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									?Teaching English as a foreign language overseas is an option that many potential
teachers never considered. It offers the freedom to explore other countries as well as
the experience of teaching English as a second language as a subject of interest. In
addition, the language is taught all over the world by many different schools and
companies. There isnt one standardized qualification that all countries follow but
general ones that are associated with this career field. This includes the proper
certification needed in order to become an English teacher depending on where you
work and what is required of you.

Obviously, you will need to graduate from high school and college. Most schools that
you will be researching and applying to require at least a bachelors degree in any field
including ESL; however a degree in ESL is usually not essential. Next, you will need
to get a working visa so you can live in the country under a specific contract. This
visa will require you to send your passport (if you already have one) to the country
consulate with proper papers regarding where youll be working, who you will be
working for, and how long your contract will be, to name a few. The process will take
at least a few weeks to a month and it is best to get this process done as soon as you
are hired.

Some schools or even a university (if you choose to go that route in your teaching
career) will require you to get a post-baccalaureate degree or other specialized
certification such as CELTA or a TEFL/TESL certificate. Why is certification so
important? Because you not only get better benefits, but also a higher salary
depending on the certification of choice and how much education youd like to get for
yourself. Its important to know what type of certification is out there and below are a
few descriptions of what you can earn and use to your advantage.

TESOL Certification --- Standing for Teaching English as a Second Language, this
certification provides direct instruction and support to student and adult learners who
do not use English as their first language. They are earned for those with a college
degree in education primarily in an English-speaking country. Depending on the
university program, this type of certificate can take at least a year to complete.
Sometimes there is additional certification, such as licensing or a requirement of extra
subjects or classes to fulfill the requirements. If you get an MA in this area, you will
be able to teach in a community college, adult education, and at a university.

TEFL Certification In this certification known as Teachers of English as a Foreign
Language, students has at least a bachelors degree and plan to teach overseas. Usually,
some of them who earn this degree are already teachers who are working and use the
available certification classes as personal or professional enrichment. Depending on
the program that can be and is usually studied outside the United States in a
specialized joint program overseas, it can take at least 6 months to one or two years.
Those who have this kind of certification may also be qualified to teach English to
adult immigrants or refuges that enter the United States.
CELTA --- This Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is
like a TEFL training program, but with much more prestige. Because of its
connections to Cambridge University, it is accepted internationally in at least 49
countries worldwide as well as in many public schools, colleges, ministries of
education, and other overseas employers. Those who are looking for work in the
Peace Corps and the JET program to teach in Japan will benefit from this certification
with the addition of receiving credit for a possible future endeavor to earn an MA
TESOL as well as specialized certification from Cambridge University in England.
The classes are specialized and include practice teaching to sharpen skills learned in
the classroom or abroad.

If you are looking to up the stakes in your reputation and payment, you might want to
consider earning specialized certification in the ESL/EFL arts. Not only will you be
getting more education, but you could possibly be learning concepts or ideas that
could be put to good use in the classroom if you are currently teaching. You might
even expand your knowledge of the field and learn that where you are teaching is not
limited and that there are other possibilities out there for you to grow as a teacher to
those who do not know English as their primary language.

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