Become a home based independent travel agent and earn from home by iupon13


									?Home Business Opportunity

You can achieve personal and financial freedom with a work at home business
opportunity.Would you like the freedom from the constant threat of unemployment,
downsizing and outsourcing? How about those pensions plans, and many other
benefits that are being eliminated or watered down by corporations that are consumed
by their own greed and what is best for them...not YOU! Ther best rated home based
business will be found online.

One of the best businesses that you can start on your own is a home based travel agent.
If you take a look online, there are so many people that have been successful with the
idea that gives themselves the chance of being a travel agent for someone in their
locality. Here are some of the things that you should remember before you start your
travel agency.

Get certified! This is the minimum requirement for most of the independent travel
agencies in the country. Each state may have different laws on the travel agents but
there's not a law that would ban you from starting one. Before you get certified, you
may have to know certain software programs that are used by the travel agency. But
check with your local officials as the law will be varied from state to state.

Be proficient with software. As a travel agent, you'll be required to be familiar with
the travel booking software that you'll be working with. This will be your tool to book
the flights, reserve hotels and even change the reservations of your customers.
Currently there are four software programs that are used by the airline industry but
learning two of them is already sufficient. If you think you can't learn them in time,
get someone who knows and learn a thing or two everyday. Slowly, you'll be more
confident in handling the system and be able to book the vacation yourself.

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