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                 Me e ting Numbe r 4538
              July 10th, 2003 P ROGRAM
                “Reflections of an Outbound
                  Ambassadorial Scholar”
              Speaker: Archie McLean / Host: David Iles
                Rotary Club of Victoria Es t. 1913
                     Club 90          District 5020
        Ph: (250) 384- 1016 Fax: (250) 384- 1018
              E- Mail:
     358 Harbour Rd. Victoria, B.C. Canada V9A 3S1
Jim Cutt:       President
Sandy Peel: President Elect
Norma Friedmann:        Vice President
Vance Horn:             Vice President
Allan Neale: Immediate Past President
Dale Briggs           Peter Lewis        Jack M cDonald
Terry Jones            M ary M cM anus      Brian Findlay
Honourary Officers
Ken Sherwood: Treasurer
Bill M orley:     Secretary    Jan M acDonald: Executive Secretary
Bill Watts:     Auditor
Bob Whyte:        Foundation Advisory
Wayne M orson: Consultant to the Board
Honourary Members
The Honourable Iona V. Campagnolo, PC,CM ,OBC,
 Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia
David H. Turpin, President & Vice-Chancellor, Univ. of Victoria
R.Adm. Jamie D. Fraser, CM M , CD, Cmnder, M aritime Forces Pacific
Richard M argison, Operatic Tenor
President, R.I.                     Governor, District 5020
Jonathan B. M ajiyagbe              William J. M cCarthy
Kano, Nigeria                        7525 Fair Oaks Rd SE
One Rotary Center                    Olympia, WA 98513-5124
1560 Sherman Avenue                 (w&h) 1-360-459-1115
Evanston, IL USA 60201               (fax) 1 -360-459-2728
Ph#(847) 866-3000                   email: Governor2003-04
     Le tte r to Pas t Pre s ide nt Allan from Pat Bohake r
         Es quimalt Community School Scholars hip

                                                                     One winner from each zone will compete in the international
                                                                     competition, with top entries announced in February 2005, the
                                                                     Rotary Centennial month.


                                                                     Children, ages 10, 11, 12, or 13, on 1 January 2003 are eligible
                                                                     to compete. There will not be separate competitions for various
                                                                     age groups. One entry per child may be accepted and all posters
                                                                     must be the work of only one child.

                                                                     Design Theme

                                                                     Posters should express the concept of providing service to others
                                                                     in the community and in the world.


                                                                     Use chalk, charcoal, crayon, paint, pastel, pen, or pencil. Chalk,
                                                                     charcoal, and pastel posters must be sealed with a fixative spray
                                                                     to prevent smearing and smudging. Three-dimensional entries
                                                                     will not be accepted. Nothing may be glued, stapled, or attached
                                                                     to the artwork in any way. Framed, matted, or laminated
                                                                     artwork will not be accepted. The use of lettering, numbering,
                                                                     or a corporate logo in any language on the front of the poster is
                                                                     not allowed with the exception of the Rotary International or
                                                                     the Rotary Centennial logos. Artwork must be no smaller than 12
                                                                     inches by 18 inches (30 cm by 45 cm) and no larger than 24
                                                                     inches by 24 inches (60 cm by 60 cm). Folded posters will not be
                        Pre s e ntation in June                      accepted; artwork should be rolled and shipped in a mailing

             R otary Ce nte nnial Ite ms of Inte re s t              Deadlines
                        Pos te r Conte s t
                                                                            Clubs and districts should determine specific
As    part   of   the   Rotary   Centennial   celebration, Rotary            deadlines for their competitions.
International is encouraging clubs to organize children's poster
                                                                            15 December 2003 — All winning club entries must be
contests that focus on providing service to others. Clubs will
                                                                             submitted to the district no later than 15 December
submit their top entrant into a district competition, and district           2003. Contact your district governor for specific
winners will compete in one of 34 zone competitions.                         details.

                                                                            15 March 2004 — Rotary International must receive
                                                                             winning district entries no later than 15 March 2004.
       Submit entries to:
       Rotary International
       RI Programs Recognition Section
                                                             Cheryl was then introduced as the winner of the
       One Rotary Center                                     2001 Learner Achievement Award. She had suffered
       1560 Sherman Avenue                                   low confidence when her twin sister did well in
       Evanston, Illinois 60201-3698                         school but she did not. Learning to Read for her was
                                                             "like finding a fine painting." She spoke of her
                                                             reluctance to admit her earlier inability to read and
                                                             how it almost cost her her job at times. She now

                                                             serves on the PL Board. David Rodger thanked our
Minutes Meeting#4537 July 3rd, 2003
                                         by John Carrieres   speakers.

