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					H I G H   Q U A L I T Y   P R O D U C T S   F O R   W E L D I N G

          A N D   P E R S O N A L   P R O T E C T I O N
Design, power and Dutch quality
4CE (Force) is a complete new product line of welding torches and personal safety products,
specially developed for the professionals who require high quality, comfort and design.

The programme includes MIG and TIG welding torches, welding and safety clothing, welding
and safety footwear and will be extended to include welding gloves, welding helmets and
other products for the welding industry.

The 4CE (Force) products are developed by Translas TipWorks BV, manufacturer of amongst
others the Dutchweld welding torches.

All 4CE (Force) products are made from quality materials and finished according to the most
stringent European standards, making them suitable for long and intensive use.

The design has been worked out in great detail and offers therefore high convenience and a
look which today’s professionals will be pleased to use.



A modern and durable product
Many years of experience in manufacturing, research and development have led to the design of a
new welding torch which is comfortable to hold, is durable and has a very exclusive look.
The result is a complete new MIG torch range under the name of 4CE (Force) with a large number of
technical innovations whereby these welding torches meet the most stringent quality requirements.

  5XM-line,                                             6XM-line,

Standard range whereby the spare parts are ex-        Heavy-duty range with an adjusted concept for
changeable with the current Dutchweld Migline.        the cooling and the spare parts and therefore
However, the Swan necks have been upgraded            offering a higher amperage. The MIG welding
and restyled. The MIG welding torches of the          torches of the 6XM line are available with a
5XM line are available with a capacity of 150 to      capacity of 150 to 600 Amp.
500 Amp.
       4 C E         ( F O R C E )      M I G - W E L D I N G                T O R C H E S

• By using rubber on the             • Suitable for all common           • Unique closed switch system,
  integrated suspension hook the       machine connections                 which prevents dirt and
  torch can be hung up safely.                                             moisture to enter the housing.

• Soft grip (2K) handle, which       • Rubber cable support:             • A modern micro switch instead
  makes it comfortable to hold         a non-conductive material which     of a conventional mechanical
  and will not easily slide from       reduces the risk of wear of the     blade switch.
  the welding glove.                   coax cable to almost none.        • The rubber switch housing has
                                                                           different operating positions.

Best quality, exclusive design
New design in a durable quality
The new 4CE (Force) TIG torch range is the result of technical innovations
and a restyling of the existing Dutchweld Tigline, which further improved the
convenience, design, comfort and quality.

The 4CE (Force) TIG welding torches are supplied with a standard single button
switch. In order to be able to use most of the many functions of the current
generation welding machines, 4CE (Force) welding torches can also be supplied
with a 2, 3 or 4 button switch and/or an integrated potentiometer.

You feel straightaway that the new TIG welding torches have a different structure
on the handle, it feels more comfortable and it offers a much better grip on the
welding torch. The TIG welding torches can also be supplied with a smaller
handle for fine and detailed welding work.
4 C E       ( F O R C E )              T I G - W E L D I N G            T O R C H E S

                                                • unique closed switch system;
                                                • ball joint at back of handle;
                                                • standard with single button switch, optional 2, 3
                                                  or 4 button switch and/or integrated potentiometer;
                                                • button with extra large switching surface
                                                • the more robust structure of the handle offers
                                                  optimum grip;
                                                • available with handle in two sizes;
                                                • suitable for all common machine connections;
                                                • available in various lengths;
                                                • available in capacities from 80 to 450 Amp;
                                                • 50 cm leather at back of handle reduces wear;
                                                • special connection piece, to connect leather to neoprene
                                                  outer sheath, can be removed for repair purposes;
                                                • spare parts from Dutchweld Tigline are exchangeable
                                                  with 5XT line;

