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MBL Time and Effort System

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					                                  MBL Time and Effort System
Time and Effort Mandate
In accordance with A-122 cost principles, the MBL is required to maintain monthly, after-the-fact reports reflecting the
distribution of activity for every employee (professional and nonprofessional) whose compensation is charged in whole or
in part, directly to federal awards. These time and effort reports are required to encompass all employee activities (i.e.
100% of an employee’s time) and need to be certified by the employee or immediate supervisor.

Effort is the proportion of time spent on any activity and is expressed as a percentage of the total professional activity for
which an individual is employed at the MBL. No matter how many or how few hours are worked, total effort will always
equal 100%.

The MBL Time and Effort System (T&E) is web-based and is available at

This system presents, for a specified month, the employees percentage of salary charged to each cost center (grant) as
well as the percentage commitment that was established for each grant. The employee must fill in the actual percent effort
worked on each grant.

Logging In
First, the employee must login to the system. The login process is based on the new MBL LDAP authentication system
with the login screen shown in Figure 1.

                                                             Fig. 1

The login name and password is the same one used to check your spam mail or register a computer and will soon be
used to access the new MBL email system. Over the next year all our internal systems will be changed to use this as the
user authentication mechanism.
         If you have not used spam mail, the login name is the initials of your first and
         last names followed by the 5 digit number on your MBLCard (formerly
         OneCard). For example, Donald Duck has an MBLCard number of 11729 so
         his LDAP Login Name would be dd11729 (see figure 2).

         Your default password is identical to your LDAP login name as described
         above, but must be in lowercase. You should change your default password at
         your earliest opportunity by going to (Figure 3.) and
         entering a new password. You may also use this link to change your password
         at any time.

Fig. 2

                        Fig. 3
Requesting the Report
After successfully logging in, you will be directed to the home page for T&E (Figure 4). Here, you will specify the month
and year to report as well as your employee number. If you don’t happen to know your employee number off the top of
your head, it can be found on the upper left corner of your web timesheet (Figure 5.)

                                                           Fig. 4

                                                           Fig. 5
Filling in the Report
After you have filled in the data fields in Figure 4 and read the instructions, you will click on “Get Report”. That will bring
up the T&E report as shown in Figure 6.

                                                             Fig. 6

For the month and year specified, the report lists all the cost centers for which you charged time OR for which you have
commitments specified in grants applications.

For each cost center, it shows the cost center name, the % of your salary charged to that cost center, the percent of your
time committed according to the grant application and the % effort you reported for the preceding 2 months.

You must fill in the % effort you actually worked during the month. The effort reported may not necessarily match the %
salary for each job, but it should match or be close to the commitment for each job and it should be greater than or equal
to the salary charged*. Please note, for Principal Investigators, a significant decrease in overall effort (> 25% reduction) or
absence from a project (i.e. 0% effort) for a continuous 3 months requires prior approval from the sponsoring agency. In
any case, the effort reported MUST total 100%.

When you have finished entering your effort percentages, you MUST click on the Accept check box to confirm that you
have entered accurate data.

Finally, when you click on the Accept button, the data will be saved and the screen shown in Figure 8 will be displayed.

* If the salary was charged incorrectly, this report must be submitted with a salary transfer request attached - please see
your Center/Program Administrator for further guidance.
If you do not need to complete a report for that particular month, you will not be required to fill one in. When you log in to
your report, the message shown in Figure 7 will appear at the bottom of the page. You are being asked to click the button
to confirm that you have checked over the information in the report and that the information therein is correct. If you
believe that this is an error and you should in fact be reporting effort for that month do not click to confirm. Send the
correct information to Cordelia Roth at immediately and the report will be updated.

                                                            Fig. 7

Printing the report
At this point, you have completed the report, accepted your data entries and saved the data. You will be able to display
this same report again, but you will NOT be able to make any changes.

The completed report will be displayed as shown in Figure 8. There is a signature line and a line stating that it was
certified on a date by your email username. Please note that this is the name that is associated with your email address
(eg., NOT your LDAP login name (eg. dd11729).

You should print out this report as you would print any web page, in portrait format. Sign it and either hand it in to your
Center/Program Administrator.

                                                            Fig. 8
Viewing an Old Report

You can view an old report at any time just by specifying the appropriate month and year on the home page, but you will
NOT be able to make any changes to the data.

Correcting a T&E Report

If you should accidentally accept a report that has incorrect data, your Center/Program Administrator will be able to make
edits for 30 days after the reports become available. After that time, you will need to contact Cordelia Roth (ext. 7284) or
Peter Falco (ext. 7252). Give them your employee number, the month and year of the incorrect report and the correct
values for % effort. They will be able to update the report with that data.

After a correction has been made, you must then re-display the report, print it and sign it. You will notice that a corrected
report has an additional line stating that it was updated and the date it was updated.

Returning to the Home Page

You can return to the Home page from any report screen by clicking on the “Time and Effort Report” heading line.

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