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         Type your MBA 290 Project Title here (change text to black)


   Type your full name here (i.e. John James Doe) (change text to black)

   Each MBA 290 student must do their own abstract, have it signed by their

MBA 290 professor, Dr. Han. For the purposes of the signature on the

abstract the MBA 290 instructor is the “Committee Chair”. The deadline to

have the signed abstract submitted to Dr. Han is Monday, April 18, 2011.

   An abstract is essentially a statement summarizing the important points of

a project (like an executive summary). It should be approximately 1 to 2

double spaced pages. No matter how many pages it turns out to be, make

sure to put the signature and date lines on the very bottom portion of the final


   You must follow the standard project margin requirements of 1.0 on the

right and bottom and 1.5 on the top and left (I made the settings of this

template 1.1 and 1.7 purposefully this template is correct). Make sure to do

your page numbers as roman numerals (centered one inch [minimum] from

the bottom of the page to the bottom of the page number). The last line of

text must be double spaced from the top of the page number.

   This document is formatted to meet the university formatting

guidelines exactly when you print it, so you may put in your title, your

name and type the text of your abstract into this template if you

choose. Your “committee chair” is your MBA 290 professor.

   If you have any questions regarding the format of your abstract you may

contact The Graduate Business Advising Center at 916-278-6772 or via

email at Jeanie.Williams@csus.edu .

________________________________, Committee Chair
Dr. Stanley Han



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