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Become A Better Leader By Learning Time Management Skills


									?Because time is a valuable commodity in business and in life, knowing how to
manage it effectively is an important way to get as much accomplished during the day
as possible. If you are struggling to get all of your tasks completed, learning a few
time management skills can help.


When people think of time management skills, they think of completely overhauling
the way tasks are performed, the way meetings are conducted, and the amount of
work it takes to make changes. But there are many ways to improve time management
by implementing small, but effective changes. These changes may include:

? Setting personal time limits for reading email
? Reorganizing office supply areas so items can be found quickly and easily
? Cutting the amount of time everyone has to speak in a meeting
? Improving data storage

Changes like these can be made very easily. As long as everyone in the office is aware
of the changes being made, everyone will benefit from them.


If you do not know where to begin when it comes to making these changes, you can
take a time management training course that can provide ideas, advice, and ways to
save time using technology and common sense. Many people need advice when trying
to manage their time. In a time management training course, you will find executives,
managers, supervisors, office managers, and others who want to learn how to make
themselves and their departments more productive.

In order to develop effective time management skills it is important for the leader to
focus on:

? How to break up tasks into shorter activities
? How to create presentations that are creative, but short and to the point
? How to teach others about time management
? How to implement new policies that will help departments become more efficient
? The benefits of time management and what it can do for company profits and
quality of the working environment for employees
? Goal setting and why it is important

Once you have learned a few techniques, you can take them back to the office and
begin using them right away.

Timothy Millett, head trainer at i perform, has extensive expertise in performance
training, sales training and customer service training. Tim has helped participants
from organisations such as SWIFT and UBS achieve peak levels of personal
performance. For more information please visit Leadership Training.

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