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         CRISPIN - Super crisp - Sweet yet very refreshing and juicy. Excellent for eating, sauce, baking, and freezing. Great for
         salads and pies.
         NORTHERN SPY - Winter - Yellowish red - High quality processing and cooking apple, a must for northern growers. Blooms
         CORTLAND - Fall producer. Excellent pollinator for other varieties. Large fruit with a deep red color. Very vigorous tree.
         TURLEY WINESAP – Produces medium to large round fruit with dull red skin and greenish cream flesh that is firm and juicy.
         Grows vigorously with strong scaffold branches, will not pollinate other cultivars, and ripens in early October. Good for
         cooking, baking, and keeps well in cold storage.

         CRESTHAVEN - One of the more frost resistant freestone productive varieties. The fruit is very firm and red. The yellow firm
         fleshed peach is red around the pit with great juicy flavor. Excellent for eating, freezing, and canning. Fruit matures in early-
         to-mid September.
         GLOHAVEN - Excellent flavor when allowed to fully ripen on the tree and usually matures in mid-August. Hardy against spring
         frosts. Fruit is large, firm, nearly round and mostly red, with deep yellow flesh color. Great for canning, freezing and eating.

         BARTLETT - Heavy producer with large, juicy, and highly flavored fruit. Excellent for canning or eating and ripens late August.
         Individually unfruitful, so plant 2 varieties.
         RED D’ANJOU - A very high quality dessert pear. Medium, short necked pear with a deep maroon-red skin with faint striping.
         Flesh is very juicy, sweet, and rich in flavor. Fine texture, stores very well, and pollinated by Bartlett or other pears.

      SAM SWEET - Fruit is large, black and firm with good resistance to cracking. The tree is very hardy, vigorous and productive
      with good structure. An excellent pollinator for other varieties.

       AMERICAN HAZELNUT - Small multi-stemmed tree producing edible nuts known as filberts. Dark green foliage in summer
       and bright yellow in the fall.
       HEARTNUT - This Asian walnut is tolerant in dry conditions and produced a great edible nut.
       CHINESE CHESTNUT - Hardy, blight-resistant, fast-growing tree which bears nuts slightly larger than the American Chestnut.
       Height at maturity about 30 to 50 feet.
       BLACK WALNUT - Grows best in fertile well-drained soil to a height of 50 to 75 feet. Known for edible nuts and its fine wood
       for furniture.
       COLORADO BLUE SPRUCE - Most popular spruce for Christmas tree, ornamental, and windbreak use. Color of needles
       range between a dark green & silver blue depending upon the particular soil conditions.
       CANADIAN HEMLOCK - Excellent landscape specimen for hedges or privacy screens. Pyramidal shape with short green
       DOUGLAS FIR - Extremely fast growing with 1” blue-green needles. Excellent demand as a Christmas tree.

       BLACK RASPBERRY - The plants do well in cold climates, heavy producers on erect plants.
      CANADICE GRAPES - Seedless red grape with a bit of a spicy flavor. Ripens in mid September into October and is hardy up
      to -20 degrees F. The table grapes grow in large, cylindrical and somewhat compact clusters and are medium in individual
      size. Can be used to make wine.
      CONCORD GRAPES - Dark blue seeded variety and is great for jelly and juice.

      DOUBLE SCARLET RED PEONY - Peonies can handle dry to moist sites, and do best in full sun but can handle some light
      shade. It blooms in mid spring and has very large deep scarlet colorful blooms.
      DOUBLE PINK & WHITE PEONY - Bomb shaped soft pink/white lactiflora with large blush outer petals ranging in girth from 3”
      - 6”. The plant will grow to reach 30” - 36” in height, with dark green leathery leaves.
      THUNDERCLOUD FLOWERING PLUM - A deciduous fast growing tree that grows to height and width of 25’ and bears 2” –
      4” long elliptically shaped red leaves. In the spring it bears single pink to white fragrant flowers.
      RED SPLENDOR CRABAPPLE (Pink) - This is a semi-weeping, spreading, deciduous tree. Leaves are dark green and red
      buds produce pale pink blooms, fading to white as flowers mature. Followed by red fruit approximately the size of a cherry.
      Does well in most soil, but will be more attractive if fed peat and compost. It can grow up to 20’ - 30’ tall. Foliage is a dark
      reddish green turning reddish purple in the fall.
      DOGWOOD (Kousa, White) - Plant in moist, well drained acidic soil. Tolerates full sun and partial shade. Dark green foliage
      turns reddish purple if planted in full sun and partial shade will turn green to chartreuse. In the fall and the bright red fruits are
      usually eaten by birds. White showy flowers bloom in spring for a period of 4 – 6 weeks. Matures to a height of 20’ tall.