Benefits of Medical Equipment Leasing

					?Acquiring medical equipment can be costly, whether you're a small clinic or a private
practitioner. Fortunately, an easy medical equipment financing solution can help
businesses get the equipment they need without putting a strain on their cash flow.
Traditional financing can be difficult even for established operations as mainstream
lending institutions like banks are still hesitant to dole out credit to SMEs.

Meanwhile, medical equipment leasing offers small businesses like private clinics a
sensible financing solution to acquire the assets they need for their operations, plus a
number of other important benefits including:

- Capital conservation - precious cash can be conserved for other uses including
supplies and staff. This reduces the strain on your cash flow and lets you get the
equipment you need when you need it - instead of needing to save up or borrow
against another asset.

- Total financing solution - because a lease agreement is essentially a long term
rental, many additional costs can also be covered in the arrangement. This can include
freight, installation and maintenance depending on the type of equipment you lease -
ask about commercial vendor finance from your supplier to learn more.

- Tax benefits - leasing medical equipment is often 100% tax deductible as the
monthly payments are considered an operational expense.

You can choose to finance medical equipment for any type of medical practice
including veterinary and dental. From examination tables to surgical equipment - it's
easy to keep your business up to date. As medical technology continues to develop
and new equipment is released, your practice can benefit from being among the first
to adapt new technology and avoid equipment becoming obsolete - so you can always
deliver the best level of care to your patients.

Get commercial equipment finance for your medical practice from the supplier of
your choice - visit our website to learn more.