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					?Another franchise review that is being conducted by the franchise review board is
from the franchise of the US Company, Baskin-Robbins. When Robbins was still a
teenager, he already managed a shop for ice creams. But eventually, he became bored
of vanilla and chocolate flavored ice cream. Because of the boredom, he made an
experiment candies as well as fruits to make it a new dimension of flavor for ice
creams. After three year, Buskin, his brother combined with him. Their headquarters
is located at Canton, Massachusetts.

According to franchise reviews, they already have franchisees on fifty plus countries
around the globe. They started their franchise on 1948 and reports say they already
have two 2,601 clients only in United States. In Canada, they have 117. Each
franchise has 31 available flavors that they have created. They also have frozen
yogurts, sherbets, drinks and cakes. Their company became a part of Dunkin Brands
Incorporated. They are currently looking for franchisees in domestic and foreign

If you want to franchise their full pledged package, you will spend between the ranges
of $41,450 to $3,373,595. The Baskin-Robbins USA Company will charge royalty fee
and franchise fee. The franchise fee that they will charge will have a price of between
$5,000 and $35,000. The royalty fee will be the 5.9 percent of the franchise. The
terms and agreement that you have agreed upon will not be renewed.

The Baskin-Robbins USA Company has some qualification with regards to their
franchisees. The person should be willing to franchise $1,200,000 for its net worth
and liquid cash amounting $600,000. They also prefer a franchisee that has an
adequate experience with any type of business, both industrial and general. They also
require the franchisee that has good marketing skills so that the franchise will run
profitably and will have an increase in its sales volume. These factors are very
important when it comes to Business.

They also have training for the franchisees. The support that the Baskin-Robbins USA
Co. will be provided by a news letter, phone line that is toll-free, internet, meetings,
grand openings, and safety procedures.

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