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									 Developing Quality-
End of Year/Summer Training
              •   Analyze data
              •   Set goals
              •   Develop plans
              •   Training
              •   Retreat planning
             Quality Environment
• Lively interaction w/others
• Teamwork
• Understanding of purpose
• Passion for learning
• Encouragement for risk taking
• Learner feels responsibility for
  the outcome
• Immediate Feedback
• Active Participation
  Don’t limit a child to
Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he was
  your own learning, for he
born in another time.
  was born in another time.

                 Don’t limit a child to your own learning, for he
                 was born in another time.
Quality Learning Environment
    Traditional Learning
Learners Feel Responsibility
     for the Outcome
The Teacher Solely Feeling
   That Responsibility
 \Student Involvement in the
     Evaluation Process
Passive Involvement Through
    Just Teacher Grading
Tool Time with TEAM WILLOW Producing
           CAN DO KIDS
Empowering Students to Establish
   Behavioral Expectations
 Teacher Directed Expectations

    Lively Interaction with a Sense of
Teacher Directed Learning Where Students
               Work Alone
      Affinity Diagrams

A Sense of Connectedness with
   the Task and Its Meaning
Disconnectedness for Task and
      Checksheet/Run Chart

Feedback to the Process and Teamwork
  Judgment of the Performance and
         Working Alone
  There is a Passion for Learning
A Passive Response to the Learning
 Our Guarantee:
Life-Long Learners
with Can Do Kids
PDSA Classroom Process
                                                                             Writing Process: 2nd Grade Rubric- Every 6 weeks
                                    So that we aren’t expecting
                                    so much from the kids and so             Focus – Focus Descriptors                                Self-
                                      Class Writing Goal Flowchart           Support/Elaboration-S/E Descriptors                      Radar     Students self assessed their
                                    that they can learn how to               Conventions – Conventions Descriptors
                                    use one thing well – using a
                                             Add Details - Nov                                                                                  knowledge of writing
                                    Flowchart of monthly                     Individual          Group
                                                                                                                                                components. Using individual
                                    expectations - Dec.
                                             Transitions                     Rubrics/Check Sheet Rubrics/Check Sheets                           Radar too cumbersome-chose
Spirit/Substance discussion                                                  Narrative Expository       Narrative Expository                    to use Rubric and check-
held on what we want to                                                                Persuasive                 Persuasive                    sheets .
continue doing and what we
need to change.                                Parents
                                               understandPlan for             Define
                            discussion of      Great      Continuous          the
 Parents Conferences
                            what we
                            want to keep
                                               Evaluation Improvement
                                                           Tool               System

                            doing/ what
                            we want to         Standardize
                            change             Improvements       ACT                                                                                   Pre-writing
                                                                                                                               Class Radar
                                                                              Plan               Current                                                Radar of
                                                                                                 Situation                                              Results
                                                Study the
  Rubrics and check                Class        Results
  sheets are used for                                                 Do
  post evaluation.
  Group Radars are Group Rubrics Check Lists                                    Analyze

                                                                                                             Total #
  used to check for    Narrative Expos.
                                                               Try Out
                                                                                Cause                                                                Fall – N Pre-writing
  improvement                                                  Theory                                                                                Winter – E Prewriting


                                                                                                                                                     Spring – P Prewriting

                                                                                Identify the Priority
                                                                                                                        Juicy words
                                                  What      Who When              Brainstorm Strategy

                                                                                                                       Class discussion on how we
                                                                              How do we like to learn                  can improve
                 -Students set goals
                                                                              Improvement Theory
                 -Instruction, strategies, grouping and                       (If ___ then___)                                               Head/Heart Piece
                 timelines are set
                 -Support personnel utilized
                                                                                                   “I Care” First Grade Behavior Plan
                                                                                                     Define, Model. Role Play 5 “I
                                                                                                     Care” Rules and                Students         are introduced to the I –
                                                                                                                                             Care Rules
                                                  What next?                      Individual                                                Role –Playing takes place
                                                                                   calendar with
                                                                                   stickers for
                                                                                   Green Days
                                                                                                                                             Good behavior is modeled,
                                                  Where are we
What do we need to                                                                                                                           expectations and consequences
                                                  going from
continue doing, what                                                                                                                         are explained
do we need to stop
                        Class discussion                                            Define the
                        on what                              Plan for Continuous    System                                            Pre
                        worked/what                          Improvement
                        didn’t                                                                                                   Individual
 Involving Parents                                                                                                                                     Students keep an
                                                   Standardize                                                                  Behavior Bar Chart
                                                                                                                                                       individual monthly
                                                                      ACT                                                                              calendar and bar graph

                                                                                                                    1 2 3 4 5
                                                                                                      Assess                                           in their notebooks
                        Post                                                        Plan              Current
                        Individual                                                                    Situation
                                                   Study the                                                                    Count the class
                       Behavior Bar Chart          Results                                                                      green lights

