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Benefits of Cyber Cafe Softwares


									?In every part of the world today the internet cafe business has become one of the
most popular business options for investors and businessmen. More and more people
are now turning to this business because of it low initial investment and high profits.
Even the maintenance cost is very low since it only includes electricity bills or rent in
case you don't own the property.

Since this business is growing day by day because of the fact that more and more
facilities are now being introduced for example fax machines, printing and
teleconferencing. In its initial days a cyber cafe only consisted of the internet facility
and so the check and balance of these facilities was not such a difficult task. But now
when your internet cafe has about fifty computers and many supporting facilities
manual management is just not an option. What these cafe managers now rely on are
cyber cafe softwares designed specifically to aid in the management of the cyber cafe.

As the cyber cafe business is growing day by day so are the number of softwares that
aid in its management. So choosing the right software that fulfils all your needs is a
tricky task and certainly antamedia brings best cyber cafe software for you. Some of
the features that one should look in just about all cafe management softwares are
stated below

1. It should have the facility of automated billing so that the cafe manager does not
need to check each and every computer, tell the user that their time of usage has
expired rather the facility should automatically shut down as soon as the time runs
2. In case of any query by the user regarding the total cost, this software should be
able to print or email a detailed document specifying which facility was used and for
how much time.
3. The café manager should have the facility of introducing package that can be
either prepaid or post paid. He or she should also be able to make changes in these
packages at a later time.
4. In case there are a number of employees in the cafe, it should have the facility of
assigning separate accounts to these employees with separate privileges'.
5.    It should be as user friendly as possible so that the users should have no
difficulty as far as the usage is concerned.
6. All these softwares should be completely compatible with the current operating

The list mentioned above is by no means exhaustive there are several other features
that can be considered. Also the basic needs of a specific cafe can also vary. One of
the things that one should also look for and keep in view is that security threats in the
form of viruses. Therefore the cage management softwares should preferably have
inbuilt antivirus software or should be associated with your preinstalled antivirus
software so that virus attacks can be avoided and the cafe' keep operating without any
unwanted breaks. There is no doubt that these cyber cafe software are expensive but
looking at the ease in the management of one's cyber café it is not a bad investment.

/ will provides you best possible solutions for your cyber cafe software offering
different internet cafe program. Internet cafe manager is a complete package to secure,
organize, and manage your cyber cafe business. We hope you have enjoyed this

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