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                         AORN CONGRESS

Advanced perioperative solutions will address some of the most current healthcare challenges

MENTOR, OHIO – March 19, 2011 – STERIS Corporation‟s newest high-performance
environments will be on display in Booth # 1836 at the 2011 Association of periOperative
Registered Nurses (AORN) Congress in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. In the current healthcare
climate with its legislative and economic challenges, STERIS offers the uncompromised
perioperative solutions that providers need for more efficient and transparent patient care.

       “STERIS is entering a new frontier of perioperative support,” states Bill O‟Riordan, vice
president and general manager of STERIS Surgical Solutions. “Our newest technologies,
information management tools and professional services have been merged into powerful
solutions that will help healthcare Customers achieve their most challenging performance
objectives. These solutions will provide numerous benefits, such as heightened perioperative
efficiency, the potential for improved department utilization, reduced overtime expense,
improved quality, analytics for successful continuous improvement, and greater staff and
surgeon satisfaction.”

Delivering more, floor to floor
       From the sterile processing level to the surgical floors, STERIS offers more technology,
expertise and ongoing support to help facilities create a streamlined and synchronized
perioperative cycle. The Company is also a highly successful collaborator, building new
alliances with imaging companies and other providers to deliver seamless and groundbreaking
hybrid ORs. STERIS high-performance environments are designed to help healthcare facilities
increase surgical throughput, streamline workflows, reduce costs, increase staff satisfaction, meet
compliance standards, and most importantly, deliver uncompromised patient outcomes.
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High performance surgical suites
       STERIS delivers uncompromising support for operating suites in the form of products,
information management tools and professional services. The newest surgical technologies being
shown at AORN this year include sophisticated surgical integration and visual management
systems, additions to the Harmony® LED and HD LED surgical lighting family, and new
pressure management technologies for our „gold standard‟ surgical tables.

       For example, the new Harmony iQ™ 2400 and 2800 Integration Systems are ¼ the
size of other similar systems and continue to build on the STERIS philosophy of vendor, device
and signal neutrality. They offer a multitude of benefits such as the Flexi-Card™ system, a mix-
and-match input and output system designed to maximize compatibility, flexibility and future
readiness. Additionally, users only buy the capability they need. Among their many advantages,
these advanced surgical integration systems can be easily adapted for changing or unexpected
needs. This ultra-small box puts out high-definition preview images, and includes integrated
control and audio systems and integrated diagnostics that monitor each subsystem. In addition,
feature modules can be added at any time using software keys and/or board upgrades.

       Another new product, the RealView™ Lean Visual Management System, will be at
AORN. This unique surgical workflow enhancement software provides reliable situational
awareness and enhances surgical workflow by providing real time perioperative patient tracking
with minimal human intervention. The RealView product uses real time location systems
(RTLS) to provide busy surgical teams the information and visual cues necessary to efficiently
manage the complex surgical environment. And since the system is vendor neutral it will
integrate with virtually any RTLS provider.

High performance sterile processing
       For sterile processing departments, some of the newest STERIS products include:
            The SYSTEM 1E™ Liquid Chemical Sterilant Processing System, for 23-
               minute turnaround of heat-sensitive critical and semi-critical devices. At AORN,
               learn about the extensively treated rinse water process that removes bacteria,
               fungi and protozoa ≥ 0.1µm, and inactivates ≥ 99.9999% of most viruses.
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            The Caviwave™ Pro Ultrasonic Cleaning System, for effective sonic cleaning
               of intricate instruments such as daVinci® EndoWrist® devices, orthopedic trays
               and ophthalmic instruments.
            The Reliance® Vision® 1300 Series cart and utensil washers, with fast cycle
               times, unique HexaClean spray pattern technology, intuitive control panels and
               utility-saving features that make these systems more productive, more intuitive
               and more Green.

       In addition, STERIS provides expert professional services for high-performance central
service environments. These professionals work with healthcare providers to help optimize the
layout, workflow, safety and ongoing productivity of sterile processing functions. SterilTek™
process improvement professionals consult with hospitals and surgical centers on numerous
aspects of sterile processing functions. They conduct audits, assist with planning, and support
facilities throughout the process improvement implementation and beyond.

       STERIS also offers expert room design and equipment planning services, which include
customized virtual 3D renderings of the proposed sterile processing or surgical spaces and
equipment. The Company also supports department efficiency and long equipment life with a
wide variety of equipment optimization options, including the ProConnect™ Response Center
for predictive remote equipment monitoring.

Education without compromise
       Expert clinical education is a historic commitment of STERIS Corporation. In May of
this year, the Company will make history again when it launches STERIS University, a unique
academic offering for clinical professionals. STERIS University will partner with education
credentialing boards to deliver quality education and training programs focused on the science
and processes behind healthcare technology. One unique aspect of STERIS University is its
Academic Advisory Board, comprised of healthcare leaders from academia, clinical engineering,
CMS accreditation, gastroenterology, infection control perioperative service and sterile
processing. Their professional experience and guidance will help STERIS monitor existing core
curriculum and define future education development.
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         Members of STERIS‟s clinical education, project management, surgical integration, and
product management teams will be on hand during AORN exhibit hours to discuss the new high-
performance options with AORN members.

About STERIS Corporation
STERIS Corporation is a leading provider of infection prevention and surgical products and
services, focused primarily on critical healthcare, pharmaceutical and research markets around
the world. The Company supplies a broad array of equipment, consumable and service solutions
that help assure productivity and quality. The Company is listed on the New York Stock
Exchange under the symbol STE. For more information, visit

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