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					                                Physics-based Toolkit
                        for High-Fidelity Simulations
                                 Simulating the behaviour of vehicles, robotics,
                     and heavy equipment in real-time synthetic environments.

Industrial and scientific simulations demand accuracy, reliability and
speed. Leading virtual-reality developers choose Vortex because it delivers
the expertise and capabilities that have put Vortex-powered realism,
motion and accurate behaviour at the forefront of the simulation industry.

The ultimate physics solution for your virtual world
A highly flexible SDK, Vortex delivers both       Vortex features fully stocked modules to
accuracy and high performance for numerous       simulate physics-based wheeled and tracked
real-world applications. Vortex gives develop-   vehicles, particles, floating bodies, cable
ers the tools and applied science they need      systems, sensors, grasping and more. Vortex
to produce accurate simulations for operator     easily integrates with industry-standard
training, mission planning, vehicle and robot    visualization frameworks such as Open-
testing, haptics devices, and immersive          SceneGraph (OSG) for a fully interactive
environments.                                    3D environment.
                                             The Industry-leading Physics SDK
                                             Vortex provides a robust framework for building virtual worlds of dynamic objects based
                                             on the fundamental laws of physics. In the Vortex world, objects interact realistically with
                                             their environment and each other, made possible by features like multiple geometry types,
                                             geometry collision detection, contact determination, and solves for collision response, plus
                                             an extensive library of constraints, including multi-body constraints. Vortex comprises
                                             the fully featured Vortex Core and purpose-built modules such as VxVehicles, VxCables,
                                             VxParticles, VxGrasp and VxSensors for highly specialized simulation development. A proven
VxVehicles puts engineering-level            commercial product, Vortex includes full documentation, upgrades and hotline support.
real-time motion into virtual tracked
and wheeled vehicles.
                                             Vortex Core                                               VxVehicles
                                             The Vortex Core is a C++ API that performs                The VxVehicles module equips users to pro-
                                             fast collision detection and stable collision             duce physically accurate, high-performance
                                             response on arbitrary geometry. It allows                 simulations of wheeled and tracked ground
                                             users to add accurate physical motion and                 vehicles for virtual prototyping, testing,
                                             interactions to all objects in a scene, and to            mission rehearsal, operator training, and
                                             create natural interactive environments with              other applications. Much more than just a
                                             no artificial restrictions on behaviour or inter-          vehicle-builder, VxVehicles features engineer-
                                             actions, and no need for scripted animations.             ing precision, physics-driven motion, flexible
                                             The Vortex Core solves real-time simulation               and reusable modeling, and easy scalability.
                                             issues by calculating dynamic response, col-              Already deployed in hundreds of applications,
Vortex is ideal for virtual robotics         lision and contacts, and by allowing runtime              VxVehicles can simulate the complete vehicle
applications – it simulates mobility,        modification to mechanical assemblies.                     drivetrain, steering and braking systems, tire
manipulators, grasping, sensors,
tethers and more.                            Vortex developers use it to bring virtual                 and track ground interactions, and suspension.
                                             worlds to life, make them feel real, and integrate        For tracked vehicles, both rigid and flexible
                                             physics into visual-simulation scenegraphs.               tracks can be simulated, as well as skid and
                                                                                                       geared steering.
“The product and
 technical support from                      VxGrasp
 the Vortex team have                        The VxGrasp module determines grasp
 been outstanding.                           quality for a collection of contacts between
                                             a manipulator or gripper and target objects.
 The team is quick to                        It provides an easy and effective method to
 respond and provides                        model robotics grasping, as well as heavy
 very helpful technical                      equipment behaviour like grappling claws.
                                             Grasp quality is based on a six-degrees-of-
 analysis to our                             freedom wrench set generated by the grasp,
 questions.”                                 and the module includes numerous options
                                             to change the reference coordinate system,
Oliver Albrecht, Lead Engineer,
                                             rescale torques, add friction and more.