 On each Friday
                        1 2 3 4 5

                                                                                                                       Pre Group
 green light awards                                                                                                 Behavior Runchart
                                                                   Try Out            Analyze
 are tallied and                                                   Improvement        Cause
                                                                   Theory                                                                    *         Class run chart is
 individual graphs          Post Group                                                                                                 * *
                                                                                                                                * *                    posted showing
 are made as well       Behavior Run chart
                                                                                           Individual Goal Plans                                       weekly class averages.
 as the group run                           * *
                                                                                                                                 Count total
                                    *                                                         I Care Rules                       weekly Green
 chart                  **              *                                                                                        Lights
                                                      What         Who When             My Goal is:
                                                     What          Who When             I will (what)
                                                     Individual                         1.                                        Student and
                                                     Plans                              2.                                        teacher discuss
                                                     Group                              Student_______Date                        behavior and
                                                     Plan                                                                         individual goals
                                                                                      Group Conversation
                                                                                      On areas of improvement and                 are set.
                       Goals-strategies-                                              need for improvement.
                       responsibilities and timelines
                       are set.
                                                                                      From FY02
                                    *Visual aids                                      Math Top 5 Problems: 9 weeks
                                                                                      303 – Explain 1 – step problems
                                    *Continue mini-                                   306 –Estimate/Answer story
                                                                                                                                                            ISAT and District Test
                                    lessons for weaknesses                            problems and explain                                                  results were used to identify
                                                                                      314 – Solve addition sentences
                                                                                      315 – Solve problems involving                                        areas for improvement
Discussions on Strategies           *Parent Involvement                               patterns
                                                                                      208 – Count the value ofGroup Checklists
and techniques that                                 Post in classroom strategies
                                                                                      combination of coins Math Quiz 10/4 10\10
                                                    that worked and use/refer to
worked, implement                                   on a regular basis.
                                                                                      Individual Checksheets 303                 11          1111
changes.                                                                                                     306                 111         1111
                                                                                      Math Quiz 10/4 10/10     10/18
                                                                                      303        X                                      Individual check sheets and group check sheets
                                                                                                              306                       111111 111
                                                                                      306          X      X          X                  were used to gather data.
                                                                                      306          X      X
                                                                                      Define the
                                                                      Plan for        System
                              Class discussion
Parent Newsletter             on “what worked”
                              and “what didn’t”.
Test at the end of                                                          ACT                                                                                Scores were plotted on group

                                                                                                                         # of Correct
each week-group run                                                                                       Assess                                               run chart
chart to show                                                                         Plan                Current
progress-individual                                      Study
                                                                      Study                               n                              10/4 10/11 10/18
graphs in student                                        the
                                                                                                                                                                 Individual scores kept in
                              1/20 1\27 2\4                         Try Out            Analyze                                                                   student notebook.
                                                                    Improvement        Cause

                                                       What        Who        When

                                                   1. Special Ed. Teacher     Daily          Brainstorm
                                                      Teacher                                +
                                                      links to
    Develop instructional strategies to               priorities
                                                   2. Weekly
    reach goals.                                      discussion                             “If” Priorities “Then”
                                                      with                                       1. Eliminate 208 due to mastery                      Brainstorm ideas that are working
    *support personnel                                students on                                2. Added 312 standard for 208                        as drivers or restrainers.
                                                      plus delta                                 3. Small group instruction with
    *mini-lessons on weaknesses                    3. Mini –                                         students that don’t achieve
                                                      lessons                                        different standards.
                                                      with small
    *class discussions                                groups on
                                                                                        No # of Words
                                                                                                         45 Word List of Kindergarten Words

                                           Next steps for utilization                                                                        Kindergarten students are
                                           for nextUtilize in FY04                                                                           expected to know a list of 45
                                                                                                                                             kindergarten words by the end
                                                                                                             Pre   Fall Winter Spring        of the year.
     Ideas are shared about what
                                                                                                                         Individual Chart
     worked and what didn’t
     work.                         Teacher
                                     and                                                       Define the
                                     Intern                               Plan for             System
                                     strategies                           Continuous                                                         A pretest is given in
                                     that really                          Improvement
                                     worked                                                                                                  September to get
                                                          Standardize                                                                        baseline data.
                                                          Improvements       ACT
                                                                                                                                            Same Chart
                                                                                                                     Assess                 As above
                                                                                                Plan                 Current
                              Post                         Study the                                                                           Another test is given at the
                                                                                                                                               end of fall cycle and
                                                                                 Do                                                            individual bar graphs are
                                                                                                                                               constructed to show
                                                                          Try Out                       Analyze                                results.
                                                                          Improvement                   Cause
                              Fall     Winter Spring

Post tests are given at the                                                             Teacher and Intern work on
end of each cycle and                                                                   grouping the students to help
                                                                                        children all master 45 word list.
individual graphs are                                                                            Brainstorm List
completed.                                         What         Who       When
                                                                                                         Teacher      Intern

                                                                                                                                 Student are divided into
                                                                                                                                 groups for instructional
                                 New strategies are implemented                                                                  purposes using support staff.
                                 and timelines are set.

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