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					?The best definition of a best selling author is who is proficient in all these areas
namely writing, advertising, pre-selling and distribution. If your books are not doing
well, then you must be missing something from these things.

So, to keep the above things in mind, I always try my best to help every author and for
that I'll discuss few key points below in this article.

Always make sure your book has an appealing title as that's the first thing that grabs
attention. It's a fact, that if you've a catchy title, it helps to increase sales.

After you've selected your attention grabbing title, always relate it with the whole
book. Your book must have complete information to validate your title. Keep in mind
that happy and satisfied readers help you to become a best selling author.

Next comes the cover of your book, it is as important as your title. Make sure you've
properly researched in choosing one of the best cover pages of your book as it
increases the perceived value of your book.

When everything is ready then it's time pre-selling your book. It helps to attract and
astound your readers. Pre-sell it from your official professional looking website or
from your blog. Here you could seek help of a professional.

When you're going to launch your book, you can also provide few discount offers too
for those who bought it at the day of its release. The only thing that you have to make
sure is your launching should be in a timely manner.

To create a buzz about the launch you could also throw a launching party which is
another tried and tested idea. It's all about how you convey your message to the
masses at the right time to get exceptional results.

To conclude this article, only thing I would like to say is if you would like to make
your next book a best seller, don't wait anymore to achieve your dream. Wake up Live
the life you love.

If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to contact me. We have a special group
program to help authors like you to become best selling authors. You can contact me

To your success!

Steven E - Best Seller Guru
The Guru within You!

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