Get happy on your lunch break by Indharta_Harviansyah


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									There are five underutilized hours a week that are perfect for spoiling yourself. 60%
people don't use their lunch break. This is a list of things to do that take around 30
minutes and will up your happines factor.

Head to a drugstore and buy yourself a new lip gloss or mascara. Treating yourself to
something even if its inexpensive feels indulgent and special.

Research trips you'd love to take on Turns out. people enjoy planning
a vacation just as much as being on one.

Watch episode of 30 rock or modern family online. Not only does laughing put you in a
better mood, it also sends your body into a state mood relaxation.

Drive to the closest park for a quick walk
Being surrounded by nature is proven to make people feel instantaneously more upbeat.
Schedule a blowout. You will feel luxurious looking like a hair commercial as you stride
to the office.

Try learning something cool, like french or Italian. Download Free language podcast onto
your iphone, your android or your blackberry. Learning a new skill can bost your
confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

Stroll around a locl artgallery or free exhibit at a museum. Treating your eyes to new
input stimulates creativity

Head to your car for a 20-minute power nap, According to research thats the prefect
amount of snooze time to refuel your energy reserve.

Get a quickie rubdown to reduce tension. Find a spa nearby with express treatments, and
ask for a 15-minutes back massage.

If you and your couple work near each other, meet halfway for a make-out session.
Smooching triggers a dopamine high that will brighten up your whole afternoon.

Skip the sandwich or salad you always have and take yourself out for proper sit-down
lunch. Order something exotic to make the experience feel extra special.

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