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Abb Workouts to Help You Shape Up For The Summer


									          Abb Workouts to Help You Shape Up For the Summer

Abb Workouts to Lose That Belly Flab
Here you will see some of the best abb workouts that you need to do in order to get your stomach
ready for the bikini season.

In my other lens I have given you 3 of the most effective workouts including the stability ball. Here I
will concentrate on several without any equipment at all.

I want you to know that just by doing these you cannot get rid of the belly flab. They will get your
stomach toned but you need a good diet to get rid of the fat.

Remember - good diet with proper exercises = flat stomach.

1. Sit Ups
                       When you say "abb workouts" you immediately think of sit ups. It seems that
                       everybody connects good stomach muscles with lots of sit ups. The bad thing is
                       that almost everybody gets them wrongly and does them wrongly. It is not
                       about how many you do but how you do them. Here is how you do them:
                       Lie on the floor and stretch your legs out. Put your arms beside the torso. Now
                       lift your knees up and keeping your feet close bring them to your body. Cross
your hands over your chest and lift the upper body up. That means that even your lower back should
be lifted off the ground.

Hold this position for about 3 seconds and then gently and slowly lower yourself keeping the
pressure in the abs. Repeat this 15-20 times for 3-5 sets. As I already told you - you don't need to do
hundreds of these. The abs are just a muscle like all the muscles - you don't do 100 reps of deadlift,
right?(I hope so!)

As you get better at this you can start doing it in the gym using the inclined bench or holding a weight
over your chest. Another way to do this when your abs get stronger is to put your palms on the back
of your head.

2. Crunches
                      Crunches are one of my personal favorite abb workouts. There isolate the abs
                      and make sure all the pressure goes there. Here is how you do them:

                      Laying flat on the floor pull your legs towards your body, just like with the sit
                      ups. Again, cross your arms over your chest and pull your abdomen towards
your spine when you inhale. Lift your shoulders off the floor just like you are trying to touch the ceiling
with them. The difference is that you don't lift your entire torso like in the sit ups. When lifting the
shoulders tighten your abs as hard as you can. Stay in this position for about 3 seconds and lower
your body down while slowly exhaling.

All the focus here goes to the abdomen. Proper breathing is the key. Repeat about 10-15 times(this
is much harder than the sit ups).

Crunches can easily replace the sit ups so you can do 3-5 sets of these.

Again, once you get good at that you can start doing them with your palms on the back of your head.

3. Leg Lifts
This is one of best abb workouts to tone your lower abs. For the record, the lower abs and the calves
are the hardest to shape so you need to start early.

Again, we are not using any equipment as I promised at the beginning. Lie down on the floor and
have your legs extended with your arms beside your torso. Now lift your legs up as far as you can
reaching about 90 degrees, pointing to the ceiling. This might be very difficult at first so try to do
about 5-10 with 3 sets. When you reach that upper point comes the hard part - lower your legs slowly
and gently keeping the pressure in your lower abs.

If you want to lose your belly flab abb workouts are not the way to go. You really need them but
combined with a good diet. The best resource on the internet that I have found is Visit it and you will never need to research futher.

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