; Beginners guide to investment banking
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Beginners guide to investment banking


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									?So you maybe asking what exactly is investment banking? Well it is an area of
banking that helps companies acquire funds. As well as acquiring these funds,
investment bankers offer advice on various monetary transactions that a company will
deal with.
Typically banks will either deal with commercial banking or investment banking.
With commercial banking, the bank takes deposits from clients and gives out loans to
customers and businesses.
Investment banking institute will acquire funds using two different ways. One is
taking from public funds using the capitol market by selling company stocks. The
second method is by seeking venture capitol or private equity by exchanging stakes in
their business.
Investment banks do large amounts of consulting where the y will advise companies
and businesses on matters such acquisitions and mergers. They also track the current
state of the financial market so that they can give out current and relevant advice to
their clients, about making public offerings and how to mana ge public assets.
The differences between commercial and investment banks have blurred recently as
new laws and regulations now allows banks to venture into more sectors than before.
The large banks now can operate at many levels of banking which means that services
that are usually associated with investment banking can now be offered to clients that
would usually not be able to afford to.
Investment banking jobs and careers are very lucrative and are some of the most
sought after positions in the financial recruitment world. Although investment
banking jobs can be extremely hard work with very long hours, lots of travel and
highly competitive with lots of pressure they offer an exciting lifestyle with large
financial incentives that attract the time of people who like to play hard as well as
work hard.

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