5XT-line,                                        6XT-line,

Standard range whereby the spare parts           Heavy-duty range with an adjusted concept
are exchangeable with the current Dutch-         for the cooling and the spare parts and
weld Tigline. The TIG welding torches of         therefore offering a higher amperage. The TIG
the 5XT line are available with a capacity       welding torches in the 6XT line are available
of 80 to 350 Amp.                                with a capacity of 160 to 450 Amp.
4 C E   ( F O R C E )            W E L D I N G     A N D             S A F E T Y                     C L O T H I N G
    4CE (Force) welding and safety clothing has    The 4CE (Force) welding and safety clothing
    been specially developed for industrial use,    uses top quality materials, making the clothing
    in order to combine optimum personal            distinctive in terms of the following:
    protection with comfort, a modern look and
    durable quality. The new line of 4CE (Force)   • permanent fire retarding protection,*
    welding and safety clothing therefore meets    • better protection against heat and static electricity,*
    the strictest European standards and the       • minimum shrinkage percentage,
    requirements of today’s professionals.         • perspiration transmitting properties*
                                                   • not chemically treated*
                                                   • high durability
                                                   • long lifetime

                                                       with the exception of UVEX welding clothing

                                                   Personal protection
                                                   which lasts longer
4 C E      ( F O R C E )             W E L D I N G                A N D      S A F E T Y            C L O T H I N G

              4CE (Force) BANOX UVEX
                               welding clothing
    Jacket, trousers and American overalls from Banox cotton.
  Functional welding clothing worldwide marketed exclusively
 by Translas TipWorks BV. More wear resistant, less shrinkage,
            better resistance to welding spatters and therefore
                     more longer lasting than an other product.

                                                      4CE (Force) CLASSIC welding parka
                                                      Offers optimum protection for welding work in all weather
                                                      conditions. The extra GORE-TEX® layer on the inside makes
                                                      it windproof and waterproof whilst also transmitting perspiration
                                                      to the outside.

                4CE (Force) COMFORT
         Jacket and trousers made from cowhide leather if
        you prefer to wear leather. Supple, water repellent
                clothing which is very comfortable to wear.
4CE (Force) CLASSIC safety clothing
Jacket, trousers and American overalls for general industrial use.

• Offers heat, welding and electrostatic protection,
  with fantastic comfort.
• Sporty look with extra attention for details,
  such as heat-proof zippers and buttons,
  extra freedom of movement in knee and elbow,
  extra pockets on the inside and extra
  protection on zippers.
• The material transmits perspiration,
  is anti-static, durable and gives permanent
  fire retarding protection.
• Ultimately suitable for use in the metalworking
  industry, utility companies, municipal works,
  maintenance companies and the offshore branch.
4 C E      ( F O R C E )              W E L D I N G          A N D   S A F E T Y   C L O T H I N G

        4CE (Force) ENDURANCE
             Safety clothing for heavy duty industrial use
   Jacket, trousers and overalls: specially developed for
      long lasting, intensive use in the heavy industries.
         Offers optimum welding, electrostatic and heat
        protection and will not tear or cut, thanks to the
                                use of toughened textiles.

                    Despite this heavy duty protection,
 the 4CE (Force) ENDURANCE clothing is light to wear,
                transmits perspiration and is antistatic.
4CE (Force) welding and safety footwear is
made from waterproof and breathing cowhide
                                                 4CE (Force) DURAPRO
of the best quality, which stays soft and        110/220 S3 safety shoes
comfortable, also thanks to the perfect fit.      Industrial safety shoes made from quality waterproof
The 2 mm thick cowhide offers extra warmth       cowhide in combination with Cordura® textile and
and insulation. The removable anti-bacterial     Cambrelle® lining, non-slip sole in black PU,
and non-toxic insole absorbs perspiration        anti-bacterial insole, black laces with waterproof
optimally, keeping feet healthy and preventing   treatment and leather toe-cap.
foot odour. The footwear is manufactured
in Europe and complies with the highest          • Available in sizes: 36 - 49 EU
industrial safety standards.                     • Available in low (110) en high (220) model
                                                 • Suitable for general industrial use
4 C E    ( F O R C E )             W E L D I N G           A N D       S A F E T Y            F O O T W E A R

    4CE (Force) DURAPRO                                    4CE (Force) DURAPRO
    330 S3+HRO welding shoe                                440 S3+HRO welding shoe
    Professional welding shoes made from quality           Identical to model 330, but with extra GORE-TEX®
    waterproof cowhide in combination with nubuck          lining and unique breathing and moisture regulating
    and Cambrelle® lining, anti-bacterial insole, non      Arneplant® insole for extra comfort and hygiene.
    slip PU-Nitrile (HRO) sole, leather toe-cap and
    heel, classic black laces with waterproof treatment,   • Available in sizes 36 – 49 EU.
    rust proof hooks. Extra lace protection created by
    leather cover with Velcro fastening system.

