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					                The HEC Paris MBA NET Impact Club Presents
               The 8th Annual Sustainable Business Conference

sustain    ABILITY
the Quest For Lasting Change
                     MaRCh 24, 2011 @ hEC PaRis

                                                                smart Grids



     Corporate Responsibility                 Goods
                       This Conference Is part of the
                       Visions of Leadership Seminar
FROM thE assOCiatE DEan
Today our journey to find sustainable solutions has brought together students, professors, entrepre-
neurs, NGOs, and corporations to HEC Paris to explore opportunities and discuss change. This year’s
conference will feature over 60 speakers, more than 600 attendees, multiple panels, roundtables dis-
cussion and networking opportunities with the foremost people in the sustainable business.

As the world strives for greater sustainability, HEC Paris, a leader in the field of sustainable business
education, is working hand-in-hand to drive these initiatives. Thank you for joining our 8th Annual Sus-
tainable Business Conference.
                                                                                             Bernard Garrette
                                                                             associate Dean - MBa Program
                                                                                                    hEC Paris

                            We are pleased to welcome you to the 2011 HEC Sustainable Business Conference: sustainaBiLitY,
                            the Quest for Lasting Change. This day is part of the Visions of Leadership Annual Seminar focused
                            this year on “Agility and sense of purpose.” Being a responsible leader and developing a sustainable
                            business world is also about bringing sense in a fast moving and unpredictable environment.

                            The theme of this year’s conference was selected to discuss the efforts, techniques and reward of work-
                            ing towards socially and environmentally friendly business practices.

                             In today’s world, there are dynamic forces that implore us to change the way we do business: environ-
                             mental stress, natural resource scarcity, increasing wealth inequality and so on. As you will see from
                             the speakers, today, many people have heard the call and are working diligently to invent new business
models. But this quest is wrought with obstacles − most business ideas require long research and development time lines and
strong financial commitments. It also takes time to convince and educate consumers, and finally, financially viable models are
rare. We hope that today’s testimonies in today’s three tracks − Clean Tech, Consumer Goods and Social Business − will allow you
to evaluate for yourself the effectiveness of current sustainable business practices and separate so-called “greenwashing” from
real solutions.

In conclusion, we will show you examples of companies that have either radically modified their business models, or created new
ones in The Quest for Lasting Change. The head start that these companies have made gives us a great learning tool and gives us
a glimpse into the possible future of our lives.

We are looking forward to your participation.

                                                                            Louis senlis, Conference Director & the 2011 sBC team

                     Opening session
         09:00       Welcome by Valerie Gauthier, Visions of Leadership Chair
         10:00       Rio 2012 Earth summit: a key milestone in the quest for lasting change
                     Keynote Speech: Brice Lalonde, Executive Coordinator UN Conference Rio 2012
                   Coffee Break
                                          Cleantech                     Consumer Goods                           social Business
         10:30                                                                                       introductory session:
                     introductory session:                   introductory session:                   socially responsible
                     What is Cleantech?                      a look into Consumer Goods              business trends

                     Why is a focus on Cleantech             Food: building a sustainable            how small/big players are
                     important to the future?                future for a global community           addressing social challenges?

                   networking Lunch in hall d’honneur (by invitation only)

                     taking Cleantech from a garage                                                  social responsibility in the
                                                             sourcing for sustainability
                     idea to the marketplace                                                         health care industry
                   Coffee Break
                     Cleantech enterprises in the
                     marketplace: smart Grids
                                                             Redesigning fashion industry to         innovations in socially respon-
                                                             change buying habits                    sible investments
                     Cleantech enterprises in the
         17:30       marketplace : smart sensors

                   Coffee Break
         18:00       Closing session
                     Emerging new Business Models: a sustainable lasting change in our society and our economy
                     Keynote Speech: Jean-Marc Jancovici, President, The Shift Project
         19:30       Panelists from Energy pool, Michelin, Reuters Market Light, and Quattrolibri
                                                                KEYnOtE sPEaKERs
OPEninG sEssiOn: RiO 2012 EaRth suMMit
                                                   The next United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development will take place
                                                   in Brazil in 2012. The Conference will mark the 20th anniversary of the 1992 UN
                                                   Conference on Environment and Development where 172 governments adopted
                                                   The Rio Declaration, consisting of 27 principles intended to guide future sustain-
                                                   able development around the world. The objectives of Rio+20 are to secure re-
                                                   newed political commitment for sustainable development, assess the progress to
                                                   date and the remaining gaps in the implementation of the outcomes of the major
                                                   summits on sustainable development, and address new challenges.