Bring Virtual Worlds to Life

Vortex at Work                                              Vehicles                                             Robotics
Visual simulation designers, engineers and                  Vortex puts engineering-level motion and             Vortex provides a comprehensive simulation
scientists from many different industries and               behaviour into virtual vehicles and synthetic        toolkit for a wide range of robotics projects.
institutions employ Vortex for such wide-ranging            environments for numerous commercial,                Featuring advanced manipulator and grasping
applications as mission rehearsal, virtual prototyping,     military, training and research applications.        capabilities, accurate vehicle dynamics, multi-
operator training, and design testing. For projects from    Comprising the right balance of speed, accuracy      application sensors and much more, Vortex gives
the ocean depths to the surface of Mars, Vortex             and functionality, Vortex vehicles realistically     robotics developers everything they need to
has been used to simulate high-fidelity vehicles,            accelerate and brake, kick up dust, collide with     design, develop and operate ultra-realistic simu-
robotics and countless types of machines and heavy          other objects, displace obstructions and water,      lations. A typical application includes the virtual
equipment, all behaving accurately and interacting          roll over and more, and can incorporate machin-      testing of robots operating within simulated
realistically with their environment.                       ery, cable systems or tethers, and even buoyancy     environments, while linking in actual control
                                                            for amphibious applications.                         systems and input from Vortex’s virtual sensors.
VxCables                                                VxSensors
The VxCables module provides efficient and               The VxSensors module features multiple
detailed cable-dynamics modeling for me-                capabilities for the unique needs of sensor
chanical equipment such as hoisting systems,            systems, including sonar and laser range
towing and mooring applications, marine                 finders. It allows simulation developers to
cables and pipelines, and robot tethers.                integrate virtual sensors – such as depth,
Cables can interact and collide with other              camera, pressure, and force – within simulation
dynamic Vortex objects or with themselves,              environments, using sensor output to drive
                                                                                                                  Vortex provides offshore, marine and
and complete cable systems – including                  vehicles and robots, including autonomous                 subsea operations with superb simula-
winches and pulleys – can be simulated with             control systems.                                          tion capabilities for operator training
realistic cable behaviour and interactions within                                                                 and mission planning applications.
virtual environments. VxCables also simulates
the behaviour of ropes, tethers, flexible pipes/         Vortex for OSG
tubing, chains and wire harnesses.
                                                        Fully optimized for OpenSceneGraph visual
                                                        simulations, Vortex for OSG enables the
VxParticles                                             integration of high-fidelity Vortex objects
                                                        and vehicles into numerous applications.
The VxParticles module delivers a flexible
                                                        The flexible Vortex for OSG allows users to
real-time particle system that transforms
                                                        expertly model complex systems of rigid
synthetic environments with natural phenomena
                                                        bodies, including fast collision detection/
such as smoke dispersal, dust trails and fluid
                                                        response, extensive joint and constraint
flow. VxParticles supports the bi-directional                                                                      Heavy equipment, including vehicle
                                                        libraries, and comprehensive vehicle dynamics.
interaction between particles and rigid bodies,                                                                   dynamics, terrain interaction and
                                                        OSG developers can quickly create gears,
and includes smoothed particle hydrodynamics                                                                      hoisting systems, can be easily
                                                        motors, suspension models, hydraulics,                    simulated in real time with Vortex.
(SPH) methods for visual simulation of floating
                                                        wheels or tracks and other components, and
bodies and fluid flow in channels or enclosures.
                                                        easily assemble them into vehicles, machines
VxParticles produces 3D simulations of fluids,
                                                        and robots that move and behave correctly.
gases, and bulk materials such as rocks, earth-                                                                 “Vortex has been a
moving, and concrete. Particles can accurately                                                                   central component of
exchange forces with rigid bodies for full
simulation of body-particle interactions.                                                                        our software. The fidel-
                                                                                                                 ity of the vehicle dynamics
                                                                                                                 and the tire-terrain
                                                                                                                 collision, combined with
Two Vortex SDK software packages available:                                                                      real-time performance,
                                                                                                                 were significant factors
   Vortex:                                                Vortex Pro:
   Comprises Vortex Core, VxGrasp,                        Comprises Vortex Core,                                 in preparing us for the
   VxSensors, and VxParticles                             VxVehicles, VxCables, VxGrasp,                         DARPA Grand Challenge.”
                                                          VxSensors, and VxParticles                              Red Whittaker, Red Team Racing,
                                                                                                                  Carnegie Mellon University

