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					?Importance of an Architect profession
A trained and licensed person, an architect, is the one who designs and plans buildings.
Later on, he supervises the whole construction process as well. When you buy a piece
of land and plan to build a property on it, you will need the services of an architect.
You can consult him and tell him about your requirements regarding a house and its
features. He will use the best possible and best available resources to design a house
which would fulfil all your present and future housing needs. Another advantage of
hiring an architect to design your house is that it can help you to have a house of your
dreams and within the desired budget.

Objective of Architecture
Designing a livable place is the main objective of architecture but nowadays,
architects perform the act of designing houses with more creativity and imagination.
Once, a famous French-Swiss architect, Le Corbusier said that, "You employ stone,
wood, and concrete, and with these materials you build houses and palaces: that is
construction. Ingenuity is at work. But suddenly you touch my heart and I say: This is
beautiful. That is Architecture". So architecture is a combination of science and art.
Modern Architecture
Architecture is a creative field and architects blend their imagination with the
construction procedures to get the most beautiful and useful building for their clients.
Modern architecture is characterized by the presence of simple, neat lines with
dramatic shapes but without any ornamentation or adornment. There are many styles
and ranges available today which are limited by imagination only. Modern
architecture employs many styles ranging from classical to modern.

The extent of architectural designs is based of few important factors such as an
importance of innovation and progress, healthy economy which can sustain creative
architecture and the availability of more advanced materials like steel, glass, iron or
chemically bonding concrete.

Qualities of an Architect
To become an architect, the person should be passionate about both, art and science.
An architect is a building designer who needs certain skills besides his creativity. The
most important skills, an architect should have, include drawing, sketching, graphic
manipulation, engineering and managerial skills. He should be a quick learner so that
he can adjust to new technological advancements.

Hiring and Selecting an Architect
Hiring an architect can add up to 10-20% of total cost of building a property but it can
be rewarding and worth spending. An architect designs a property that is not only
beautiful for art's sake but livable at the same time.
While going for construction of home or building, it is very necessary to choose an
architect who can fulfil all your requirements of home designing, communication
supervision and budget.
While selecting an architect, you should consider factors like cost of hiring,
specialization and experience. You can seek recommendations from the previous
clients. Also check the work done by them earlier. Do not hasten the process of hiring
an architect; take adequate time. This is a long term work with lifelong results.