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					?RECEIVED Much more LEADS!! I SIGNED UP WITH THE Bankruptcy Resource
Group in 2006 during the peak of subprime in the automotive industry. I was skeptical
at initial until the sales manager told me to expect only 5-8 deals a month on their lead
program. I signed up for the 90 day trial period, and my 1st month I received Much
more leads than they had promised but sold 0 cars!!! I referred to as to complain and
spent 30 minutes on the phone with the Customer care manager and realized that in
my case the leads had been too close to the discharge date; thereby rendering the
credit scores to low to get financed. We changed the discharge dates to 1 year old as
well as the next month I sold 6 cars. I have never interrupted service with Bankruptcy
Resource Group and have averaged 4-8 deals a month for the last 4 years. In reality
my 2 very best months have been February and March 2010! -Brad Hanks Hanks
Pontiac "This Review is Curtis Goodwin CEO Bankruptcy Resource Group

......CREATES ME Far more BUYERS...... We don't mess around when it comes to
sub prime, and I truly like the aggressive/smart advertising tactics Bankruptcy
Resource Group employs on consumers that creates me Far more buyers. When it
comes to BK leads, Bankruptcy Resource Group leads the pack. Ricardo Baker
Nissan Houstan TX "This Review is Curtis Goodwin CEO Bankruptcy Resource
Group Approved"

COURTESY CALL IS MY FAVORITE PART!! Bankruptcy Resource Group's
courtesy call is my favorite Part of there program. The courtesy call makes sure I
Obtain and work the recently developed BK lead quicker. In a busy dealership
environment this permits me to follow up with the customer sooner which creates
More deliveries for me. Kevin Cascio Harold Gwatney Chevrolet Jacksonville AR
"This Review is Curtis Goodwin CEO Bankruptcy Resource Group Approved"

AVERAGE 9 DEALS!! I'm used to running lead programs that diminish out after 2 or
three months. A year along with a half later I am proud to say I've been averaging 8 to
9 deals a month via Bankruptcy Resource Groups lead services. Terry Carter Cannon
Nissan Jackson MS "This Review is Curtis Goodwin CEO Bankruptcy Resource
Group Approved"

NOTICE: The review of this company is real. This positive testimonial review for
Bankruptcy Resource Group in Tualatin, OR might be modified to qualify as special
content within the review space provided herein. Call Bankruptcy Resource Group
877-296-6705 at for Much more FIVE STAR****Business Reviews and Ratings.

Bankruptcy Resource Group is the world's best sub-prime lead provider when it
comes to creating automobile buyers from raw discharged bankruptcy information.
Our niche is contacting and motivating individuals who have recently gone through
the bankruptcy procedure to Purchase a automobile these days. We know discharged
bankruptcy buyers require assistance with reestablishing credit after discharging from
a Bankruptcy. We harness that will need for details and use it to turn folks into
automobile buyers for you, right now. Our system is averaging 7 to 8 delivery's a
month for 100's of dealerships nationwide proper now. In the event you would like to
do yet another 7 to 8 deals a month from discharged bankruptcy buyers please call