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Banking career


									?If you are a talented student studying for a degree in a subject such as finance or
accounting it is likely that you are already seriously considered a career in investment
banking. Investment banking jobs have gained a reputation for offering some of the
highest salary packages a new graduate can hope to earn. A couple of years ago a
graduate taken on by a leading American investment bank could be making as much
as $150,000 dollars a year including expected bonuses, and this high wage was
attainable within the first year or two in successful investment banking careers.

Many of my outstanding candidates' first jobs were actually where they had their
internships. Therefore you need to plan your investment banking career when you are
studying for your undergraduate. Aim for an internship at a reputable bank. Make it a
goal for your resume to be on the radar screens of every Wall Street recruiting director
by December holidays.

Trading in i-bank engages in the trading various financial instruments to earn a spread
(difference between purchase and selling price) or commission (charge to client in the
form of a percentage from the transactions). These financial instruments include
stocks, bonds, foreign currencies, commodities, structured products and other
derivative products.

Being a loan officer is also an option for some. This position involves working with
customers to determine their borrowing needs, putting together loan packages for an
approval or decline decision. You will have to be comfortable with reviewing tax
returns and communicating with clients what determination factors will come into
play for a decision on customers risk factor to the bank.

Understanding the mindsets of people is the key to asking the right questions and
success to life in general. Knowing why different questions attract different responses
from different people is crucial. Don't leave it to chance or the mood of the
interviewer on that day to decide what to think of you. Take control of your own
interview and be prepared.

On the other hand, a loan officer's job involves reviewing and submitting reports
related to reimbursement and disposal of loans. These bank employees assist potential
borrowers with loan applications have to go through numerous stringent measures to
verify information related to the borrower's identification which includes contacting
employers, credit card companies if any, and previous lenders if the need arises.
Normally, banking loan officers sell products to customers, such employees specialize
in consumer, commercial or mortgage leading areas. Banks also employ from time to
time clerical workers to process transactions and for collections in various
departments who have to play the role of receptionists and secretaries. Administrative
assistants in banks have to play the role of clerical bank executives.

Studies have shown that numbers are much better in catching attention. Let's take this
article as an example: do you prefer the title to be "Useful Investment Banking Tips",
or the current one: "5 Golden Rules On Investment Banking Resumes"? Most likely
the latter right? In case you wonder why, numbers imply precision and give the
impression that you are giving solid, detailed information to the readers. Quantify
your experience whenever you can throughout the resume and see the difference

One other important thing that one would need to understand in investment banking
101 is practically the most important one, which is the promotion structure. This way,
one would be able to set the goals and try to follow the chosen career path the best
way that a person could. Fresh graduates armed with a Bachelors degree basically
start off as invest banking analysts. From there, once they have completed their
Masters Degree program, they would then go on to a higher position as an investment
banking associate. Of course, these associates would be able to make more money as
well as have a higher rank than simple investment banking analysts. After one passes
the associate level, what comes next is the Vice President level, and then this is
followed by the Managing Director level. Truly, there is an immense possibility for
advancement in the investment banking career. The key step towards a bright future
ahead is to get the right education as well as proper training to jumpstart one's career
in investment.

Companies get annoyed when they come to know you are not focused on the job or
are toying with other career opportunities. Investment banking interview questions
can revolve around what you think about the strength and weaknesses of the firm and
you have to justify your answers with proof and facts.

For Internet and seminar banking trainings, here are tips that will help you choose a
program. First, choose a program that best fits the job you are aiming for. Pick a
program that is time-flexible, which allows you to customize class schedules, a very
practical option especially for college students who are looking for part-time jobs at
banks. And lastly, comparing different training programs provides for the most
affordable course fees.

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