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									                                                                                               Certificates & Degrees 21
                                                                                               ATS Degree and Certificate–CA

Associate in Technical Studies                     employability. The plan of study           Certificate of Achievement (CA)
Degree (ATS)                                       includes:                                  The Certificate of Achievement (CA) is a
The Associate in Technical Studies                 a. a statement of career objective(s);     credential awarded to students who suc-
(ATS) is a two year Career and Technical           b. a statement of jobs for which the       cessfully complete designated Career and
Education (CTE) degree, consisting of                 degree will prepare the student;        Technical credit course sequences that
at least 60 credits, that provides students        c. statements of clearly defined            provide entry-level skills or job upgrades.
with skills and competencies for gainful              student learning outcomes to be
                                                      achieved;                               These course sequences shall be at least
employment. This degree:                                                                      24 credits, but may not exceed 45 credits
1. must be customized by using courses             d. 3 credits each of mathematics and
                                                      English;                                (unless external employment require-
     from two or more existing approved                                                       ments exceed this number).
     programs and is intended to target            e. 9 credits of social science, humani-
     emerging career areas which cross                ties, and science;
     traditional boundaries;                       f. a list of the specific courses from        Maui Community College
2. must have student learning outcomes                the most current catalog that will        Certificates of Achievement (CA)
     that are clearly defined by business              be completed for the degree;
     and industry and/or employers with            g. requirements which are in confor-
                                                                                                Administration of Justice
     near immediate needs for special-                mance with the General Education          Agriculture & Natural Resources
     ized training for a limited number of            learning outcomes specified by the           Floriculture Management
     employees;                                       Associate in Science degree task            Horticultural & Landscape Main
3. must include 3 credits each of math-               force;                                      Nursery Management
     ematics and English, and 9 credits            h. a minimum of 30 of the 60 credits           Sustainable Tropical Crop Mgt
                                                      required for the degree must be           Auto Body Repair & Painting
     of social science, humanities, and                                                         Automotive Technology
     science;                                         taken after the ATS degree pro-
                                                      posal is approved.                        Business Careers
4. will be awarded only to specific                                                              Business Technology
     students who remain at Maui CC           2.   The plan is submitted to the Vice
                                                                                                Culinary Arts
     without a break in enrollment and             Chancellor of Academic Affairs.               Drafting Technology
     who complete course work with a 2.0      3.   The Vice Chancellor of Academic Af-          Electronic & Computer Engineering
     GPA;                                          fairs forwards the plan to the Depart-        Technology
5. must have advanced approval and                 ment Chairs for recommendation.              Fashion Technology
     cannot be requested based upon pre-      4.   The Vice Chancellor of Academic Af-          Hospitality & Tourism
                                                   fairs reviews the plan and the Depart-       Human Services
     viously completed course work; and                                                           Early Childhood Specialization
6. must be pre-approved by the Vice                ment Chair recommendation. The
                                                   Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs             General Human Services
     Chancellor of Academic Affairs after                                                          Substance Abuse Counseling
     a review by the Department Chairs.            may approve the plan.
                                                                                                Nursing Career Ladder (Allied Health)
                                              5.   The Vice Chancellor of Academic Af-            Practical Nurse
                                                   fairs returns the signed original to the     Sustainable Construction Technology
Students must complete an Applica-                 lead program coordinator/counselor
tion for Graduation form obtained from             and keeps a copy.
Student Services. See Academic Calendar       6.   The ATS program coordinator                CA Requirements
on page 144 for deadline.                          maintains students’ files until stu-
                                                   dents graduate or leave the College.       1. Satisfactory Completion of a
Students interested in the ATS degree                                                            Career and Technical Eduation
should contact a counselor or a CTE                Changes in the plan are done to meet
                                                   the needs of students.                        Major:
program coordinator for assistance in                                                             See specific program requirements, pages
developing a program plan.                    7.   Once students graduate or leave the
                                                   College, the original and modified
The College takes the following steps              plans are sent to the office of the Vice     2. General Education (6 credits):
to review the proposed individual ATS              Chancellor of Academic Affairs.                 3 credits in English 19 or higher, and
programs.                                     8.   A report is issued by the Vice                 3 credits in Quantitative Reasoning.
1. Students, with assistance from coun-            Chancellor of Academic Affairs each             Nursing 153, 153L, 156L, and 157L
     selors and/or program coordinators,           academic year, listing the status of           equivalencies are accepted in Practical
     develop a plan of study. Appropriate          each ATS degree.                               Nursing.
     employers are consulted, as degree                                                       3. Grade Point Average:
     requirements are developed, to assure                                                        2.0 (C) or better.