For the opening session of the HEC SBC, we are honored to welcome Brice Lalonde, one of the two Executive Coordinators of Rio
2012. After putting Rio 2012 in perspective with other international summits like Copenhagen and Cancun, Mr. Lalonde will inform
us of the expected outcomes of Rio 2012 and will discuss new emerging global challenges. Throughout his speech, Mr. Lalonde will
highlight the importance of political commitments to drive economical actors to act toward lasting changes.

  BRiCE LaLOnDE is foremost an environmental activist and founded of the political party Généra-
 tion Ecologie, which resulted in a runaway electoral success in 1992. As a student at Sorbonne he
 was one of the leaders of the Union nationale des étudiants de france (UNEF), the French National
       Students' Union, which brought France to a standstill with protests and riots in the late ‘60s.

 From 1988-1992 he was French Minister of environment of France. While mayor of Saint-Briac-sur-
   Mer, a small Breton village, he also worked as consultant on environment and development, visit-
    ing many African countries, focusing on access to energy, reducing deforestation and combating
    desertification. In 2007 he became the chair of the Round Table for Sustainable Development in
the OECD. In September of the same year, Mr. Lalonde became the French ambassador in charge of
                                                       international negotiations on climate change.

    CLOsinG sEssiOn: EMERGinG nEW BusinEss MODELs
                                                            Keynote speech by Jean-Marc Jancovici
                                                                        President, The Shift Project

                                                  Closing Panel: Emerging new Business Models:
                                     a sustainable, lasting change in our society and our economy

                                                           Moderator : Julien Dossier, Quattrolibri
                                    Matthieu Casasole, Head of Business Development, Energy pool
                                                   stephane Mamelle, Program Director, Michelin
                                                Ranjit Pawar, VP Operations, Reuters Market Light

 This session will provide insights into the reasons why we need to change our society and economy,
thanks to the thought leader Jean-Marc Jancovici, who will discuss climate change and energy issues.

   The companies represented in this panel have been amongst the first to implement breakthrough
      business models and address sustainability issues: Michelin provides a benchmark example for
   the product to service new business model, with its Michelin Fleet Solutions. The start-up Energy
    pool has successfully implemented a new demand/response model in the French electricity mar-
 ket, which is a key issue for the government in order to decrease electricity consumption. Finally, we
  will have the chance to discuss the bottom of the pyramid (BOP) business model of Reuters Market
Light, a Reuters subsidiary, which has developed a service providing SMS to farmers in India, who do
   not have access to the internet. SMS services provoide farmers with Information on weather fore-
                 casts and crop management, hence increasing the farmers’ productivity significantly.

                                JEan-MaRC JanCOViCi is a thought leader in the sustainable development world, having notably
                                managed to convey the climate change issues to the wider public audience through his speeches &
                                books, including the best selling essay “C’est maintenant, 3 ans pour sauver la planète !”.

                                Having graduated from Polytechnique and Telecomm ParisTech, his career highlights, include the
                                creation of the “Ademe bilan carbone”, the reference in the French market for assessing green
                                house gases emissions, co-founding Carbone 4 consultancy in 2007, working for large corporations
                                and assessing their carbon risks and strategies, becoming in 2010, president of The Shift Project,
                                an action tank providing insights and actions to decision makers and political leaders on how to
                                phase out of fossils fuels from our economy, as fast as possible.
                                                             Explore CleanTech through its life cycle: from the genesis
                                                             of an idea, to funding a development, to bringing the tech-
                                                             nology to market. The pressure on the available resources
                                                             on our planet is driving stakeholders in today’s economy
                                                             to create better ways to use these resources. Companies
                                                             need to adapt, adopt newer technologies and focus on in-
                                                             novation to stay competitive. The CleanTech track will ex-
                                                             plore the life cycle of a garage idea through the ecosystem
                                                             where startups, investors and big companies are working
                                                             together to bring cleantech innovations to market.

