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									                 The BROOKS Family
Daniel Brooks was born in Hertford Hospital on 8th July 1956.
His parents were Sydney John Brooks, a builder, and Jean
Brooks, whose maiden surname had been Horsman. They had
married at Hoddesdon on 4th September 1954. Your father was
born at Waltham Abbey in Essex on 6th July 1932 as the son of
William Brooks, a council worker, and Blanch Maud Cambell.
Nothing was known about the origins of your grandfather.

In order to learn more about the history of the family in the late
19th and early 20th centuries, a search was made for the
marriage of your grandparents. As their son, Sidney John Brooks
was registered during the September quarter of 1932 (Edmonton
3a 1211), the search began at that date. The surname of the
mother was shown to be Campbell.

The national records of General Registration for England and
Wales date from 1st July 1837. They are now held at The Family
Records Centre, Myddleton Street, Islington, London. There are
quarterly indexes to the births, marriages and deaths recorded
until 1983 and annual indexes from then until 2004.

Searching the index volumes from the end of 1932, the required
reference for your grandmother was found in the index for the
September quarter of 1929 (Edmonton 3a 2363). Blanche M
Campbell had married Wilfrid H. Brooks, and not William as had
been expected. A copy was obtained.

On 10th August 1929, Wilfrid Henry Brooks, a 24 year-old
bachelor and nursery hand of 20 Andrews Lane, Cheshunt,
married Blanche Maude Campbell in Edmonton Register Office,
Middlesex. The bride was 22 years of age and lived at 15
Paradise Road, Waltham Abbey. She could not supply the name
and occupation of her father which often suggests illegitimacy.
Wilfrid was the son of William Morden Brooks, who was also a
nursery hand. The ceremony was witnessed by S. Brooks and
M.A. Brand.
Based on his age at marriage, it seemed that Wilfrid Henry had
been born about 1904/5. Having searched back from the end of
1906, the appropriate reference was found in the national birth
indexes in the September quarter of 1904 (Edmonton 3a 705).

Your grandfather was born on 23rd August 1904 at 3 Oliver
Cottages, Flamstead End, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. His parents
were recorded as William Mordan Brooks and Sarah Brooks
formerly Cracknell. The father registered the birth of his son on
26th September following and stated that he was a master
greengrocer. He had made a significant change in profession from
1904 to 1929. It may be that it was Sarah Brooks who was one
of the witnesses at the marriage of Wilfrid Henry and Blanche

There is a computerised index to the deaths which took place in
England and Wales from 1984 to 2004. Although this did not
contain the death of Wilfrid Henry Brooks, it did include the
reference to his wife. Blanche Maud’s death was recorded in
January 1993 in the Enfield area. Her date of birth was shown to
have been 13th January 1907.

Returning to the national marriage indexes, only a short search
was needed before the union of Wilfrid’s parents was found (June
1901 Edmonton 3a 777).

When William Mordan Brooks married in Waltham Holy Cross
parish church in Essex, he was a 27 year-old bachelor and green
grocer of Waltham Cross. He was the son of William Brooks, who
was also a green grocer. Sarah Cracknell was a 27 year-old
spinster of Lodge Lane, Waltham Abbey, who was the daughter
of Samuel Cracknell, a labourer. Their marriage took place on 8th
April 1901, after the calling of banns, in the presence of Wilfrid
Henry Brooks, Louisa Cracknell, Constance Emilie Brooks,
Florence Hill Brooks and Emily Cracknell. They were clearly
close relatives to both bride and groom.

To learn more about William Mordan Brooks and his family, they
were sought in the census returns of the second half of the 19th
century. There are now national surname indexes to each of the
decennial censuses which were taken from 1841 to 1901.

In 1891, William M. Brooks, who was then aged 17, was living
with his parents and two siblings in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire. The
family lived at 67 Eleanor Road (RG12/1091, folio 47, page 24).
He was then a groom, who had been born at Mortlake in Surrey.
William Brooks, a 58 year-old greengrocer, was a native of
Hounslow, Middlesex. He had a wife called Frances, who was 53
and came from Twickenham, also in Middlesex. Besides William
Mordan, they had a son called Wilfred H, who was 24 and an
artist portrait painter, and Florence A., aged 20, who worked as
a domestic servant. Both, like William junior, had been born in
Mortlake. Lodging in the household was Frederick R. Thurley, a

By 1901, William and Frances Brooks were at 123 Crossbrook
Street in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, living in a greengrocer’s shop
(RG13/1278, fol. 13, p. 18). He was now 65 years-old and stated
that he had been born at Isleworth in Middlesex. Frances was 63
and had been born in Twickenham. Four of their, rather elderly
and unmarried, children were still living at home. These were
Rosa M, aged 36, Wilfred H, who was 34 and a greengrocer like
his father, Florence A, aged 30, and the youngest, William M,
your great-grandfather, also a greengrocer, who was 27. He
married and left home later that year.