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   22 Certificates & Degrees
         Certificates–CC, CO

4. Residency Requirement:                       Certificate of Competence (CO)
    At least 12 credits toward the CA must      A Certificate of Competence (CO) is a           Maui Community College
    be taken at Maui CC.                        credential awarded to students who have        Certificates of Competence (CO)
                                                successfully completed designated short-       Administration of Justice
5. Application for Graduation:                                                                  Corrections I; Corrections II
                                                term credit or noncredit courses that pro-
    To be awarded a CA, students must                                                           Law Enforcement I; Law Enforcement II
                                                vide job upgrading or entry-level skills.
    complete an Application for Gradua-                                                         Private Security I; Private Security II
    tion form obtained from Student Ser-        Credit course sequences shall not exceed       Agriculture and Natural Resources
    vices. See Academic Calendar for deadline   nine credits. The issuance of a CO              Agricultural Science
    on page 144.                                requires that students’ work has been           Nursery Production
                                                evaluated and determined to be satisfac-        Pest Management
Certificate of Completion (CC)                   tory. Students must earn a GPA of 2.0          Allied Health
A Certificate of Completion (CC) is a            or better for all credit courses required in    Pre-Community Health Worker
college credential awarded to students          the CO. Program maps, which begin on            Community Health Worker
                                                                                                Health Related Programs
who have successfully completed desig-          page 25, provide information about COs.
                                                                                                  Nurse Aide Training (NAT)
nated short-term Career and Technical                                                             Adult Residential Care Home Operator
Education credit course sequences that                                                            Elder Care/Personal Care Attendant
provide entry-level skills or job upgrades.                                                       Medication Assistant
These course sequences shall be at least                                                       Automotive Technology
10 credits, but may not exceed 23 credits.                                                      Brakes
                                                                                                Heating and Air Conditioning
The issuance of a CC requires that the
                                                                                                Suspension and Steering
student earn a GPA of 2.0 or better for all
                                                                                               Business Careers
courses required in the CC.
                                                                                                Entrepreneurship I; Entrepreneurship II
                                                                                                Leadership Training
 Maui Community College                                                                         Marketing
 Certificates of Completion (CC)                                                                 e-Marketing
                                                                                                Supervision I; Supervision II
 Agriculture & Natural Resources
  Landscape Maintenance                                                                        Business Technology
  Sustainable Tropical Crop Production                                                          Basic Office Skills - Pre-Business Tech
  Turfgrass Maintenance                                                                        Culinary Arts
 Allied Health                                                                                  Baker’s Helper
  Dental Assisting                                                                              Pantry Cook
                                                                                                Preparation Cook
 Auto Body Repair & Painting
  Auto Body Refinishing
                                                                                                Short Order Cook
                                                                                                Storeroom Clerk
 Business Technology                                                                            Waiter/Waitress
  Business Technology                                                                          Hospitality and Tourism
  Medical Assistant I
                                                                                               Human Services
 Culinary Arts                                                                                  Case Management
  Pastry Cook                                                                                   Dynamics of Family Violence
 Electronic and Computer Engineering                                                            Preschool Child Development Associate
  Technology                                                                                    Substance Abuse Counseling I
 Fashion Technology                                                                             Substance Abuse Counseling II
  Dressmaker                                                                                    Youth Development Practitioner
  Fashion-Fabric Salesperson                                                                   Sustainable Construction Technology
  Seamstress                                                                                    Basic Carpentry Skills
 Hospitality & Tourism                                                                          Basic Drafting Skills
 Human Services                                                                                 Electrical Maintenance
  Early Childhood Education                                                                     Energy Production
  Substance Abuse Counseling                                                                    Maintenance Painting
 Sustainable Construction Technology                                                            Maintenance Plumbing
                                                                                                Rough and Finish Carpentry
                                                                                                Small Equipment Repair
                                                                                                Welding for Trades

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