Bring Virtual Worlds to Life

Marine                                              Subsea                                                Heavy Equipment
Heavy equipment and operations in off-shore         For work beneath the waves with remotely              Used extensively for fully fledged simulations
environments present special challenges and         operated vehicles (ROVs), virtual prototyping and     of construction, mining and forestry equipment
risks for engineers and operators. Simulation       mission rehearsal are especially important. Safe      such as cranes, bulldozers, graders and log
developers can model those challenges and           working practices are a top priority since opera-     forwarders, Vortex puts faithful motion and
address those risks by employing Vortex’s           tions in difficult seas, strong ocean currents, poor   behaviour into the hands of operators and OEMs
proven physics and high fidelity to achieve the      visibility, and near subsea oil and gas structures    for multiple training benefits. Vortex-powered
required realism for synthetic marine environ-      are hazardous and expensive. Vortex provides          heavy-equipment simulations can precisely
ments. Developers, OEMs and others choose           a cost-effective, flexible and portable solution       emulate actual machines and vehicles, and are
Vortex for its rich marine modeling capabilities    for modeling everything from 3D physics-based         so realistic and flexible that they can prepare
for applications such as port and shipboard         environments to entire underwater worksites           both novice and senior operators for specialized
cranes, cables, lines and tethers, and replenish-   featuring true physical motion and ultra-realistic    operations and accident avoidance, while
ment and dredging operations.                       machine-environment interactions.                     reducing wear and tear on expensive equipment.
About Vortex                        Vortex Labs                                      Customer Support
                                    Vortex Labs is home to innovative new            We pride ourselves on excellent product
The Vortex team provides phys-
                                    technologies and collaborative development       quality, timely software updates, leading
ics-based equipment and vehicle     projects, and is the industry’s go-to problem-   professional services, and responsive
simulation solutions to compa-      solver for the most challenging physics and      customer support. The experienced Vortex
nies and institutions throughout    simulation issues. With a substantial track      support team provides fast telephone, email
                                    record in both research and applied solutions,   and electronic assistance for Vortex software
the real-time visual-simulation
                                    Vortex Labs puts its leading scientific, engi-    and simulator customers. Our dedicated
world. With a long history in the   neering and simulation expertise to work         engineers and computing experts excel at
visual-simulation and gam-          for aerospace and defense agencies, robot        problem-solving and can provide pertinent
ing industries, the Vortex team     developers, equipment manufacturers,             technical help at all stages of Vortex project
                                    academic institutions and others.                development and implementation.
produces feature-rich simulation
tools that set the industry stan-   Implementation Assistance
dard for interactive 3D dynamics    Vortex expertise is behind the industry-
and simulating mechanical equip-    leading physics SDK and hundreds of
ment behaviour. Vortex expertise    cutting-edge simulations and industrial-
                                    equipment simulators. Renowned for
and technology put high-fidelity    implementing scientific, programming,
behaviour in motion in applica-     and visualization/simulation solutions, the
tions for training simulators,      Vortex team can help you achieve timely
                                    project success while maximizing your
mission rehearsal, serious games,
                                    resources and minimizing your costs.
virtual prototyping and testing.                                                     Vortex includes highly specialized sensors such as
Vortex customers include Honda,                                                      sonar, depth cameras, and laser range finders for
                                                                                     multiple applications.
John Deere, L-3, Lockheed Martin,
Carnegie Mellon University, and
over 100 other leading companies
and academic institutions.

                                                                behaviour in motion

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