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									                                                                           21. PRONOUN AGREEMENT

Pronouns (e.g., he, she, their, theirs) have to match (or agree) with the nouns that they replace or refer to.
There are two common errors in matching (or agreement):
       the noun and the pronoun are not both plural or both singular
       the pronoun you is used to replace a noun

                     ERROR                                   INCORRECT                                         CORRECT                    REMEMBER

       The noun and the pronoun                  By Friday, each student must                   By Friday, all students must      A noun and the pronoun that
       that replaces the noun do                 register for their classes.                    register for their classes.       replaces the noun must both
       not match.                                                                                                                 be singular or both plural.
                                                 (The noun student is singular,                (The noun students and the
       The noun and the pronoun                  but the pronoun their is plural.)             pronoun their are both plural.)
       are not both plural or both

       The pronoun you is used to                 Most students find college                   Most students find college         Do not use the pronoun you to
       replace a noun.                            challenging because you have                 challenging because they have to   replace a noun.
                                                  to work hard.                                work hard.
                                                                                                                                  In general, avoid using the
                                                  (Students is a noun; the                     (The pronoun they is the correct   informal pronoun you in college
                                                  pronoun you should not be                    pronoun to replace the noun        papers.
                                                  used to replace a noun.)                     students.)

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