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					?Claiming back your charges: Why it is important not to accept anything less than

The High Court test case may have given the banks some time to get themselves
organized for a potential flood of claims but consumers who already claimed
compensation are starting to realize that they accepted offers well below what they
were entitled to.

Millions of consumers who demanded refunds for bank penalty charges from their
banks or building societies used standard complaint letters hoping that it would result
in a decent and fair payout. In most cases, a letter of complaint would be sent asking
for a refund of all penalty charges imposed for returned debits, bounced cheques and
exceeding overdraft limits. The banks compliance officers, who are handsomely paid
to defend claims, would often respond with an offer which was less than half way,
hoping that it would be accepted so that the matter could be buried under the carpet.
Of course in some cases, the banks would simply reject the complaint hoping that the
customer would just put the letter away in the kitchen draw and forget all about it.
After all, would an old age pensioner want to continue fighting a large financial
organization with the fear having the case ending up in the courts? For those who did
manage to get some positive response from their banks, have already accepted paltry
offers of compensation without fighting further and perhaps carried a heavy heart
filled with desperation to simply get something back. In some cases the offers were
less than 50% of the amount owed. The banks have had the last laugh in those cases.
Accepting low offers in full and final settlement unfortunately has left many people
with goodwill payments that are extremely short of the mark.

Receiving standard rejection letters should never put anyone off from fighting on. It is
always worth poking away at the enemy to ensure that the complaint is investigated
fully and to make sure you demand all your money with interest. It is astonishing how
many people do simply get scared of bogus rejection letters from the banks. It is your
money. Fight for it. Banks regularly charge referral fees of anything up to £35.00
and these charges build up with terrific speed. They can total up to figures well above
the £2500 mark in most cases. To accept an offer of £500 is simply nonsensical.

It is worth remembering that fighting a bank requires plenty of energy and
determination. If people are going to complain then it is important to follow through
the complaint in full. To accept anything less that what you are entitled to is simply
playing straight into the hands of the banks. They do it without hesitation because
they know they can get away with it. The financial services industry is a murky world
and recent fines imposed by the FSA show that large organizations have taken
advantage of the most vulnerable people in the UK.
Those who want to complain successfully with the aim of getting back all charges
with interest should seek professional help if they feel they do not have the stomach
for the fight or simply not the time for such haggles. It is always worth getting
professional assistance in such cases because claims firms are ready to go the full 12
rounds if need be. You deserve all your money back. Not just a handful of pennies.

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