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									               ABED MAHFOUZ HAUTE COUTURE
                                Spring / Summer 2011 Collection
                           Saturday, 29th January 2011 09:00 p.m.
             Complesso Monumentale Santo Spirito in Sassia, Sala Baglivi

                                     The Art of Seduction
In occasion of Alta Roma Alta Moda, the Lebanese fashion designer Abed Mahfouz Haute Couture presents
his new collection in the picturesque setting of the monumental complex of Santo Spirito in Sassia. Pastel
colours, evocative transparencies, sinuous and dreamy lines: the designer presents Femininity on the catwalk.

The art of Abed Mahfouz was born in the small workshop of his mother and sister, then succeeding in the
International High Fashion world, becoming soon a spokesman of a charming style due to the chromatic and
volumetric choices which confer him the role of mediator between Western and Eastern cultures.

In his new collection Abed Mahfouz proposes a woman aiming at transparency and naturalness, achieving a
new meaning of Seduction, elegant and sophisticated, thanks to a fair and balanced blend of fancy and

The dresses reflect a woman who reinforces her status as a self-interpreter of reality; a modern woman who
wants to leave the banal cliché of ordinary seduction and who wants to impose her presence firmly:
Sensuality and Independence are her winning features.

The S / S 2011 collection enhances the female forms through transparencies: sensual corsages that highlight
the waist, low necklines, meticulous draperies and sophisticated volumes.

Once again Abed Mahfouz stands out for his meticulous construction of the gowns, revealing his aptitude to
the study of shapes, lines and volumes.

Abed Mahfouz emphasizes the changing moods of an independent woman, proposing pastel colours: pink,
navy and almond, pistachio and Arcadian green. The colour’s choices are enhanced by the use of precious
stones, applied to tissues such as muslin degradée, lace, crin and tulle, simulating crystallized patterns
whose final effect is absolutely glittering.

With this new collection Abed Mahfouz overcomes the boundaries of an ancient femininity, looking for
forms, movements, colour contours of an original and disarming seduction.

Celebrities of the world of fashion, journalism and entertainment will attend the event.

              Hairstyling y                                                 Make-up by
              Carlo Pinca and Tony Zinni for Carlo                          Rossano De Cesaris
              Pinca Roma for L'Oréal Professionel

        Dr.Maria Christina Rigano, Press Office & External Relations, Abed Mahfouz Haute Couture.
                          e-mail:, mobile +39-338.4288047
Dr.Maria Christina Rigano, Press Office & External Relations, Abed Mahfouz Haute Couture.
                 e-mail:, mobile +39-338.4288047

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