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					Teleconferencing software

Individual Allergy & Immunology training programs may not be sufficiently large or
may be geographically dispersed, such that the logistics of having weekly lectures series
are challenging. A number of software solutions exist to facilitate multi-site

The simplest model for 2 site teleconferencing is to email the PowerPoint presentation to
the distant site and the using speakers phones at both ends, have the speaker advance the
slides by verbal “next slide” directions at the distant site. A limitation of this approach is
the lack of pointer. Careful use of slide animations can compensate for the lack of a

Web based video-conferencing software such as Breeze
( provide a multi-site platform for videoconferencing.
At present, the audio quality is not sufficient for live use and so audio must be provided
through speaker telephone. Breeze allows the use of a real-time pointer. To allow users to
see the speaker, Breeze can show a web video camera image in addition to the
PowerPoint image. However, use of a camera reduces the size of the PowerPoint image