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									?As the name suggests, a limited liability company (LLC) is a company that helps
small businesses to limit the liability of their owners. As a legal business structure, an
LLC has a distinct identity which is separate from that of the individual owners. Thus,
in case of a future financial slump, the personal assets of individual owners are
protected. This discharges the shareholders of the company from any responsibility
for the debt of the company. Only the assets of the company may be seized to meet
any outstanding debt or financial obligations. This is different from other forms of
business ownership like sole proprietorship, where the individual owner has to
relinquish their assets and assume personal liability for the financial commitments of
the company.

Other advantages of

According to the rules pertaining to limited liability company formation in the UK, a
new limited company requires at least two people to act as the office bearers of the
company. The presence of a company secretary is a must, and it is their duty to ensure
that the company submits its annual returns on time.

Some people who choose to form their limited companies opt to do the formalities
themselves. Often, a member of the family doubles up as the company secretary. But,
if you are new to the process of business incorporation, or even if you have some
experience but want to ensure a smooth process, it is better to use the services of a
business start up firm. Such a firm will guide you through the intricacies of limited
liability business formation. They will help you select an appropriate name, guide you
through the process of allocating shares and advise you regarding tax efficient
measures that you can take to boost your profit figures.

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