                                         What is Cleantech -- Defining CleanTech: What are the major challenges, what is the global
                                         market, and further, what are the future opportunities for investment, development and
                                         recruitment? A discussion between two industry leaders.
                                                Philippe Martin, Senior VP Innovation & Research, Veolia
                                                Jean-Michel Gauthier, Global Partner, Energy & Resources, Deloitte, HEC Professor

                                         Why is Cleantech important to us? -- Diversified speakers discuss issues including why do
                                         they believe CleanTech is important? What drives their investment and development deci-
                                         sions? What collaboration opportunities exist? Moderator: Francois tibi, Partner, BCG
                                                Carlos haertel, Director, Global Resarch Europe, GE
                                                Christopher hoffmann, Partner, Zouk Ventures
                                                Manuel Flam, French environment ministry
                                                nick Johnstone, Director, OECD
                                                Pascal Mauberger, CEO, McPhy

                                                                       thE CLEantECh LiFECYCLE
     From the garage to the market -- Discuss the steps involved in getting a new technology
from lab to the market and the challenges along the way. Follow an idea from its innovation,
 to technological development, follwed by taking it to market, finding partners, and finally the
                                    complete financing process. Moderator: To Be Confirmed
                                          Marie-anne Brodschii, VP Innovation, Veolia
                                       Lionel Cormier, Partner, Demeter and Partners
                                                   alessio Beverina, Partner, Sofinnova
                                  Matthew L. scullin, Founder & CEO, Alphabet Energy

sMaRt GRiDs
                                         smart grids -- We hear the strategy and perspectives of players in the Smart grid eco-
                                         system. The heavy investment required evokes many questions. How do system-integrators
                                         overcome barriers from proprietary technologies? How do solution-providers lower R&D cost
                                         and enhance reusability? Moderator: Vincent Pilloy, CEO, Inov360
                                               Philippe Chain, Chief Engineer, Electric Vehichles, Renault
                                               Olivier normand, Head of EDF smart grid practice, EDF
                                               alicia Carrasco, EMEA Regulatory Director, eMeter
                                               Pascal Julienne, EMEA Chairman and CEO, BPL Global

                                         smart sensors -- With smart sensor solution providers focused on vertically-specific mar-
                                         kets, what is the outlook and challenges in each market? How can player leverage similarity
                                         hence success in each market? How can players promote convergence of wireless commu-
                                         nication protocol to reduce cost? Moderator: Vincent Pilloy, CEO, Inov360
                                                assaf Barnea, CEO, Kinrot Ventures
                                                Michael t. Volling, Director of Product, Sensys Networks
                                                Zachary Gentry, Co-founder, Adura Technologies
   Do consumers really want what they say they want? Are
     they ready to make the important changes, and sacri-
fices to achieve sustainable consumption? The Consumer
   Goods track will explore these issues from the business
 perspective, highlighting real-life experiences, and explor-
      ing the challenges we face in order to achieve lasting
    change for tomorrow. In particular, this track will take a
   focus on the food and apparel industries, as well as the
important role of sourcing in creating consumer products.

                                     sustainaBiLitY anD thE FOOD inDustRY
  Myths and truths about sustainability in consumer goods -- Learn the five facts and five
   myths about how companies are (and are not) adopting sustainable business practices
                             Marc alias, Consumer Goods Sustainability Consultant

 Food: Building a sustainable future for a global community -- Explore various opportuni-
  ties and challenges faced by businesses working towards improving sustainable food pro-
duction and consumption patterns. Consumer behavior, changing business models, healthy
  living, emerging markets and more will be explored and will be illustrated through current
                                                  company initiatives and past experiences.
                                   Moderator: Maia Baudelaire, CEO, I Love My Diet Coach
                                                 Bruno Witvoët, CEO France, Unilever
                          ivan Le Mintier, Managing Partner, ICTHYS Developpement
                                             henri Rieux, VP Corporate Affairs, Bunge
                            neil Barrett, Global VP Sustainable Development, Sodexo

                                          sourcing in Consumer Goods -- Explore the different initiatives of firms across a range of
                                          products, covering the challenges and opportunities faced by companies as well as the im-
                                          pact on local communities and consumers. Moderator: thierry Fornas, President, Ecoact
                                                 Claude Fromageot, Director R&D, Yves Rocher
                                                 G. Clement, Director Marketing & Sales South Europe, ArjoWiggins Graphic
                                                 Bea Buyle, Global Sustainability Manager, Procter & Gamble
                                                 arnaud Rolland, Sustainability Director, Coca Cola Entreprise

