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									?Barrie self storage is located in Ontario, and is conveniently located everywhere that
you may need some storage assistance. The storage units are almost always filled to
capacity as great prices and locations make accessing these units a breeze.

 You can opt for long-term storage or in case of storage of sensitive items like
paintings or expensive furniture; climate-controlled storage is also an option. Some of
the items that you may to consider placing in this kind of storage are leather, wood,
antiques, electronics, musical instruments, art, and other precious goods.

 Barrie is a picturesque town with beautiful lake views and a history that goes as far
back as the 1800's, visiting your Barrie self storage facility, can be a pleasurable trip
in itself, and many of the historic buildings are still standing, some of them are also
stored along with their furniture inside a Barrie Self Storage facility.

 Some of the fabulous restaurants to visit in the area are Shoeless Joes, Groovy
Tuesdays Bistro, Monsoon Lounge and Sushi, or Oscars; there are many more options
of course, many of who offer a spectacular outdoor dining experience.

 Barrie Self Storage also offers car and boat storage facilities, Lake Ontario is easily
accessible from this facility, and you can enjoy breaking your boat out of her winter
home for the first time.

 There are also many places to shop in and around the area and your Barrie Self
Storage facility also offers bubble wrap, storage boxes, wardrobe boxes, markers,
packing tape and anything else that you may need for your move.

 The storage units also range in size, here is a description of what is on offer:

 *The small storage unit, about the size of a common coat closet maybe a bit larger, is
great for storing documents, seasonal clothing or smaller items.
 *A medium size storage unit is approximately the same size as a walk-in closet, can
easily store your family's seasonal belongings, children's old toys and books and other
knick knacks.
 *A large sized storage unit is about the size of an average bedroom, and can hold
approximately that amount of furniture. This is the perfect choice for storing a few
extra or seasonal pieces of furniture and maybe some clothes and shoes.
 *The extra large storage unit is almost the size of one car garage, and while you may
not be able to store your car in there, you can store the entire contents of your current
garage and furniture, clothes and extra stuff as well.
 *Parking storage accommodates your extra vehicles, RV's or any other vehicles that
you are unable to park where you live and boat storage takes care of your boat or
yacht when she is not in use.

 Barrie Self storage units are clean and tidy, with adequate lighting, and ventilation.
They are also easily accessible and allow you 24 hour access with adequate security to
keep your belongings safe. In addition, they are able to provide you with trained
customer service representatives who are able to assist you with any questions that
you may have and all your packing and storage needs.

Barrie self storage refers commercial storerooms, available in a range of sizes and
types, that can be rented to safe-keep personal belongings and business inventory.

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