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					J S 3 ENGLISH LANGUAGE HOME                    was reported in Nigeria, the disease has like
                                               wildfire. By 1991, the number had gone up
SECTION A: LANGUAGE                            to 209. Nobody knows the exact number
Answer questions 1 and 2.Your answer
                                               today as many cases go unreported.
should be about 200 words long. You are
free to use the hints below each question
and/or any other appropriate one.                          Experts are of the opinion that
    1. Write an essay on the topic: The
                                                           the   disease    is    so     nearing
        Subject I like Most.
                                                           epidemic proportions that by
     i. Introduction e.g. the name of the                  the year 2010, about one and a
             subject.                                      half million cases may be
     ii. Why you like the subject.                         diagnosed in the country. In the
     iii.    Conclusion
                                                           same vein, the World Health
   2. You have just come back from a                       Organization (WHO) reports
      long vacation which you spent with                   that by that time, five million
      your uncle in Lokoja. Write a letter
                                                           children throughout the world
      of appreciation to him and tell him
      the experiences you had on your way                  will be orphaned as a result of
      back home.                                           the death of their affected

Hints                                                      parents.
     i. Introduction and greetings.                        There is no doubt that the virus
     ii. Mention some of the things he did
                                                           is contained in the blood and in
             for you.
     iii.    Narrate some of the                           other bodily fluids; therefore
             experiences you had on your                   the main way it is passed from
             way back.
                                                           one    person    to    another      is
     iv.     Conclusion.
                                                           through sex with an infected
                                                           person. Other ways include
Read the following passages carefully and
                                                           through blood transfusion and
then answer the questions that follow by
                                                           the use of unsterilized needles
choosing the most appropriate of the options
                                                           or knives used for operations.
letter A-E (Nos.1-10)
                                                           Many       countries    are        now
                                                           suffering from the scourge of
Since 1986, when the first Acquired
                                                           AIDS.       Nigeria         with     a
Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) case
population      of    around    100
million remains Africa’s most
populous country. It is clear
that unless drastic steps are
taken by the government, the
nation will have a big problem
on her hands.
Unfortunately,        despite    the
seriousness of the disease, there
is still widespread ignorance
about it especially in rural areas
where     AIDS         is    widely
attributed to the activities of
witches and juju. AIDS is a
condition in which immune
system in our bodies that
protect    us        from    disease
becomes         powerless.      This
results into the fact that the
cells in our bodies cannot fight
any more. After a period of
between eight and fifteen years,
the victim dies.
Adapted          from:       Junior
English Project
1. The writer says that the disease has spread like wildfire. This means that

A. The disease attacks with fire.
B. The disease has rapidly become widespread.
C. The disease is very dangerous.
D. The disease is very painful.
E. Anyone can be infected with fire that is wild.
2. According to the writer, Nigeria will have a huge problem on her hands unless
A Government takes serious measures.
 B. People can identify AIDS patients.
C. People look after AIDS victims.
D.People in rural areas are better
E. The problem reduces in rural             areas.

3. According to the writer, the illness is caused by.
A. a breakdown in the power of the immune cells
B. blood transfusion.
C. cells.
D. illness.
E. the HIV virus.

  4. The writer says AIDS can be         contracted through any of the following EXCEPT
   A. Having sex with the infected person.
   B. Kissing the infected person
   C. The use of unsterilized needles
   D. The use of unsterilized knives.
   E. Through blood transfusion.
5. The writer is of the opinion, that
    the number of AIDS patients in Nigeria today is
    A. 150.
    B. 209.
    C. 2,000.
    D. 3, 135.
    E. Unknown
From the words lettered A to D, choose the word or group of words that best completes each of
the following sentences.
    6. Adamu is a very good friend on ...... I can rely.
        a) who
        b) whose
        c) which
        d) whom
    7. I ought ...... the letter by now.
   a) to be sent
   b) to have being sent
   c) to have sent
   d) to have to send
8. Toyin’s fever was so acute that she ...... an injection.
   a) had to have
   b) had to had
   c) must have
   d) ought to have

9. I know of a cow ...... has only three legs.
   a) whom
   b) which
   c) who
   d) whose

10. I don’t know what to do with these children. They are always fighting.....
   a) themselves.
   b) myself.
   c) one another.
   d) each of them.

11. He acts as if he ...... the general manager.
    a) is been
    b) were
    c) has been
    d) is being

12. The National Essay Competition came ...... on the 23rd of February, 2010.
    a) out
    b) in
    c) by
    d) up

13. The man ...... missed death during the collision.
    a) extensively
    b) always
    c) narrowly
    d) amply

14. If the two boys ...... been bitten by the snake, they should be taken to the hospital.
    a) has
    b) had
    c) have
    d) is
   15. I started writing at 9 a.m. It is now 10am. By 11 a.m., I ...... writing for 2 hours.
       a) will be
       b) am
       c) will have been
       d) have been

   16. My ...... to you, students, is to be good.
       a) advice
       b) advise
       c) adverse
       d) advance
   17. Eze has not heard from his sister Ada since she ...... to the United Kingdom.
       a) has gone
       b) had gone
       c) had been going
       d) went.
   18. My mother has employed a new….who prepares our meals.
        a) Boss
        b) Cook
        c) Cooker
        d) Matron

19 . Your parent’s father is your
         a) Ancestor.
         b) Grand brother
         c) Grand father
         d) Great-grand father.

   20 . Make sure you see the ------- before     taking any book away from the library.
   a) counselor
   b) librarian
   c) principal
   d) secretary

           SECTION B

From the words lettered A to D below each of the following sentences, choose the word or
group of words that is nearest in meaning to the underlined expression as it is used in the
  21 . My choice of a partner would be based on character, not looks
        a) visibility
        b) feasibility
        c) appearance
        d) postures
22 . Amina is the one who initiated the
    quarrel, not Nike!
    a) started
    b) stopped
    c) settled
    d) fuelled
23 . She was reprimanded by her boss for negligence.
    a) sacked
    b) rebuked
    c) punished
    d) surcharged
24 . It soon became obvious that a confrontation was inevitable.
    a) Disastrous
    b) Unavoidable
    c) desirable
    d) Imminent
25. The police announced that they were yet to apprehend the criminals.
    a) interrogate
    b) charge
    c) prosecute
    d) arrest