; Baby's First Haircut
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Baby's First Haircut


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									?Picture this. Your precious baby is growing bigger every day, and so is her hair. Her
once "barely-there" wispy strands have become longer, and perhaps even changed
color. This is the day you have long been waiting for: the day when people will finally
stop asking you what your "little boy's" name is!

However, there is a challenge here. As your baby's hair grows, it inevitably gets in her
way. You might notice this most during meal times, when you find her food
mysteriously perched atop her head. Don't get frustrated, it just means that it's time for
your baby's first haircut!

Generally speaking, there is no "right time or right age" for getting your baby's first
haircut. If her hair is in her eyes, or frizzy, or getting frayed on the ends, or bothering
her at the back of her neck….and whether you choose to bravely do it yourself, or
leave it to the professionals, your baby's first haircut is a momentous occasion. Of
course, it's her first foray into the mad, mad world of beauty (women everywhere, we
all know this place)!

While you are free to do it yourself as long as you are careful, you may also consider
getting the experts to do it for you. Try looking for a salon that specializes in cutting
hair for children. Sure, your baby's hair may be getting longer, but it may still be too
short to warrant a "professional" cut. However, starting her early in this tricky
haircutting game will prove to be advantageous later on. As your baby gets used to the
experience, you are likely to avoid the frenzy that often precedes any toddler's trip to
the salon. These salons often have fun chairs, baby items and entertaining kiddie
videos beaming right in front of her to keep her distracted. Plus, the hairdressers are
trained to work fast so your baby is in and out of the chair as quickly as possible.

If you can, visit the salon with your baby before the haircut appointment, so she
becomes familiar with the sights and sounds and knows what to expect. Perhaps
introduce the hairdresser to her and show her the comb, spray bottle, and cape.

Then on haircut day, bring snacks, special treats, small toys—all the baby items that
can keep her occupied. Depending on your child's age, have her on your lap during
the cut, or make sure you are close enough for her to see you. Otherwise, all the
strange people snapping away with strange sharp things in their hands might scare her!
Then if she gets through it in fine style, go ahead and shower her with some baby gifts.
These can encourage her to behave herself again on your next trip to the salon!

You want your little princess to be at her prettiest, so decide on the hairstyle you want
for her. But do consider both your lifestyle and her habits (even little ones have
habits). If you have all the time in the world to style her every day, and if she doesn't
mind having hair accessories on her head, then maybe just a little trim is needed. But
if you are a busy mom, perhaps a "wash-and-go" cut that is still adorable is best.
You can still beautify your baby with hair accessories, even if she has short hair. But
this is tricky, too. We all know that most of the hair accessories out there do not
perform as well for babies' fine hair as we would hope. So be sure to choose the ones
that are not so tight that they tug at her hair, nor so loose that they keep slipping out.
There are hair clips on the market that are lined with velvet to make them non-slip.
Plus, they come in the cutest styles!

Another factor in choosing hair accessories is their weight. You know how babies can
get irritated when we try to put stuff on them! These hair clips have to be light weight
so that your baby doesn't even notice that they're on her head. Ha! Points for the

After the (hopefully not-so-dramatic) first haircut, you can maintain her pretty locks
by using shampoos especially formulated for babies. Tear-free shampoos are the way
to go. Lastly, remember that you don't need to wash your baby's hair every day. Twice
a week is good enough, unless she manages to get paint or glue or gum on her hair

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