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          Policy 4.6

                                                                      RHSC POLICY 4.6

Yorkhill Division

Nursing and Midwifery Policy Committee

Policy Number:        RHSC POLICY 4.6
Policy Name:          COLLECTION OF GRASP® DATA
This policy applies to all registered nurses and midwives working within
Yorkhill Division of NHS Greater Glasgow.

The aim of the policy is to endorse the need to collect data accurately and timeously
so that it can then be utilized appropriately. Accurate data collection is crucial to allow
the organisation, clinical boards, nursing teams and individuals to use valid
information in their decision- making process. This policy should be filed in the policy
folder and also in the GRASP® manual.

GRASP® is a methodology which allows nurses to measure their workload in a
universal language (Hours Per Patient Per Day – HPPD). This is calculated by
scoring the patient’s direct care needs over a period of time (12 or 24 hours) which is
called Patient Care Hours (PCH). Indirect care requirements are also factored into
the total workload requirement. Nursing Care Hours (NCH) is the number of hours
available to carry out the care required.

This policy applies to individual wards, departments, and nursing staff working within
them. It is ultimately the responsibility of the ward manager, team leader or
equivalent to ensure that the staff comply with the collection of the entire GRASP®
data as requested. Failure to provide consistent accurate data from the ward or
department will be addressed by the GRASP® Steering Group.

The data collected will be used to measure the workload requirements of individual
patients on a daily basis and over a period of time. This information will then be used
to plan nursing resources, skill mix requirements and the setting of realistic goals for
quality service provision.

Each ward or department is responsible for the completion of all the data required.
PCH forms for each patient and NCH forms for each shift are required for the data to
be valid. If DataWorks is being used in the ward then all that needs to be completed
manually is the NCH charts.

Data should be collected using an electronic system called ‘DataWorks’. However,
there may be rare occasions when this cannot be accessed and during this period
the data will require to be collected manually.

2.1 Using Dataworks

•   All staff will receive training by the Project Nurse or a designated trainer before
    they can use DataWorks.
•   Staff must use DataWorks to score the workload requirements for the children in
    their care.
•   The information entered into DataWorks must be downloaded (exported) at 9am,
    3pm and 12mn on a daily basis to the main GRASP® computer. This is the
    responsibility of the nurse in charge of the shift.

                                                                       RHSC POLICY 4.6

2.1.1 Password Issues

•     Each user will be given a unique password to log into DataWorks.
•     This password should not be the same as any other password used within the
       Yorkhill Division.
•     For security purposes no personal passwords should be disclosed to any other
•     Forgotten passwords:
         Within Working Hours (Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays, 8am-4pm)
         Contact the Project Nurse by page no. 2680 or by telephone ext.80862
         Outwith Working Hours or when the project nurse is unavailable
         Each area will be issued with a generic password. These will be renewed
         every 3 months for security purposes. These passwords must only be used
         Out of Hours.
         If any staff require to use these they must complete the manual form located
         in the ward GRASP® folder and notify the Project Nurse via voicemail. This
         will enable the Project Nurse to deal with the problem on her return.
         If the project nurse is on annual leave or sick leave then the ward should
         contact the administrator at RPDU and she will deal with the problem. Phone
         number - extension 89356.

2.1.2     Dealing with DataWorks Problems

      •   If there are any problems with accessing DataWorks, contact the Project
          Nurse as soon as possible.
      •   Within office hours (Mon – Fri, 8am – 4pm) telephone ext. 80862 or page
          no. 2680.
      •   Out with office hours telephone ext. 80862 and leave a message on
          voicemail. The Project Nurse will deal will the problem on her return to work.
      •   The Project Nurse will advice wards and departments when absence is
          planned. If a problem occurs contact the RPDU administrator on extension

2.1.3 Collecting the Data Manually

      •   During any downtime the ward / department should temporarily collect the
          GRASP® data by using paper copies of the PCH charts until access to
          DataWorks has been re-established.
      •   The ward must keep a supply of manual PCH charts should there be any
          planned or unplanned downtime or any other reasons DataWorks cannot be
      •   If the ward / department has not been able to access DataWorks, the data
          that has been collected manually will require to be entered into the computer
          as soon as any problems are resolved. The Project Nurse will assist with this
          task if necessary.


      •   All staff recorded on the ‘Off Duty’ should be included in this information. This
          includes the ward clerkess
      •   Bank and agency staff, both trained and untrained, should be recorded.
      •   NCH forms should not be completed in advance in case of sickness or
          unplanned changes to the rota.

                                                                                                RHSC POLICY 4.6


•     The GRASP® programme produces computerised reports, which the Project
      Nurse will forward to the ward managers, or equivalent, clinical co-ordinators and
      service managers on a monthly basis.
•     The Project Nurse will produce an organisation-wide report for wider circulation
      every four months.
5.0       LEAD AUTHOR

Julie Smith, Project Nurse

6.0       Ratification

Director of Nursing and Patient Services

Signature: ...............................................................................

Date: .......................................................................................

                                                                                          Reviewed May 2005
                                                                                            Review May 2007


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