Interrogative and Indefinite Pronouns by xiangpeng


									                         Interrogative Pronouns
                              They are used to ask questions.

What – What did he say when you asked him?
Which – Which pair of shoes look better?
Who – Who said that?
Whom –
Whose – Whose sister is she?

                            Indefinite Pronouns
                      They do not refer to a specific person or thing
           All                            Either                        No on
         Anybody                       Everybody                       Nobody
         Anyone                         Everyone                         None
         Anything                      Everything                        Some
          Both                             Most                       Somebody
          Each                           Neither                       someone

                       Demonstrative Pronouns
                       They point out a particular person or thing.
Those       Those are mine!
This        This is my favorite song

                                          Special Hint
If the word this, that, these, or those comes right before a noun, the word is not a
demonstrative pronouns. In then would be considered an adjective.
This car is blue. (adjective)
This is funny. (demonstrative pronoun)
That is my high school. (demonstrative pronoun)
That man is tall. (adjective)

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