interrogative-pronouns by xiangpeng


									   An interrogative Pronoun is used to introduce
    a question. The Interrogative Pronouns are:
    ◦   Who
    ◦   Whom
    ◦   What
    ◦   Which
    ◦   Whose
   What is the difference between who and

    ◦ Who is always used as a subject or following a
      linking verb (a predicate pronoun)
       Subject: Who gave you the bird?
       Predicate Pronoun: It was who?
    ◦ Whom is always used as an object
       Direct Object: You asked whom?
       Indirect Object: You gave whom a turtle?
       Object of the Preposition: From whom did you buy it?
(Who, Whom) did you see at the store?

1.   Rewrite the question to put the subject first.
        You did see (who, whom) at the store.
2.   Decide if the pronoun is being used as a
     subject or object.
      You is already being used as the subject, so whom
      would be the object. You did see whom at the
3.   Use the correct pronoun in the question.
      Whom did you see at the store?
   A demonstrative pronoun points out a
    person, place, thing, or idea. The
    demonstrative pronouns are:
    ◦   This
    ◦   That
    ◦   These
    ◦   Those
   Singular:
    ◦ This: This is my bird.
    ◦ That: That is his cage.
   Plural:
    ◦ These: These are his toys.
    ◦ Those: Those are his treats.

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