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Backup File Solutions


Backing up files ensures safe storage and retrieval of any information and data that is
stored in your computer in the event they are accidentally deleted or damaged due to
systems malfunction, user accountability or natural and man- made disasters (floods,
fire, power outage or war). It is also an important step when you reorganize and
reformat your PC.

Are you prepared to lose you files? You should have a good backup utility in your
system. There are various pieces of software available to do such a task, but
fortunately, Windows comes with its own backup utility built into the operating
system. In this guide, we'll show you how to use it to back up your data and keep it
safe from possible corruption or drive failure.

Your computer's operating system (Microsoft Windows or Macintosh) comes with a
backup utility usually on a separate disk which you needs to install. We recommend
doing backup at least once or twice a week. Multiple backup methods are imporant as
well, and you could choose to use either an external or networked hard drive to do
your backups, or simply do it through optical media such as CDs or DVDs.

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