Twenty years earlier, in the night of the 1881 census, Frances
Brooks headed a household which lived still lived at 67 Eleanor
Road in Cheshunt (RG11/1397, fol. 50, p. 27). She had been born
about 1837/8 at Twickenham. For some reason, her husband was
away from home. He was a gardener. Their four children, Wilfred,
who was aged 14, Florence, who was 10, Constance 9 and
William, who was 7, were living at home. All had been born in
Mortlake. It may be that Constance had died or had left home
between 1881 and 1891.

William Mordan Brooks was born about 1873/4 according to his
age at marriage and recorded in census returns. When the
national birth indexes were searched, the required entry was found
in the index for the June quarter of 1873 (Richmond 2a 304).

Your great-grandfather was born on 18th April 1873 at West
End, Mortlake in Surrey. He was the son of William Brooks, a
gardener, and his wife, Frances Brooks whose maiden surname
had been Mordan. It was the father who recorded his son’s birth
on 26th May 1873.

In 1861, William Brooks and his wife, lived at 1 Woodbine
Cottage in the parish of Mortlake in Surrey (RG9/461, fol. 86, p.
29). They had newly married and had no children yet. William was
a 25 year-old nursery man labourer from Hounslow. This suggests
that he was born slightly earlier than was previously stated, about
1835/6. Sarah had been born in Twickenham about 1838/9.

By 1871, William Brooks and his family had moved to 5 Nelson
Terrace, Sheen Lane, in Mortlake, Surrey (RG10/870, fol. 61, p.
29). He was still a nurseryman’s foreman. This time he gave his
place of birth as Isleworth instead of Hounslow. Living with him
were his wife, Frances, then aged 32, and their three children who
were Rosa M., aged 6, Wilfred H, who was 4, and Florence A.,
just 11 months-old.

On examining the national marriage indexes, the union of William
Brooks to Frances Mordan was found in the volume for the March
quarter of 1860 (Brentford 3a 73).

On 16th March 1860, William Brooks was a 24 year-old
gardener of Twickenham Common. He gave the name of his father
as John Brooks, a green grocer. Frances Morden was then 22
and a spinster, also of Twickenham Common. She was the
daughter of Henry Morden, a coachman. The ceremony took
place in Trinity Church, Twickenham, Middlesex, in the presence
of John, Emma and Maria Brooks.

Despite extensive searches in the national indexes to both the 1841
and 1851 censuses of the area of Middlesex, especially the
parishes of Hounslow and Isleworth, and, indeed, the whole of
England, no trace could be found of William Brooks, who was
born about 1832 to 1836. For some reason, either he was not
enumerated in both censuses or has been misindexed. It was
expected that he would be living with his parents.

The parish registers for Holy Trinity, Hounslow, are deposited in
the London Metropolitan Archives. Unfortunately, there is a gap in
the records from 1742 to 1835! A register of baptisms for this
period is known to have been in existence as late as 1924. The
separate register of marriages from 1754 to 1837 is thought to
have been burnt by a parish clerk. There are no annual copies of
the records of this parish, known as bishop’s transcripts, which
exist before 1836.

The baptismal registers from 22nd April 1836 to the end of 1841
(X001/087) were searched to see if any children called Brooks,
possibly being William’s younger siblings, were christened there.
Surprisingly, your surname did occur at all in these records.

Hounslow appears to have been a form of chapelry to the parish of
Heston. For that parish, there are full records for the relevant
period (X094/177). When the baptismal records were searched
from 1831 to 1837, this revealed that a number of people who lived
in Hounslow had their children baptised in this church. Those
called Brooks were:

  9 Sep 1832       Harriet dau of Aaron & Elizabeth Brooks of H........ , labourer
(born 20 Aug, named Aug 24)

  2 Dec 1833         Betsey dau of Aaron & Elizabeth Brooks of Heston, labourer
(born 26 Nov, recd into ch(urch) Dec 25)

  9 Apr 1835        Maria dau of Henry & Sophia Brooks of Hounslow, bookseller
(born 15 March)

  5 Nov 1835        Charlotte dau of Aaron & Betsey Brooks of Heston, labr
(born 1 Nov)

  6 Dec 1835        Charlotte Anne dau of Aaron & Elizabeth Brooks of Heston, labr
(born 5 Nov)

  8 May 1837         Thomas Charley son of Aaron & Betsey Brooks of Heston, labr
(born 9 Apr, recd into church 21 May)

No baptism of William Brooks took place in Heston church from
1831 to 1837.

Had he really been born at Isleworth? If so, was he christened in
that parish church?

The records of that parish can also be searched at the LMA
(X001/095). From 1831 to 1835, two children called Brooks were
christened there:
15 Jun 1834         Emma dau of John & Sarah Brooks of Isleworth, labourer
(born 19 May)

20 Mar 1836         William son of John & Sarah Brooks of Isleworth, labourer
(born 16 Feb)

Although John Brooks was a labourer, and not a greengrocer.
There seems no doubt that the baptism of William Brooks in 1836
is that of your great-great-grandfather. It must surely have been
his older sister, Emma, who was one of the witnesses at his
marriage in 1860. Perhaps, his father, John, was also one of
those who signed his name at his son’s wedding.


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