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									FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                           Media Contact: Jillian Farrar

                         Fashionable Labor & Delivery Gowns for Today’s Moms

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (August 2, 2008) – Before you zip up your hospital bag do not forget to add the new
mom must-have, a couture Hospital Gown by the Peanut Shell®. New moms can do their delivery in style
and not settle for a drab and boring used hospital gown anymore thanks to the
newly launched line of couture Hospital Gowns by the Peanut Shell®.

The couture Hospital Gowns provide the essential design elements found on a
normal hospital gown, but have added fashion necessities. Hospital Gowns by
the Peanut Shell® use only the strongest designer snaps, are hand-made in the
USA, use lightweight breathable fabrics, have a comfortable neckline, and come
in two sizes to fit most body types.

“So many of our customers are pregnant moms so it made sense for us to make
a step into the maternity industry,” says Alicia Shaffer founder of the Peanut
Shell®. “We are excited to offer our retail stores and customers a unique and
thoroughly chic hospital gown!”

                    The Hospital Gowns by the Peanut Shell® were designed with the help and feedback
                    of a Mother & Baby Nurse, who deals with recovering maternity patients on a daily
                    basis, an OBGYN, and a selected group of pregnant mothers who used the couture
                    hospital gowns for their delivery and recovery.

                    Just a few of the unique features of the Hospital Gown by the Peanut Shell® are built
                    in breastfeeding access, to allow for discreet and easy breastfeeding , snap closure
                    back for maximum coverage as well as easy access if needed for delivery, and
                    designer sleeves with adjustable arm ties. Celebrity moms such as Jessica Alba and
                    Alessandra Ambrosio are already fans of the cute Hospital Gowns by the Peanut

                    The gowns come in seven designer patterns, Magnolia, Snapdragon, Sweet Pea,
        Water Lily, Violet, Forget-Me-Not, Cherry Blossom, and will retail for $89 MSRP. Available for
        immediate purchase at

The Peanut Shell® is an innovative parenting essentials design company dedicated to offering parents stylish
and innovative infant carriers, nursing covers and products to help make the lives of today’s parents easier
without compromising style Alicia Shaffer has appeared on The Big Idea with Donny Deutch, in the book Rock
Star Mama, and her slings have been seen on numerous celebrity moms including Brooke Shields, Jessica
Alba, Heidi Klum, Gwen Stefani, and Marcia Cross.

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