    • Available in sizes: 36 – 49 EU.
      4CE (Force) Safety sleeves
      The 4CE (Force) range of personal safety products also includes Safety sleeves,
      a unique and simple solution for extra protection of your welding and safety clothing against
      welding and grinding spatters.

      4CE (Force) Safety sleeves:
      • increase safety and comply with EN 470-1 and EN 532.
      • prevents burn
      • made from a fire-retarding material with a Velcro layer
      • simple and quick wrapping around the sleeves and always fit perfectly
      • ergonomic design, will not hinder work
      • extends the lifetime of your welding and safety clothes
      • 10 sleeves per mini grip bag
      • 20 mini grip bags in 1 box which can be used as a display at the same time.


WITHOUT…     Suitable for welding, grinding, machine operators,   …OR WITH!
         steelworks, scaffolding construction and the car industrie
4 C E        ( F O R C E )                M I G         S E T

                                                                     4CE (Force) MIG PLIER
                                                                     • drop forged, hardened and tempered,
                                                                       with phosphate black finish for corrosion
Translas TipWorks has designed and developed a new hexagon             restistance
Contact Tip with a standard length of 20 mm in combination           • manufactured from chrome vanadium steel
with an adjusted copper Tip Adaptor, that can be used for            • easy to cut any kind of wire
almost every Mig torch. The Contact Tips are made out of             • easy to remove nozzle and
special copper material called ‘Silver Copper’ which can be            contact tip
compared with the quality and performance of Copper Chrome           • soft grip & small in size
Zirconium. However, the ‘Silver Copper’ is a lot less expensive.     • light in weight

What is important for you to know:
• The lifetime of the ‘Silver Copper’ Contact Tip in
  combination with the copper Tip Adaptor is much
  longer than the standard Ecu copper Contact Tips,
• ‘Silver Copper’ is an exclusive material offered
  by Translas TipWorks,
• One universal type of Contact Tip for almost
  every Mig torch,
• You will get a Top quality product where the balance ‘price/
  quality’ is excellent and competitive against the regular parts,
• We offer you an unique exclusive product with
  many advantages.

Available for the 24, 25, 26, 36, 401 and 501
Mig torches and Sets for other brands will follow.
This new product will be sold in standard Sets of 50
Contact Tips with 1 Tip Adaptor.
4CE (Force)® is a registered brandname of Translas TipWorks (TTW), a Dutch manufacturer of amongst
others the Dutchweld welding torches and spare parts. TTW has been developing and producing high quality
products for more than 40 years and has thereby grown to be a leading supplier in the world of welding.
TTW is represented in more than 42 countries through a dealer network. Since last year the sales in the
Benelux have been accommodated by Translas Benelux BV, operating as a separate limited company and is,
like TTW, a member of the Translas Production TipWorks Group BV.

TTW is a flexible organisation with its own marketing, sales, manufacturing and distribution facilities,
which continuously upholds its trendsetting role through the development of innovative products.
Product quality, modern design and great reliability in delivery are always the starting points for TTW.
By applying a high quality and automated manufacturing processes is TTW able to market its products
against a healthy price/performance ratio.

For information about the availability of these products, please contact the manufacturer.

                                             Translas TipWorks BV
                             Fahrenheitbaan 2, 3439 MD Nieuwegein, The Netherlands,
     Tel.: +31(0)30 - 604 73 73, Fax: +31(0)30 - 605 06 38, E-mail:, Internet:

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