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					                                     Realistic Fiction
 Hattie’s Journal
                                     Historical Fiction
   Hattie wondered if she would
     make the 2, 000 mile long
journey to Oregon. It seemed like
    a scary journey in a covered
  wagon across the prairies and
 over the mountains. Her Pa was
   so set on a new life in Oregon,
                                     Science Fiction
  there was no talking him out of
 it. So she packed her trunk with
her precious few belongings and
    set forth on the journey of a
Abraham Lincoln
                                    Science Fiction
 Abraham Lincoln was born in a
log cabin in Kentucky to Thomas
  and Nancy Lincoln. The family
moved to Indiana and 8 year old     Realistic Fiction
    Abe helped his father build
 another log house. A year later
  his mother died and the house
    was very empty. His father
 remarried and in addition to his
  sister Sarah, who was 3 years
  older, there were now 3 more
       children in the family.
     Paul Bunyan                       Poetry
Imagine, if you can, the excitement
  that was caused by the birth of
   Paul Bunyan! It took five giant
storks, working overtime, to deliver   Folk Tale
         him to his parents.

 He cut his teeth on a peavy pole
 and grew so fast that after one
 week he had to wear his father's
clothes. His lungs were so strong
that he could empty a whole pond
    of frogs with one "holler".
Mrs. Dondlinger
 A future teacher was born in       Realistic Fiction
Lincoln, Nebraska on February
14th. That’s right, I was born on
        Valentine’s Day.

I had an amazing childhood, my      Poetry
parents were wonderful and let
   me explore and learn about
   things that interested me.

One of my favorite memories is
 when my father and I went to
                                    Science Fiction
      pick out my horse.
 The War Against
  the Invisibles
The invaders came like thieves in
the night. No one ever saw them,
 no one ever knew of them apart
 from their effects. They showed
   up the morning following the
  night of the meteorites, which
   can’t be a coincidence. They     Science Fiction
came in something. Things fell to
  earth around there in the wee
hours, and from those something
          alien hatched.
                                     Folk Tale

 The Tree House                          Informational
Jack crawled through a hole in the
 tree house floor. Wow, this was a
great place to hold a meeting with
the club. Amy agreed this was the
      perfect meeting place.
  Jack looked out the window and
 saw lots of litter in the streets. He
   knew just what would he would
 encourage all the members of the
 club to do. They would make their       Realistic Fiction
first assignment be to pick up litter
         in their small town.
                                        Folk Tale

 The Liberty Bell
The Liberty Bell, located in
Pennsylvania, changed the world
on July 8, 1776. It rang out from the
tower of Independence Hall. It was
used to summon the citizens to
hear the first reading of the
                                        Realistic Fiction
Declaration of Independence by
Colonel John Nixon. In the
1800s,the Liberty Bell became a
symbol for ending slavery in
America.                                Informational
                                    Folk Tale
    Rabbit Habit
 I have a rabbit habit. I like to
crunch and chew on celery logs
  and carrot sticks ,And apple
          wedges, too.

 I have a rabbit habit. I like to
 chomp and munch on crispy          Fantasy
    greens and juicy grapes.
 Mmm…rabbit food for lunch!

The Secret of the
   Old Clock
    Nancy concluded that her
  wisest move would be to take
   the road that led to the State
   Police’s Headquarters. There
 she could report the theft of the
 clock. She hoped that someone
    would be there to take her
report. Suddenly a car slammed
  into her from behind. Oh No! it
 was the same van she had seen
leaving the scene of the robbery.
                                     Historical Fiction
                                    Folk Tale
  The Dragonling

 When Derek rescued the baby
 dragon and brought it home to
  his village, he dreamed of a
bright tomorrow where dragons
and Zorok could live together as
Dark mists swirled around Derek
and the baby dragon as he made
his way up the narrow path to the
        Black Mountains.            Biography

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