Baby products that are toxin free by iupon13


									?Some products are made from premium, healthy, non toxic materials and others are
not. How do you know which products will do the least harm to your baby?

Teethers and soft toys

PVC or Vinyl gets its soft texture from "plasticizing" chemicals. PVC is used for a
range of soft toys and other items for infants, but the greatest concern is with teethers.
As much as six of seven teethers were contain PVC. A second chemical to look out
for is DEHP which is used for food packaging. It can migrate from the plastic into the
food and while levels in food are quite low, many experts are concerned about the
health risks, particularly for infants and young children. An investigation into 25 food
products sealed with a PVC gasket, twelve contained DEHP or other phthalates at
levels above the limit set by the EU.

Baby bottles

The question here focuses on baby bottles made from polycarbonate, a clear and rigid
plastic. The chemical that is of concern is bisphenol-A or BPA, which in lab animals
has produced physiological effects similar to those produced by estrogen. In terms of
health risks, the evidence is growing that chemicals leached from plastics used in
cooking and food/drink storage are harmful to human health.

Safe Products

As with all products you should exercise the maximum caution when purchasing
products that are either heater, or that will come into contact with you or your babies
food. Check the labels, find out where the product was made, and find out what the
product was made of. All manufacturers should display the type of plastic that the
products are made of. They should also display where the product was made.

Baby Cubes and Brother Max

Two ranges of products that are made for the freezer and the microwave are Baby
Cubes and Brother Max. All test reports for the Baby Cubes in 2009 came back 'Not
Detected' in the result section for any BPA or Phthalates.That means you can be safe
in the knowledge that heating baby cubes will not result in the leaching of harmful
toxins into your baby's food. Baby cubes are available for purchase in Australia from
all good baby stores.

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