President Jim Cutt's first meeting was made more             New member and pianist, Dirk Maasland helped out
special with the presence of Bert Annear's group,            Something Else when their pianist had to leave in a
Something Else, and judged by their excellent                smooth jazzy version of Autumn Leaves.
playing, they are. "Smile" was given a new jazzy
arrangement.                                                 David Isles introduced new member, Graeme Lee to
                                                             the club. Graeme is a CA and he and Marni have
Jim asked David Rodger to introduce Susan                    four children. He is a founding member and past
Kurushima, past president of Harbourside Rotary              president of the Brentwood Bay Rotary Club.
and Director of Project Literacy, and her two
graduates, Trudy Young and Angy Piraino.                     Our exchange student, Axcelle Kasperski, bid us a
                                                                       tearful adieu as she returns to France.
Susan told us that Project Literacy (PL) trains people
to read by giving them personal instruction from a                      George Kent was presented an admiral's
trained volunteer. One of their awareness and                           hat by Stu McGowan to replace the one
fundraising events is a poetry competition, recently                    he gave to his successor as the
won by Trudy Young. Susan gave us background on                         international commodore of IYFR.
Trudy, who was born prematurely on a fishing boat
and suffered learning disability. Her tutor at PL
sensed a poetic spirit and encouraged her to write           Jim Cloak won the 50/50 and was fined by Mark
poetry once she could read and write. Trudy was              Flynn, who reported to president "Stud" that there
introduced and read her poem, "Where I find beauty           was a "chilled pee pee" at his table. Happy bucks
- in a canoe." It goes on " You're in a different world      ensued.
on water. There is beauty on water. In times of
                                                             The Meeting was adjourned on time.
stress, it makes me feel whole and gives me inner
peace. " Trudy also reminded us: you're never too                        Something Else Quartet
old to learn.
              MEETING SCHEDULE
                                                                                     VICTORIA AREA CLUBS
                                                                                             Mon 6 :0 0 pm * S AANICH
                                                                                               Univ. Club, U.of Vic.
July 17th – “OUTBOUND AMBASSADORIAL                                                    Tue 7 :0 0 am * S AANICH S UNRIS E
   SCHOLAR”                                                                          Victoria Howard Johnson, Elk Lake Drive
Speaker: Jon Reimer / Host: Susan Haddon                                                     Tue 1 2 :0 0 pm * OAK BAY
Plus: Elexa Styan, Outbound Exchange Student                                                 Oak Bay Beac h Hotel
                                                                                  *Tuesday July 22nd is Rotary Day in Oak
July 24th – “CUBA”                                                                Bay as proclaimed by Mayor Causton and
Speakers: Don Lovo & Fred Haack / Host: Terry Jones                               the Rotary meeting will be on the Avenue
Plus: Soprano Aurora Faulkner-Killiam                                                  (outside City Hall) on that day.
                                                                                      Tue 6 :3 0 pm * BRENTWOOD BAY
July 31st – “READ SOCIETY”                                                           Waddling Dog, Quality Inn, Saanichton
Speakers: Mohsen Kheari, rap poet & Vicky Austin, Bursary Manager                        Wed 7 :0 0 am * HARBOURS IDE
                                                                                          Union Club, 805 Gordon Street
/ Host: Terry Jones
                                                                                            Wed 1 2 :0 0 pm * S OOKE
      Bridge Anyone?                  Rotary Mixed Bridge
                                                                                     Village Food Market-Conference Room
                                                                                             Wed 6 :3 0 pm * S IDNEY
New format this year. The third Tuesday each month at                                  Glen Meadow Golf & Country Club
Uplands Golf Club. Light dinner at 6 p.m. followed by bridge 7                            Thurs 7 :0 0 am * COLWOOD
p.m. – 10 p.m. New members wanted. Call Tony Isenegger                                Royal Colwood Golf & Country Club
#592-9492 for information and details.                                               Thurs 7:15 am*SIDNEY BY THE SEA
                                                                                     Wakefield Manor, 9924-3rd Street, Sidney

                      JIM CLOA K – July 6th
                      JIM HICKE – July 6th
                    A LLA N NEA LE – July 7th
                    LLOYD T OOP E – July 10th
                    CA RIN JET T E – July 12th
     Subject: PROJECT UNITY MEETING JULY 15, 2003 - 6PM
This meeting will be in the form of a workbee and held at the warehouse at #2 -
831 Devonshire Road - off Lampson in Esquimalt - last unit in the grey building
on your right (just before BC hydro plant) to help Del load a container for
Muldovia. After we finish, at 8:00 pm, we can hold a short meeting. You may be
interested in coming out to see what goes on (and to help, of course).
                    THANKS , EVERYONE - SEE YOU THERE !
Susan Davis Mercer
Phone: (250) 656-6789 / Fax:(250) 656-4069
E-mail: sdavis@notaries.bc.caor

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