                                                                                         FashiOn & aPPaREL
sustainability in the Fashion industry -- This panel will be a roundtable discussion between
speakers from companies with diverse sustainability philosophies. The discussion will high-
                     light the industry’s responsibility, current opportunities in sustainability.
                                           Moderator: Elisa niemtzow, Principal, Sequoia Lab
                                                  Jerome schatzman, CEO, Tudo Bom ?
                                                      niels Egelund, CEO, Noir Illuminati
                                                   Filippo Ricci, CEO, From Somewhere
                                              Esther speck, Mountain Equipment Co-op
                                                                        sOCiaL BusinEss
                                                            The Social Business Track of the HEC Sustainable Busi-
                                                            ness conference will bring together leaders from health
                                                            care, finance, energy and other industries to discuss
                                                            the latest developments in pursuing triple bottom line
                                                            returns. The track is divided into three panels, focusing
                                                            on adaptations by start-ups and traditional players to the
                                                            sustainable business landscape, the rapidly growing so-
                                                            cially responsible investment sector, and sustainability in
                                                            the health care industry.

sOCiaL BusinEss
                                       trends in social responsible business -- A look at the overriding themes in socially respon-
                                       sible business from business models to the forces driving companies to give back.
                                              Brian Walsh, Corporate Social Engagement, Liquidnet

                                       the social Business Panel -- The Social Business Panel will bring together leaders from the
                                       corporate world as well as newer entrants to the market place to discuss how the pursuit of
                                       triple bottom line returns influences business strategy. Moderator: Laurence Grandcolas,
                                               Christophe Poline, Head of BipBop Program, Schneider Electric,
                                               thomas andre, Access to Energy Program Coordinator, Schneider Electric
                                               antonella Desneux, Sutainable development manager, SFR
                                               Margault Phelip, Project Manager, Emmaus Defi
                                               nick sireau, Senior Advisor, SolarAid
                                               Yves Eonnet, CEO, TagPay

                                                                              hEaLthCaRE inDustRY
    sustainability in the health Care industry -- Executives from research, academia and
industry in the pharmaceutical and biotech sector join together to discuss ways to promote
sustainability and access to critical health care services in the parts of the world that need
                it most. Moderator: Laurent Maruani, Head of Marketing Department, HEC
                  Gilles Lhernould, SVP Corporate Social Responsibility, Sanofi-Aventis
                Dominique Blanc, VP Hospital & Healthcare Solutions, GE Healthcare
                                          Paul Caroly, Secretary General, Institut Curie

inVEstinG in REsPOnsiBiLitY
                                       socially Responsible investment – The Socially Responsible Investment Panel will include
                                       speakers from organizations like Bamboo Finance and McKinsey & Co. The panel will dis-
                                       cuss developments in the fast-growing socially responsible investment sector.
                                       Moderator: Emilie Goodall, Senior Investment Manager, CAF Venturesome
                                              anne-Catherine husson-traore, CEO, Novethic
                                              J.P. Klumpp, CEO, BlueOrchard Finance
                                              Karen hadem, Senior Expert, Social Sector Office, McKinsey & Co.
                                              nalini tarakeshwar, The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
                                              Robin Edme, Managing Partner, Maqassar
The Sustainable Business Conference is a 100% student run organization with participation from various
HEC Paris programs including the Full time MBA and master in Sustainable Development.

GEnERaL COORDinatOR                                                     tRaCK /
Louis senlis
                                                                        amit Bhatt
MaRKEtinG /   PaRtnERshiPs /                                            arturs smilkstins

COMMuniCatiOn sPOnsORshiPs
                                                                        Keiichiro inui
                                                                        Eugene Wang
              Louis senlis
Gustavo Gonzalez
shiho Kusabiraki
alexander Onish
                                     Jessica Gamburg
                                                                        tRaCK /
Fred Chung                                                              COnsuMER GOODs
Jeev sahoo                                                              Chase Brisbin
Fung-Fung Wu                         FinanCE                            Justine Fung
Mailys suncic                        Mauro Romaldini                    Jennifer Cheong
abira Chatterjee                                                        susanna tang

OPEninG /      LOGistiCs                                                tRaCK /
CLOsinG PanELs arvind Kidambi
               Kaustav Roy                                              sOCiaL BusinEss
Oroel Praena segura                                                     Peter siegesmund
Michaela tibi                                                           Catherine shu-Ling tan
                                                                        Baptiste Boudard
                                                                        Pauline Johner heuze
                                                                        Marion Vallet-Moison

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