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					                       North Carolina Symbols – GPS Project

   1. Reserve computer lab for Google Earth Activity.

   2. Reserve the GPS Units

   3. Students will review Latitude and Longitude.

   4. Continue studying NC Symbols in the classroom, creating NC symbols book.

   5. _______________________ Vie w GPS video “Globes and Us” on UnitedStreaming for
      information on operating GPS units. Students will need to view this video prior to GPS
      activity that is scheduled for _______________.

   6. _________________________ Students will participate in Google Earth activity. The
      children will then search for the name of the cities within North Carolina to reveal a
      mystery word about NC. Classes need to sign up for the computer lab in 1 hour blocks
      anytime throughout the day.

   7. ________________________ Hide & Seek Activity - Students will learn how to use
      GPS devices by searching for hidden caches. This will be a practice round.

   8. _________________________ Rain Make up date for Hide & Seek Activity.

   9. _________________________ Create Caches with riddles associated with the North
      Carolina symbols. They need to be laminated for durability. There will be 5 caches
      (riddles) to be found. The answers to each riddle will be discussed in class.

   10. ___________________________Hide the GPS caches early in the morning of the GPS

   11. ____________________________ GPS Activity - Classes will use the GPS devices and
       search for the caches using latitude and longitude all around school grounds. (Make up
       day for GPS.)

   12. ____________________________ Rain Make Up Date – GPS Activity

                              Catawba County Schools - 2007