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									                             Invitation to enter
               13 European Police Championships Handball Men
                                Final round
The “Hungarian Police Sport Association” was entrusted with the organization of the 13 Eu-
ropean Police Championships Handball by the UNION SPORTIVE DES POLICES D'EU-
The following invitation to enter is issued for the final round EPC Handball 2008.

1. General organiser
Union Sportive des Polices d’Europe

2. Organiser
Hungarian Police Sport Association

3. Date
Arrival:         26.08.2008
Departure:       01.09.2008

4. Venue

5. Accommodation
Accommodation for all participants will be provided in a police school.

6. Competition rules
The USPE Competition Rules (4.3) shall apply.

Each team may enter up to 16 players and 4 attendants.

Hungary as the host and Romania, France, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Sweden and the
winner of the preliminary match between Switzerland and Greece will participate in the final
round. The draw for the final round took place during the last meeting of the Technical Com-
mittee in Larnaca/Cyprus on 1 st of March:

Invitation to enter - 13th European Police Cham pionships Handball Men                      1/4
Group 1

A Hungary
B Sweden
C France
D Switzerland/Greece

Group 2

A Romania
B Denmark
C Lithuania
D Germany

The matches will take place as follows:

27.08.08       Hungary                     -                Sweden
               Lithuania                   -                Germany
               France                      -                Switzerland/Greece
               Romania                     -                Denmark

28.08.08       Sweden                      -                Switzerland/Greece
               Denmark                     -                Germany
               Romania                     -                Lithuania
               Hungary                     -                France

29.08.08       Denmark                     -                Lithuania
               Romania                     -                Germany
               Sweden                      -                France
               Hungary                     -                Switzerland/Greece
                 th                                           th
30.08.08       4 Group 1                   -                4 Group 2 (Match for Position 7 and 8)
               1st Group 1                 -                2nd Group 2
               1st Group 2                 -                2nd Group 1

31.08.08       3rd Group 1          -                       3rd Group 2 (Match for Position 5 und 6)
               Match for Position 3

Referees will be send by the EHF.

7. Jury of appeal

1. Chairman                                see R 19 Rules and Regulations
2. Technical Commissioners                 see R 19 in connection with R 15 Rules and Regulations
3. Technical Commissioners                 see R 19 in connection with R 15 Rules and Regulations
4. Ivar Thoresen                           Member of the Technical Commission
5. Dietmar Schönhoff                       Secretary general

Invitation to enter - 13th European Police Cham pionships Handball Men                                 2/4
8. Eligibility to start
The provisions laid down in the Statutes, the Rules and Regulations, the Competition Rules as
well as the Anti-Doping Regulations of the USPE shall apply. Doping tests will be conducted
during the Championship, with the current WADA list of prohibited substances being applica-
ble. (www.wada-ama.org).

Article 23 Statutes: The Competitors
(1) Participation in Championships is restricted to athletes who:
      1. meet the starting requirements of their International Union,
      2. belong to a National Sports Organisation that is a member of USPE,
      3. are Police Officers or
      4. are Police Students at a Police Academy
      5. and have reached the age of 18 years at the time of the Championships.

Article R 12/2 of the Rules and Regulations: Competitors
(1)   In order to be able to take part in a European Championship organised by the USPE,
      the members of the member unions have to fulfil the following conditions:
      1. They have to satisfy the provisions set out in Article 23 of the Statutes.
      2. They have to be police officers or students at a public Police Academy. The Police
         are a set of all bodies and institutions in charge of maintenance of public law and or-
         der (Administrative Police and Crime Investigation Departments).

(2)   Military police, members of the military, members of fire brigades and civil servants that
      do not belong to the police are excluded from European Police Championships.

Sub-paragraph 1.5 of the Competition Rules
Sportsmen and women having participated in military championships are not eligible to enter
European police championship for 12 months following these military championships.

Sub-Paragraph 1.6 of the Competition Rules
Competitors suspended from sports contests by the respective sports association due to hav-
ing violated the relevant doping regulations are not eligible to enter.

Sub-paragraph 1.7 of the Competition Rules
All teams shall wear uniform sportswear displaying the emblems of their individual member

9. Verification of eligibility to enter

For verifying a contestant’s eligibility to start, the production of his/her police ID as well as
his/her passport/personal identity card will be required. This verification will be effected by the
representative of the Technical Commission, Mr. Ivar Thoresen.

10. Expenses/fees

Invitation to enter - 13th European Police Cham pionships Handball Men                          3/4
Travelling expenses
Each member union will defray its own travelling expenses.

Board and lodging
The expensive incurred by the delegate (Article R 11 of the Rules and Regulations) of the re-
spective member union will be paid by the organizer.

The organizer of the event will defray the expenses incurred by half of the participants per
member union. For all other participants, 40 Euro per person per night are to be paid to the
organizer (Article R 14 / 3 of the Rules and Regulations).

Should a member union intend to take guests along with them to an EPM and should the or-
ganizer be able to provide the respective accommodation, each guest shall pay the actual
costs incurred by them.

11. Registration fee
Article R 14/2 of the Rules and Regulations:
(1) Prior to a championship each participating nation is to pay a registration fee to the
      General Treasurer of the USPE.
(2) These fees have to be paid before the opening of the championship.

Registration fees:
Team:                                    300 Euro

The invoices have already been sent to the participating nations. The amount should have
been settled by 31.12.2007.

12. Registration
You are requested to send enclosed forms to the

Hungarian Police Sport Association                  and       Secretary general
Fax: 0036 1476 3432                                           Fax:0049 211 870-7554
e-mail: simon.geza@orfk.police.hu                             e-mail: info@uspe.org

Please meet the following datelines:
Form 2:      participants’ names                          30.06.2008
Form 3:      journey                                      15.07.2008

The Forms you will find on our homepage.

13. Nota bene
One contestant per team is to wear the police uniform of their respective country at the open-
ing ceremony.

As to the final event, you are requested to attend adequately dressed to suit the occasion.

The participating teams are responsible for the assurance of their delegation.

Invitation to enter - 13th European Police Cham pionships Handball Men                        4/4

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