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					 Solomon's Porch was located on the east side of the outer court of the New Testament temple of
 Herod. This area of the original temple survived and was still standing in Jesus' day. It was a place where Jesus
 was seen often, speaking and teaching the people or just walking around. It represents the "transition from the
 business of life to an intimacy with God".

April 2004
        Studied Parables
May 2004
        The men cooked a Mother's Day Celebration in the Drummet.
        Red-white-and-blue ribbons were made to show support to Lynne Jackson and her husband, along
           with and other military personnel fighting for our country.
        Homosexuality - speaker John Collier
June 2004
        Homosexuality - speaker John Collier
        Mark Hablinski's friend, Dr. Dan Meyers, a practicing child-psychologist from Dallas, spoke on the
           dynamics of children leaving for college
        Father's Day breakfast at Buffalo Grill
July 2004
        Bible Study based on the popular TV program “Andy of Mayberry”.
August 2004
        The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom.
        Tommy Thompson talked about The Walk to Emmaus.
September 2004
        Tommy Thompson to talk to us about the book, Purpose Driven Church.
October 2004
        PBS (Channel 8) documentary based on the book, The Question of God.
        Mary Briscoe lead talks on the Dead Sea Scroll exhibit at the Natural Science Museum
        Piper Game Day – Religious Taboo
        Donated a wagon full of toys for WUM-fest
November 2004
        John Collier gave very enlightening three part introduction to inductive analysis of characters found
           in the bible.
        Ben Taylor, associate minister at Memorial Dr. Methodist Church, gave a lesson titled, “Come Before
           Winter”, is based on 2 Timothy.
        Collected money for Lynne Jackson surprise family vacation before husband is deployed again.
December 2004
        Vicki and John Piper taught a lesson centered around Dr. Ed Young’s sermon on marriage.
        Connie Williamson discussed the book, Heart of Christianity: Rediscovering a Life of Faith by Marcus
           J. Borg.
        Adopted a KSBJ Christmas family

January 2005
        Roddy Bland started our 3 month study of Joel Osteen's book, Your Best Life Now.
February 2005
        Wednesday night dinners
March 2005
        Volunteer to help out at CCSC
April 2005
        James Moore’s book , Attitude is Your Paintbrush
May 2005
        Attitudes most necessary for a good Christian life are gratitude, compassion/love, and confidence
        Church Home social meetings
        Mother’s Day at Buffalo Grille
Summer 2005
        The Thirteen Apostles, by J. Ellsworth Kalas
September 2005
        Shrimp boil at Larry and Robin Andrews’ house
        Katrina – WUM relief center; Adopted Katrina victims Rayna Cornelius and Ernest Freeman
October 2005
        Dr.Mark Hablinski, shared his experiences about his mission trip last summer to Central Africa.
        Leba Shallenberger talked about her experiences in Africa
        John Collier – Living Water
        Judge Mark Atkinson fabulous presentation
        Ro-Trock and Webb Consultants questionnaire
November 2005
        CCSC Sunshine shop volunteers
        Seven Woes; Seven Deadly Sins
        Raleigh Williamson and Steve Fyke talked about Pro-Vision
        NBC Dateline's program - "What is the real Christmas Story? A question of faith or history?"
December 2005
        Christmas Sunday Brunch at Robin and Larry Andrews’ home
        Donated Christmas gifts to Pro-Vision and Katrina victims Ernest & Rayna

January 2006
        Star of Bethlehem
        CCSC volunteer
February 2006
        Jim McBride, leader of the transition team, guest speaker
        John Piper - The Purpose Driven Church
        Praying for the new ministers
        We appointed Mark Atkinson as our representative on the Finance committee
March 2006
        Major events of Passion Week
April 2006
        The six stages of Jesus’ trial
May 2006
        Connie and Raleigh hosted the National Geographic documentary study, "The Gospel of Judas"
        Vicki Piper helped us write a poem about John Collier; many going away parties
Summer 2006
        Ten Commandments (guest speakers: Rod Clements, Mary Wiley)
        Women’s Progressive Dinner
        Father’s Day breakfast at Buffalo Grill
        Mark and Cindy Woodward visit our class; Denise and Bob Jones visit our class

 Thanks to all who have taught lessons and who have contributed to class discussions.