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					                                                     Certificate of Registration
                                                           This is to certify that QUASAR has registered the Quality Management System of:

                                                                             Quality Plates and Profiles Limited
                                                               20 Nicholas Beaver Road, Aberfoyle, R.R. #3, Guelph, ON N1H 6H9

                                                                                           to the Quality System Standard:

                                                                            ISO 9001:2008
                Initial Registration:                                    Date of Issue:                                         Date of Expiry:                                   Certificate Number:
                    27 April 1995                                         20 May 2009                                            27 April 2012                                           Q2537

                                                               Scope: Steel plate distribution and custom profile cutting.


                                                Terms and Conditions governing registration and the use of this certificate are defined in the contract between QUASAR and the Holder.
                                                             Contact the certificate holder for further information related to the scope and boundaries of the registration.
                     QUASAR, A Division of the CWB Group, 7250 West Credit Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, L5N 5N1, Tel: 1-800-844-6790 / (905)-542-1312, Fax: (905) 542-1318, Web: www.cwbgroup.org