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									                                                                                             Record last
                         ACTOR RESUMÉ for

                        GINA TIMBERLAKE
            EYES    blue                                     DATE OF BIRTH        1/1/75
                dark blonde                                  AGE THIS YEAR        35
         HEIGHT 5' 1" (1.55m)              DRIVERS LICENCE YES
     ACCENT Regional English                 ETHNIC ORIGIN English
                                               (if Other Than
    ACCENTS American (standard), New Zealand,       European)
PERFORMABLE Australian, RP, Cockney, Irish,
            Russian, East European, French,
 TRAINING                                                                               TELEVISION/VIDEO
                                                                           SCREEN CREDITS
 USA Audition Workshop Level 1 with Terri deʼAth 2010, Actors Lab - The    It Had To Be You - Emma (C4) 2001
 Voice in Violence workshop - 2010 (with DʼArcySmith)
 Workshop with Peter Feeney 2010, Paul Norell training 2010, Graduate      The Bill - Donna (ITV (UK)) 1996
 of Red Roofs Theatre School (London, UK) Actorʼs Centre Workshop,         The Comic Strip - Learger (BBC (UK)) 1995
 City Lit Workshop (London), Acting for, Camera 6 week course (NIDA -
 Sydney), Acting Revealed for Theatre and Screen 10 weeks - Actorʼs
 Centre, Sydney), Presenting for Television 6 week course (TV Pro
 Speed Daters - Galatea Theatre (writer & director by Geoff Allen)
 2010, Pygmalion - Eliza Doolittle (lead) Galatea Theatre (dir.
 Geoff Allen) 2010, Rupert & The Seven Russian Email Brides -
 Natalia (Short & Sweet Productions) 2010, Murdered to Death -
 Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington (Company Theatre dir. Sherry
 Ede) 2009, Cinderella - Cinderella (lead) (The Beck Theatre dir.
 Simon Faulk) 2002, Officer Rocker - Shelly (Free Flow
 Productions dir. Bart Lee) 2002, Much Ado About Nothing - Hero
 (Free Flow Productions dir. Bart Lee) 2002, Grease - Frenchy
 (Lyric Hammersmith Studio dir. Sylvia Payne) 2001, Macbeth -
 2nd Witch (National Heritage Theatre Company dir. John
 Jackson) 2000, In Remebrance - Lady Jane (National Heritage
 Theatre Co. dir. John Jackson) 2000, Jack & The Beanstalk -
 Good Fairy (Beck Theatre and Tour, dir. Simon Faulk) 1999,
 Costa del Pack - Vera (Snap Theatre Co. dir. Jerry Taylor) 1999,
 Humpty Dumpty - Queen of Hearts (London Tour dir. Scott
 Paddison) 1998, Three Steps to Heaven - Dancer (European
 Tour dir. Steven Bonnieface) 1997, Made in Spain - Rosey (The
 Wilde dir. Sam Keston) 1997, Grease - Frenchy (The Novello dir.
                                                                           FILM FEATURES & SHORTS
 Sylvia Payne) 1996, Find Me - Verity (National Tour dir. Sylvia
 Payne) 1995, The Glass Menagerie - Laura (The Novello dir.                The Tango - Angelina (Academy of Photogenic Arts - Film Festival)
 Kirsty Nicholson) 1995                                                    2003
 TV COMMERCIALS                                                            Lady in Red - Lady in Red (lead) (KVB Final Year Short) 2003
                                                                           Usual Suspect - Sam Ellis (lead) (KVB Final Year Short) 2003
 Coca Cola - girl in shower on beach (USA only) 1994
 basic horseriding, swimming, basic ballroom dancing, belly               VOICEOVERS
 dancing, Irish step, jive and swing dancing, singing (ballad,
 cabaret, country and western, musical, jazz, pop, show, -
 mezzo-soprano), yoga, running, comedy, musical comedy,
 presenting, voice overs, aerobics, basic French, archery,
 badminton, diving, cycling, jet ski, kayak, martial arts (basic),
 rock climbing, swimming, basic Thai Chi, basic boxing

           28 SECOIA CRESCENT, MANGERE, AUCKLAND 1701 N.Z. Tel: (+64 9) 275 6797 Fax: (+64 9) 522-8846

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