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On the other hand, by doubting that we have the ability to fight and come to a happy
end, then, the war has been lost. Our belief is a very powerful medicine and it does
work in mysterious, yet wonderful ways for us. Let's just see how exactly it
works:Believe that eventually you can find out the right solutions;
Believe that you can finally overcome all problems;
Believe that in the end you will emerge successfully;
Believe that the path you have chosen for yourself will make you a winner;
Believe that you deserve to reach and enjoy success;
Believe that you can find in yourself the necessary strength to cope with all the
odds;Believe. All you can do is believe. There is no greater magic that works in such a
way, other than by believing.

I am sure that many of you have been involved in at least a small business, and not
few times found yourself wondering "What am I doing wrong?" But, once you found
the necessary excitement, the opportunity was presented to you. That's because you
BELIEVED that you have it in yourself to succeed.

If you just try to think back to the beginning, about how powerful your belief in
yourself was, about the kind of attitude you had and if it match your belief system,
and then at the time when you were successful,?I bet that when you were savoring
your success, your belief was unshakeable! Your attitude most likely told you: "I can
do anything!"No matter what business you are in and no matter what you want to do
in life to succeed, if you understand that Attitude and Belief pla y a major role in your
success, and then you are already poised to reach the top.