Tape                                 Table of Contents Dividers
 Packaging Tape                                Correction Tape                                 Sortkwik Fingertip Moistener
 Wire Organizer Clips - Red                    Letter Trays                                    Pocket Folders
 Stapler                                       Legal Writing Pads                              Service File Stickers - 1 line / # 0-9
 Paper Clips Small                             Small Writing Pads                              Hanging File Folders
 Paper Clips Large                             Pop-Up Notes Small                              Address Labels
 Large Rubber Bands                            Legal Size Paper                                Staples Envelope Moistener
 Binder Clips                                  Pop-Up Notes Large                              Envelopes 10 x 12-1/2
 Toner                                         Letter Writing Pads                             Ocala Hyundai Envelopes
  Fax Ribbons                                  Letter Size Paper                               Mitsubishi Envelopes
 Pencils                                       Acura Letter Head                               Padded Envelopes Large
 Sharpies                                      Wilmington Hyundai Letter Head                  Wilmington Hyundai Envelopes
 Dr. Grip Refills                              Printer Paper #4 Yellow                         Acura Window Envelopes
 Highlighters                                  Ocala Hyundai Letter Head                       Document Envelopes
 Counterfeit Pen                               Mitsubishi Letter Head                          #10 Window Envelopes
 Dry Erase Marker                              Marks-A-Lot Permanent Markers                   Mitsubishi Window Envelopes
 Rollerball Refills                            Pens                                            Inter-Office Envelopes
                                                                                               Acura Envelopes
                                                                                               Ocala Hyundai Window Envelopes
                                                                                               Wilm Hyun. Window Envelopes
                                                                                               Padded Envelopeds Small
                                                                                                Print Form            Submit by Email