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									?The past number of years have shown a growing recognition for the role of
Counseling and Psychotherapy as a method of helping individuals to overcome a
variety of conditions and emotional problems from issues with past experiences to
relationship and work related issues and personal behavioral problems. In addition to
this, many leading organizations, big or small are increasingly using psychologists
and those with a background in Psychology to assist in the research and design of
products and marketing activities as well. As a result, it's really hard to ignore the fact
that in recent times the demand for mental health professionals, i.e. psychotherapists
or counselors has increased dramatically and in the coming years it is expected to
continue to grow at dynamic pace, becoming one of the best paid areas in the field of
mental health care.

Today, the arena of psychotherapy encompasses a broad category of mental health
professionals who help individuals and families work through mental or emotional
disorders by psychological means. Though, a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker
or mental health nurse can perform the role of a counselor or psychotherapist, the
mental health care professional who has undertaken a degree in psychotherapy will be
in ever greater demand. So, if you are really looking forward to becoming a counselor
or a psychotherapist, you must earn a degree in psychotherapy. Attaining a degree in
psychotherapy and counseling can be a real benefit for you. In fact, in recent times, it
has emerged as the basic requirement for a psychotherapist's license in many
European countries.

The core training aspects of a recognized degree should be: Self exploration,
Supervised Therapeutic work with clients, the development of Counselling Skills,
Counselling theory, Research reports, Case Studies and Process Reports. The best
courses also have written and oral exams.

It is important to note that the training can be stressful as past or present issues will be
thrown up and it can be daunting to have to deal with these while also dealing with
the normal stresses of everyday life. This is where the support of the trainees personal
therapist is important as he/she will provide a safe space to step back and look at these
issues objectively. This relationship also gives the trainee an understanding of what it
is like to be in the clients chair and to experience the vulnerability that the client feels.

Many online schools for psychotherapy are offering excellent training courses. One of
them is Jamaica Hospital Medical Center that offers Core Curriculum in Clinical
Application of the Psychodynamic Psychotherapies. Affiliated with the Advanced
Center for Psychotherapy, and is chartered by the Regents of the University of the
State of New York, this course can definitely put an aspiring psychotherapist in good
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