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					?Putting together a successful baby shower theme is a task that you really cannot fail
at. Much like a child's birthday party, the only element that needs to be present is fun.
Your friends and family are going to come and give you lots of helpful gifts such as
clothing, strollers, car seats, toys for baby and other essentials such as: formula,
bottles, soothers, baby tub, etc. The only thing that's required of the person organizing
the shower will be to create a fun, inviting atmosphere.

Jungle Theme
A jungle theme gives you the option to create a lavish, colorful baby shower theme
that will be sure to please. You can cut out paper leaves, or bring in real or fake
broad-leaf plants to set the mood. Stringers hung across the ceiling are great for
hanging paper or stuffed monkeys, birds, butterflies,etc. Cap it all off with jungle
music, or animal sounds playing on a home stereo.

Circus Theme
Not too many people dislike a circus, particularly children. This kind of baby shower
theme also presents an opportunity to go wild with colors. Create large handmade
murals depicting Ferris wheels and other carnival items. Ask your husband to dress as
a clown and perhaps set up a game or two such as trying to throw soft balls into
containers, or goldfish bowls -- with small prizes for the winners. Let your
imagination run wild.

Simple Theme
Fun doesn't have to involve exiting games, you can go for more of a simple, elegant
adult theme, with chairs arranged in a circle and allow everyone to talk while
enjoying finger foods and beverages. Depending on your social circle; many of your
peers may prefer a less elaborate atmosphere, where they can share stories and talk
about you and your baby.

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